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How to Fix YouTube Full Screen Not Working - 2021

feature youtube full screen problemYouTube is one of the most leading video-streaming platforms all over the world. It contains millions of marvelous pieces of media content that vary in different genres. Besides, it provides exceptional features like autoplay, uploading and creating a playlist, and streaming YouTube videos in different screen display modes. While many users like using this phenomenal streaming service, the YouTube fullscreen bug has irritated many users. By default, YouTube allows users to watch online videos in three different modes: standard screen, theater mode, and full-screen mode. However, it has been heeded that many users frequently encounter this YouTube full-screen bug on the Google Chrome browser. The issues can be due to two main reasons; YouTube server issues or some other issue on your end. Regardless of the causes, we provided you here with solutions that you can do.

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Do Basic Troubleshooting

1. Reload The Page

There are times that the YouTube website fails to load properly, resulting in graphical issues in the process. If this is the cause of the YouTube full-screen glitch, hitting the "F5" key on your keyboard or clicking the "Refresh" button will refresh the YouTube page and resolve the issue.

youtube full screen problem reload page

Aside from that, relaunching the browser is also an option. You can try that and then return to YouTube to see whether the bug has been resolved. Many users claimed that this simple relaunching of the site also resolves the YouTube black screen problem and other YouTube-related issues.

2. Activate Full-screen Mode While Chrome isn’t Maximized

If your Chrome window occupies the whole screen when watching YouTube in full-screen mode, it could display a small portion of the desktop. You can fix this issue by clicking the square button in the window's upper-right corner for Windows users. For Mac users, click the green button in the window's upper-left corner and then use YouTube in full-screen mode.

youtube full screen problem go full screen

3. Use the Full-screen Mode in Google Chrome

If a portion of your desktop is visible when YouTube is in full-screen mode, press “F11” on your keyboard (Windows) or “Command+Shift+F” on Mac to switch to Google Chrome full-screen mode. Doing so will make the YouTube window cover the entire screen and hopefully fix the YouTube full-screen lag.

youtube full screen problem f11

4. Restart Your Computer

If the first three options did not work for you, restarting your PC is another basic troubleshooting to fix the YouTube full-screen problem. You can do this by accessing the reboot function of your computer.

youtube full screen problem restart pc

Other Fixes to Solve The Issue

Suppose that none of the basic troubleshooting seems to work on your end and the YouTube full-screen not working is still existing. Don't worry. Here are other solutions that you can try.

1. Disable Chrome Extensions

If you started experiencing YouTube full-screen glitch right after installing an extension, the extension is likely to blame. Hence, to fix the issue, all you have to do is to disable the particular extension. To do so, type "chrome://extensions" on Chrome's address bar and hit "Enter." You will be delivered to the specific section where you can see all extensions installed on the browser. Here, disable the extension you have recently installed by toggling the blue button off.

youtube full screen problem disable extension

Google Chrome auto-updates can also cause some older extensions to become unstable, resulting in an unusual error on websites like YouTube.

2. Turn Off Chrome’s Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration is a browser feature that lets the browser optimize your hardware by offloading some heavy operations like graphic and video loading to other hardware components. Enabling the features increases browser speed while also freeing up CPU resources for other activities. However, it could be ineffective in some cases. It could cause issues like when YouTube videos are not playing and the YouTube full-screen bug. To avoid these issues, make sure to disable hardware acceleration on your browser.

User Guide:

  • In the web address bar of your Google Chrome, type "chrome:/settings/system" and press "Enter" on your keyboard. This will send you to the system settings of the browser.
  • To disable your browser's hardware acceleration, toggle off the button next to "Use hardware acceleration when available."
  • Relaunch your Chrome browser. Then, try to play a YouTube video and click the "full-screen" icon in the bottom-right corner of the player window. The video should now play in full-screen mode.

youtube full screen problem disable hardware acceleration

3. Uninstall Chrome and Reinstall It

Try to switch to other browsers and check whether the YouTube full-screen problem is occurring or not on the respective browser. If it's not, then the final solution that we suggest is to reinstall your Chrome browser. Nonetheless, you have to know that doing so will delete all of the application's existing files and directories and require you to install new ones. So before proceeding with this process, make a backup for all of your bookmarks and important data.

User Guide:

  • From the "Start Menu" on your computer, navigate to the "Control Panel."
  • Under the Programs category, select Uninstall A Program.
  • Now, choose Google Chrome from the list and click the Uninstall button.
  • youtube full screen problem uninstall chrome

  • Once Chrome is successfully removed from your PC, you can now download the installer to Google Chrome's official website. To complete the setup process, follow the basic installation procedures.
  • youtube full screen problem reinstall chrome

Bonus Tip: Download YouTube Video

Want to get away with the YouTube full-screen problem and enjoy your favorite videos offline? One-stop solution perfect for that is VideoHunt Free Online Video Downloader. It is a web-based application that can help you download YouTube videos without software. Besides the YouTube site, you can also download videos from other sites that host videos, like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. What's more interesting about this tool is it can download online videos in MP4 or MP3 formats. Plus, it can acquire YouTube videos in standard quality format, which is okay for full-screen viewing. Moreso, you can download as many videos as you want since VideoHunt is 100% free of use. To know how to utilize this tool, follow the three easy steps below.

Step 1 Grab The URL of The YouTube Video

First, go to the YouTube site and copy the URL of the video you want to download. Then, navigate to the online tool by clicking the link given in the description above. Here, paste the copied video URL in the input box and hit the "Download" icon beside it.

youtube full screen problem vfovd step1

Step 2 Choose Your Preferred Download Format

Once the link analysis is completed, the online tool will give you a download button that you can click to see all the available quality and output formats. Hit on the "Download" icon beside the video resolution that you prefer. Once clicked, it will direct you to a new tab.

youtube full screen problem vfovd step2

Step 3 Start Downloading The YouTube Video

From this tab, click on the three vertical dots icon that you'll see from the right corner of the video. Then, click "Download," and the video will automatically begin downloading. Once downloaded, you can now watch and enjoy the YouTube video offline without worrying about any issues.

youtube full screen problem vfovd step3

This online tool is also available as a desktop application available on both Windows and Mac. You can download the desktop version to unlock more features and have a better download experience.

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