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How to Fix YouTube Scroll Problem on Android and Mac

feature youtube scrolling bugYouTube is one of the most leading video-sharing platforms that is famously known worldwide. Recently, it became a topic of conversation in different forums. Many users have experienced inconsistent difficulties while browsing through their favorite video content on YouTube. The majority of complaints come from Android and macOS users. Complainants using the YouTube app on Android have reported being unable to scroll down to comments or suggestions. When you try to do so, the app immediately scrolls back up to the top. However, Android is not the only platform affected; Mac users using Safari have also reported issues. The problem is slightly different in this situation since users report sluggish scrolling. While a simple app restart on the browser, YouTube app, or device reboot usually resolves the issue, it is only a temporary resolution since the problem could reoccur. But don’t worry, there are still workable solutions you can employ to fix the YouTube scrolling bug on your device. To know about these solutions, feel free to scroll down below.

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How to Fix YouTube Scrolling Bug on Android

The recurrence of scrolling bugs in the YouTube app varies with each update. Nonetheless, in the absence of developer support, several workarounds were made possible. But, you have to take note that these are only short-term fixes. That’s why you still have to wait for a permanent to be made available via an app update. For the time being, here are a few workarounds.

Solution 1. Clear The YouTube App Cache

Clearing the YouTube cache can significantly improve the app's performance. It would be best if you did the same thing for any other app with a bug. If you clear YouTube cache, it does not delete any data from the app; instead, it resets the YouTube settings. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Head straight to your phone’s “Settings.” Then, tap on the “Apps and Notifications.”
    Note: The set-up where you can locate the list of apps installed on your device may vary depending on the Android phone version you’re using.
  • From the list of the apps, tap on YouTube. Finally, navigate to its “Storage” and tap on “Clear cache.”

youtube scrolling bug clear youtube cache

If the YouTube scrolling bug still occurs after clearing the YouTube cache, consider clearing its data. Doing this will reset your YouTube back from its default settings the first time you’ve installed it.

Solution 2. Get the Latest Version of The YouTube App

An outdated version of the YouTube app on your Android device can result from having several issues upon accessing it. So, the solution here is to make sure that you have the latest version of the app installed on your device. You can update the YouTube app by navigating to your Google Play Store and hitting the "Update" button if there's an available app update.

youtube scrolling bug update the app

Solution 3. Use Browser to Access YouTube

Instead of using the YouTube app, try to use a browser available on your device to access the official YouTube site. This is one of the most alternative solutions if the scroll problem is still occurring on the YouTube app on your device.

youtube scrolling bug use browser

Solution 4. Device Hardware Problem

After doing all of the above procedures with no success, it is now time to test your device for any underlying faults. Your Android device might have specific hardware issues or screen problems that you're not aware of, causing the YouTube scrolling bug issue to occur. In this case, seek help from a cellphone technician to examine your phone and eradicate existing problems on your device and the YouTube app.

How to Solve YouTube Scroll Problem on Mac

As mentioned above, some other users also experienced the same YouTube scroll problem on their MacOS. They believed that the problem occurs since they have updated to macOS Big Sur. However, Safari 14 could be the one to blame, rather than Big Sur. Users who have updated to Safari 14 on macOS Catalina are also encountering the same YouTube scrolling bug. When a user attempts to scroll for comments on a YouTube video page, the problem occurs most frequently. So, in order to fix this issue, we have provided you with a series of workarounds below.

Solution 1. Use Other Browsers To Visit the YouTube Site

Changing your web browser is a common approach that most people do to get around the YouTube scrolling problem and other related issues on the YouTube site. Safari is the default browser application in macOS Big Sur and other versions. However, you can also download Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox from the Mac App Store and use it to access YouTube.

youtube scrolling bug use other browsers

Solution 2. Remove Unnecessary Extensions/Ad Blockers

Suppose that you prefer using Safari. You can try to resolve the YouTube scrolling issue by uninstalling any third-party programs that could interfere with the expected performance of the YouTube site. One best example is StopTheMadness, a Safari plugin that prevents websites from making your browser challenging to use. If you use this plugin, try uninstalling it and see if it makes a difference.

youtube scrolling bug remove extension

While ad blockers aren't the leading cause of the YouTube scrolling problem, they can exacerbate it. Disable them and see if the scrolling problem disappears.

Solution 3. Add a CSS Code

On the MacRumors forums, there's a workable solution that has been released. It will require you to install an extension called Userscripts on Safari and insert CSS code to debug YouTube scrolling. Once installed, hit "Open" and select "Open in Safari Extensions Preferences." here, tick the checkbox next to Userscripts and confirm that you wish to turn it on. After a while, the Userscripts icon will appear in the top-left corner of Safari's address bar. Click on it! Then, hit the '+' symbol to add a new script and choose "New CSS." From the New Script-pyram window that will appear, copy and then paste the following code below:

// ==UserScript==
// @name FixYouTubeScrolling
// @description Stop improper styling, Google
// @match *://*youtube.*
// ==/UserScript==
ytd-page-manager {
overflow-y: unset !important;
#page-manager.ytd-app {
overflow-x: unset !important;

youtube scrolling bug add CSS code

Finally, click "Save," located at the bottom-left corner of the extension. Navigate back to YouTube, refresh the page and check that scrolling is now working!

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