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Innovative Solutions to Convert YouTube To MOV

feature image youtube to movFor default media players of Mac OS, such as QuickTime, MOV files are created. Apple developed this media format, allowing people to access MOV files on Windows desktop and even play them with software. However, especially if you are an enthusiastic user of Apple, saving your video files as MOV is the best idea. Moreover, we are all aware that YouTube is one of the best ones among video providers. It has become common to save videos from YouTube. However, unfortunately, most video downloaders tend to save files in the MP4 format by default. To play such videos seamlessly, Apple users must convert them to MOV. We are here to resolve this issue by listing some of the best solutions available to download and convert YouTube videos to the MOV format.

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AceThinker Video Keeper - Ideal YouTube to MOV Downloader

For most of us, watching YouTube videos is a regular activity. I personally also subscribe to channels. I like to learn about their latest uploads immediately. Furthermore, in my life, YouTube serves to be my primary entertainment source as my busy schedule prevents me from watching television. I realized that the only way I can continue to watch the videos I love at any place is by downloading. Unfortunately, I couldn't play specific videos on my iPhone as they were not saved in the MOV format. Thankfully, I came across AceThinker Video Keeper, the only downloader anybody would need to acquire videos from YouTube and simultaneously convert them into desired formats.

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Apart from just YouTube, it also enables you to garb videos from hundreds of other websites that stream videos, including Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, and more. Furthermore, by just clicking a few times, you can also download an entire YouTube playlist. Video Keeper is better than other such tools as it automatically downloads videos. Moreover, it also offers a built-in browser with its "Detect" function. When the video is playing in a browser, it directly downloads the video without opening another browser. Learn more about this tool in this article:

Key Features:

  • Its multi-threading technology quickens the downloading process. 
  • Moreover, you can download many videos at the same time and convert them to MOV.
  • You can resume and pause the download process whenever required.

Step 1 Download and Install the Software

To save the installer of the tool, click on the "Download" button present above. Once you open it, merely abide by the installation process instructions. After installation, you can start the download process by opening Video Keeper.

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vk install step1

Step 2 Configure Settings

On the upper-right corner of the screen, press the three dots, and from the menu, click on "Settings." Here, navigate to the "Format" option such as MOV and determine the output folder of the converted file and then click on "OK."

vk set up step2

Step 3 Download YouTube Video

Open YouTube and look for the video that you wish to download. Then, copy the video's link and on Video Keeper's interface, select "Paste URL." Please wait for some time so the tool can incorporate this particular video into its download queue.

vk download step3

Step 4 Check YouTube Video

After successfully downloading the video, browse to the software's "Completed" section, and select it. Then, on the file, right-click, and choose "Add to." You will notice a menu pop up, from which select "Convert," so it is instantaneously transferred to its built-in converter.

vk transfer step4

Step 5 Convert YouTube to MOV

Adjacent to the "Profile" section, find the "Drop-down" and click on it. Choose "Video" from this list and then navigate to "MOV" and click on it. Then, you merely need to click "Convert" to initiate the process of conversion to MOV.

vk convert step5

Step 6 Play the YouTube MOV Video

Until the completion of the conversion, wait patiently. Then, a prompt will pop up. Click on "OK," which will open the predetermined output folder. The video can now be played on Mac computers, with the help of QuickTime Player. You can also transfer this video to your iPhone.

vk play step6

Online YouTube to MOV Video Converter

A web-based app, ClipConverter , enables users to download videos from YouTube and convert them to MOV format. You need not install any software. While this particular tool is useful in converting YouTube videos, it also has features for downloading videos from other websites such as Facebook Watch, Vimeo, etc. Furthermore, you can also use it to independently retrieve the audio from a video file as it is equipped to convert YouTube videos to files of MP3 format. Based on the video, it is also capable of downloading resolutions of up to 4K. One advantage is that these features can be leveraged without any charges. But every time you attempt to download a video, you will be redirected to an advertisement.

Key Features:

  • Thanks to its browser extension version, YouTube videos can be downloaded and converted without opening a new tab
  • You can leverage every feature that it offers for free
  • You can use this online tool on different browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

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