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How to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing on Chrome

featured image youtube not working chromeBecause of the huge platform and unique features of YouTube, many users enjoy it using their different browsers. However, even despite its efficiency, we may still be bound to encounter issues like ‘unable to play YouTube videos in Chrome. Some friends are experiencing an error on YouTube in their Google Chrome because the video fails to load, or some videos suddenly stop after loading a few seconds. They are left in wonder of how this is happening. What are the causes? The very first thing that will come to our mind is the internet connection speed, right? But that’s not usually the problem. Actually, there are many specific reasons why it happens and why YouTube videos are not playing in Chrome. And that is what we are going to discuss here. We are also going to spill out the solutions for you to fix these errors.

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Causes of YouTube Not Working in Chrome

To fix the problem of ‘YouTube Not Working in Chrome,’ we need first to address the causes of this error. Some issues that prevent YouTube to play on Chrome are:

youtube not working in chrome

1. Slow internet connections

Most number one guesses on this YouTube video error in Chrome is the slow internet connection. There are various reasons why your internet connection appears dead: it can be your router, Wi-Fi signal, or your cable line.

2. Corrupted local data on the web browser

Because of our continued browsing on the web, sometimes we didn't notice the cached browser data and even corrupted data piled and stored on our computer. Most people are not aware of this, which can also cause a problem of the YouTube videos not working on Chrome.

3. Disabled JavaScript

YouTube cannot work without the help of JavaScript. It is responsible for loading the videos on YouTube and everything about YouTube. You have probably experienced seeing a black screen while watching videos, and it suddenly stopped. Or you may have encountered an endless loading of the video while your internet connection is working just right. This also may cause by the disabled JavaScript.

4. Incompatible browser extensions

There are still some users who are using extensions specifically for YouTube. And for some reason, this can also cause trouble. Your YouTube video will not work well if an installed application is not compatible with your browser.

Solutions to Fix YouTube Not Working in Chrome

Well, for those who left in wonder of how YouTube is not opening in Chrome, I hope you already know the cause of those errors on YouTube by reading the section above. At the same time, this section is about solutions to fix the problem on YouTube and Chrome.

1. Speed Test

You need to confirm if your connection's speed is the reason why YouTube videos are not loading on Chrome. And to do that, run the speed test on your browser or here to get to the website directly. As I mentioned above, there are various ways why internet connection is getting poor. It might be the line cable or the signal. And to be sure you better try this solution to see what could be the problem.

  • First, search for speed to test on your web or click the link provided above for easy access. After navigating it, click the 'RUN SPEED TEST.'
  • run speed test step 1

  • After clicking the run speed test, wait for a second for your connection to be measured. After getting the result, compare it to your plan. Here you will see if your internet connection should be able to handle the HD video for streaming. If your YouTube video is still not playing on Chrome, you may restart your router or contact the person in charge of your internet.
  • run speed test step 2

2. Clear the Cache and Cookie Storage on Chrome

After all, if your connection speed is working fine. Try clearing the cached data, including the corrupted data stored on your computer, because it could be one reason why YouTube is not loading on Chrome.

  • Open another window and click the three-dot icon on the upper left corner of your computer.
  • clear cached data step 1

  • After getting into history, you will see all the tabs or websites you have visited since then up to the present. On the left part of your screen – click the 'clear browsing data.'
  • clear cached data step 2

  • For the final step, choose whatever you want to delete. You can also select which time range you want to delete. And if you want your browser to get clean, you may choose all-time on the time range. If you wish all your passwords to be saved, you can leave the cookies to uncheck and then click precise data.
  • clear cached data step 3

3. Enable JavaScript

Disabled JavaScript can be considered as one factor why YouTube is not playing on Chrome. Once you found out that the JavaScript was turned off, you can enable it by navigating the setting. If you don't know-how, then you can follow the steps below.

  • Open another tab and click the three-dot icon from the upper part of your screen. Select the setting and click the Privacy and Security. After that, find the 'Site Setting.'
  • enable javascript step 1

  • Following this, click the site setting and scroll down to find JavaScript.
  • enable javascript step 2

  • After finding out that it was blocked, click the JavaScript and enable it. After doing that, get back to YouTube and refresh the page.
  • enable javascript step 3

4. Disable the Chrome Browser Extension

One of the reasons why YouTube is not playing on Chrome is that sometimes the extensions are not compatible with your browser. It could be one of the causes of why there is an error on YouTube videos because this kind of plug-in modifies the interface or add some functionality to your browser. That way, it can affect the performance of your browser or slow it down. To end this problem, you may disable or remove the extension from your browser. After removing the extension, refresh the page and see if it is working. After all, if it is still not working, you better uninstall your Chrome and install it again. Then, sync your Google account to retrieve all your data and password.

5. Download the YouTube Video

One of the best ways to end this mess - 'YouTube videos not loading on Chrome”, you download the video instead. No need for more research; this could be the best alternative to the Chrome YouTube problems. You just have to download and install this amazing software to enjoy more of your videos from YouTube. This tool allows you to download any video from any popular website, not just from YouTube but also on Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, and to 1000+ websites all over the internet.

Step 1 Download and Install the Software

Click the download button below and install this software; whether you are using Mac or Windows, it is compatible with both. Within seconds it will be ready to use.

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Step 2 Search YouTube Video

Open your browser and go on YouTube. Search for a video you want to download and click it. While the video is playing, Copy the URL address.

vk download youtube step 1

Step 3 Paste the URL

After copying the link, open the Acethinker Video Keeper and click the plus sign "+" to paste the link. Within seconds you can see the result because it loads faster than you think.

vk download youtube step 2

Step 4 Download YouTube Videos

Within a few seconds, you can now download the YouTube video. But before that, you have to choose the file format and quality you need by selecting the “More.” After selecting the best option, you can now get your video by clicking the download button.

vk download youtube step 3

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