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How to Fix YouTube Video Processing Abandoned

youtube processing abandoned feature imageWithout a doubt, YouTube is indeed essential. The platform integrates streaming, a social network, and a well-known content promotion website globally. Here, you can listen to music, laugh at funny videos, watch recipes, learn something with the help of video tutorials. You can even watch video blogs and live streams from your favorite YouTuber—all of these in one place. Besides uploading and watching videos, registered users can rate, comment on videos, create playlists, and subscribe to other users. Since most content you can see on the platform is created by individuals, uploading videos is not always as easy as we thought. Creators often face issues whenever they try to upload video content on YouTube. Sometimes, they have to change video format just to upload media content. However, there are many possible reasons why this occurs. And it only takes basic knowledge for such reasons to resolve them. Hence, continue reading below to learn how to fix the YouTube processing abandoned the video could not be processed.

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Delete or Remove Duplicate Videos

The common reason why a lot of people get this YouTube processing abandoned on their video is that they didn’t edit the same file name before uploading. In other instances, the same error is more likely to occur when they are uploading duplicate videos. If that’s the case, the best action to take away the issue is to delete the same video you have uploaded before. But if you want to delete it, try to make a few changes by editing the video. In that way, YouTube will believe that you are uploading a different one. We have provided you below with steps on how to delete duplicate videos on your YouTube account.

  • First, make sure you've signed in to your YouTube account. Then, navigate to the right sidebar to access the playlist you want to manage. Once clicked, it would take you to the respective playlist page.
  • Here, click on the three-dots menu icon. After that, select "Playlist Settings" and then "Advanced Settings."
  • Finally, click on the "Remove Duplicate" button that you'll see on the right-hand side of the YouTube interface. You have to keep on pressing that button until no duplicate copies are left anymore.

youtube processing abandoned delete duplicate video

Verify Your YouTube Account

When dealing with this kind of issue on your device, it may come in different forms. There are times that it would display a YouTube processing abandoned video too long error after attempting to upload a video on the platform. The problem here now is with the length of the video or the file size you are uploading. If you are an unregistered YouTube user, you would not be allowed to upload videos larger than 2GB and having a video length longer than 15 minutes. So, the solution to this issue is to get your YouTube account verified. In that way, you’ll surely be able to upload with no restriction in the file size and length of the video. Here’s a detailed guide on how to get your YouTube account verified.

    • To begin, please click this link to proceed with verifying your account. If you haven’t yet signed in to your Google account, you would be asked to do so.
    • Next, select your country. Then, enter your mobile number and how you want to get the authentication code. It can be through a text message or an automatic voice call. Once all done, click "GET CODE".

youtube processing abandoned verify account step1

    • Once you have received the verification code, type it into the line provided and hit "Submit".

youtube processing abandoned verify account step2

  • After a while, you will receive a notification on your device indicating that your YouTube account has been successfully verified.
An unverified YouTube account is also a potential cause of other issues like an invalid response received on YouTube. Some affected users have proclaimed that the error disappears after they have verified their YouTube accounts.

Use YouTube Supported File Format

If you are uploading a video, check if the YouTube platform supports the file format of your video. If it is not, you will probably get a YouTube video processing abandoned error on your screen. To fix this issue, of course, you have to convert or save your video into the compatible file format supported by YouTube. Even though YouTube supports the most common video formats, some formats upload faster with fewer errors than others. Hence, we suggest holding on with YouTube’s recommended standard, which is MP4. Besides, nothing could go wrong with MP4 since this type of video format is compatible with most platforms like YouTube.

If your video is not yet in MP4 video format, we suggest to use the best YouTube to mp4 converter tool to convert it. That being said, you can check on the guide below to learn how to convert your video into MP4 video file format.

Step 1 Install The Video Converter Tool

Click one of the download buttons provided below. If you’re using Windows OS, click on the left button and right button if you’re using Mac OS. After that, install the program and launch the tool once done.

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Step 2 Locate the Video to Convert

On the tool’s interface, navigate to the "Convert" panel. Then, click "Add files", and a folder will appear. Here, select the video you want to convert and hit "Open".

youtube processing abandoned vk step2

Step 3 Select MP4 as Video Format

Next, click on the drop-down menu button of the "Profile" setting to see the list of video formats. From the list, select "MP4" and the output quality you want to save your video.

youtube processing abandoned vk step3

Step 4 Start Converting The Video

Finally, hit the "Convert" button to start converting the video. It will take a while, depending on the output quality you have selected. Once done, the folder of the converted video will appear. You can now upload the video on YouTube without having issues like the YouTube processing abandoned the video could not be processed.

youtube processing abandoned vk step4

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