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How to Watch YouTube Video Frame by Frame on PC

feature youtube frame by frameNo one can’t deny the fact that YouTube became one of the most visited site because it has a lot of interesting video content. YouTube became our go-to site whenever we want to learn, laugh, explore, and watch to our favorite music videos. Sometimes, there are YouTube videos such as recipes, dance choreography, a movie in time-lapse, magic tricks, and other YouTube video tutorials that you need to go through in detail or step-by-step. In that case, knowing how to play YouTube video frame by frame comes in handy. As a matter of fact, going frame by frame is a vital process to grab every detail out of the video. This can be also helpful if you want to capture some unforgettable moments from the video you’re watching. Now, you might be wondering about how to watch frame by frame on YouTube videos. Worry no more because we’ve got you covered here.

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The Official Way to Watch YouTube Video Frame by Frame

The official way to learn how to watch YouTube frame by frame is just as simple as knowing shortcut keys on your keyboard. When watching YouTube videos all you have to do is pause the video by pressing the “Space Bar” button on your computer’s keyboard. Then, simply press the period button “.” if you want to begin playing the YouTube video one frame at a time. For moving one frame backward, press the comma button “,” from the keyboard of your computer.

youtube frame by frame shortcut keys

See, as simple as that you can watch YouTube videos frame by frame. This method works for almost all YouTube videos. However, if you prefer to know more about shortcut keys that could help you to play YouTube videos frame by frame, we have provided you below with a list of them.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts Function
K or SPACEBAR Toggle play/pause the YouTube video
Right Arrow Move 5 seconds forward
Left Arrow Move 5 seconds backward
J Move 10 seconds forward
L Move 10 seconds backward
F or F11 Go/Exit to Full-Screen mode
HOME Go to the beginning of the video
END Go to the end of the video
Up Arrow Increase Volume
Down Arrow Decrease Volume

Play YouTube Frame by Frame Using a Web-application

Most of the video content uploaded on YouTube is encrypted to support frame-by-frame playing. If the video you’re playing doesn’t support it, you can still watch the YouTube video frame by frame. And that's with the help of a web application that we’re going to talk about in this part. Here, we’ll introduce you to a third-party site where you all have to do is paste the URL of the YouTube video and play it frame by frame. For the detailed steps, you can refer to the guide below.

  • Go to the YouTube site and copy the YouTube video URL you wish to play frame by frame.
  • Visit and paste the copied video link into the input field of the tool.
  • Hit on the “WATCH VIDEO” button beside the input field to start playing the YouTube video.
  • youtube frame by frame web app step1

  • Pause the YouTube video at any time you wish. Then, set up the steps into “1 Frame” and set the frame seconds to “30 FPS.”
  • Finally, click on the ⇨ button to move one frame forward. Likewise, use the ⇦ to move one frame backward.
  • youtube frame by frame web app step2

Play The YouTube Frame by Frame Offline Using VLC

Learning how to watch frame by frame on YouTube videos online is easy as presented from the first two methods given above. The last thing that you will be concerned about now is your network connection. If you have poor internet connectivity, the chances of YouTube videos loading slowly is more likely to occur and interrupt your viewing experience. With that said, we suggest downloading the YouTube video and playing it on a regular video player. In this tutorial, we’ve used a VLC media player since it has much better controls to watch YouTube videos frame by frame. But of course, before you can play the YouTube video on VLC, you must download it first on your computer by using a YouTube downloader. For more detailed steps, see the guidelines below.

Step 1 Copy The URL of The YouTube Video

There’s a lot of YouTube downloaders that you can access for free online. One of them is that you can use to download any YouTube video you want. To use this tool, visit the YouTube site and copy the link of the video you want to download from the address bar. Then, go back to the web-based tool and paste the link on the input box.

youtube frame by frame vfod step1

Step 2 Choose Your Preferred Output Quality

Now, hit on the Download icon beside the input box and let the tool analyze the link. Once the link has been analyzed, click on the Download icon to see the available video quality format. Choose what quality you prefer and proceed with downloading it by clicking the Download button right beside it.

youtube frame by frame vfod step2

Step 3 Start Downloading the YouTube Video

After choosing your preferred quality, you’ll be redirected to another tab. Here, you’ll see the YouTube video and try it to preview to make sure if it’s the video you want to download. Start saving it on your computer by clicking the three-dots menu icon and then select “Download.” Once downloaded, click on “Show in folder” to go to the YouTube video destination folder.

youtube frame by frame vfod step3

Step 4 Play YouTube Video Frame by Frame on VLC

Finally, right-click on the downloaded YouTube video. From the list of options, select “Open With” and choose VLC media player. At last, start to play YouTube Video in VLC. When the video begins playing, you can use the VLC’s frame-by-frame shortcut key. Just press the “E” button on your keyboard, and the YouTube video will start moving frame by frame.

youtube frame by frame vlc step4

You can also move from one frame to another by selecting the “Advanced Controls” from the “View” tab. Then, click on the “Frame by frame” button to change the frames manually.

youtube frame by frame vlc extra tip

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