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How To Fix YouTube Comment Section Not Loading

feature youtube comments not loadingYouTube, both as a website and an app, has grown over the years. It has changed dramatically since we first began using it to watch various user-generated content. At this very moment, YouTube is the leading video-sharing platform where users can like, share, stream, and upload video content. But that’s not all, YouTube even allows users to interact with each other through its comment section. Besides, comments play a significant role in the engagement of users within a particular site like YouTube. Comments on YouTube videos benefit both viewers and producers. Sometimes we skim through the comments section of a video to get more information or to assess whether the content is worth the time to watch or not. However, comments on videos occasionally fail to load, particularly when using Chrome. And just recently, there are user reports that their YouTube comments not loading Chrome except for the pinned comments within the video. If you’re one of these YouTube users who's experiencing the same issue, no need to worry. We got you covered here as we provide you with effective solutions to fix the problem.

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Possible Reasons Why YouTube Comments Not Loading on Chrome

There are no users who can pinpoint the exact cause of the YouTube comment section not loading. But there are few possibilities that we should consider. First and foremost, the problem could be on your end. It could simply be an internet issue on your WiFi or a problem with the add ons you have installed on your browser. However, there are instances when the problem is on YouTube's end, and some external factors can also disrupt the comments.

Five Workable Solutions to Solve YouTube Comments Not Working

Suppose that the problem is not within your internet connection. Well, there are workable troubleshooting measures that you can employ. In this part, we will provide you with effective solutions that you can try to solve your YouTube comments not working issue on your Chrome browser.

1. Do A Basic Troubleshooting

When encountering a YouTube problem, the first thing you should try to do is reload the page. The YouTube comment section not loading could be due to some bugs. Hitting the F5 key on your keyboard or clicking the Refresh button in your browser should resolve the issue and other YouTube related issues like when your YouTube videos not playing. However, if refreshing the page does not resolve the issue, you can close and relaunch your browser before considering other workarounds.

outube comments not loading reload restart browser

2. Clear Browser’s Cookies and Cached Data

Most websites save data locally on your browsing devices for these sites to load faster the next time you visit them. However, the accumulation of browser data on your computer's local storage could occasionally cause severe problems while surfing the internet and accessing the YouTube site. Clearing Chrome's browser data can help in resolving difficulties that prevent YouTube comments from loading.

User Guide to Clear Chrome’s Browsing Data:

To clear Chrome’s browsing data, you can use the keyboard shortcut key “CTRL + SHIFT + DEL” to navigate to a new tab where you can see the Clear browsing data dialog box. Here, go to the "Advanced" tab. Then, make sure that the Time range drop-down menu is set to “All time” and all of the applicable checkboxes are checked. At this point, select "Clear data" to clear your browser cache and browsing history.

youtube comments not loading clear chrome data

This keyboard shortcut is also applicable to many other browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Furthermore, take caution when deciding what type of data to clear. For example, clearing your browser's data entirely can clear all save passwords within your browser.

3. Disable Ad-Blocker Extension

There are certain browser extensions, particularly ad blocking ones, that can affect how pages load in your browser. If you are using an aggressive ad blocking plugin, certain underlying functionalities on the YouTube website most likely fail to load. With that being said, it is not possible that it could be also one of the causes why your YouTube comment section not loading.

User Guide to Disable Ad-Blocker Extension on Chrome:

You can easily disable the ad-blocking extension installed on your browser by clicking the Extension icon from the upper right-hand corner of the browser. Then, select “Manage extensions”. In the Extensions section, you'll see all the lists of installed extensions. To disable any extension that you suspect causing problems on YouTube, click the slider button for that extension and move it to the Off position. If you're not sure which extensions are causing the issue, deactivate all of them to test your browser.

youtube comments not loading disable ad-blocker

Return to the YouTube video in which the comment section is not loading when some or all of your extensions are deactivated. If the problem has been fixed, you can infer that an extension is the one to blame. Besides, some users have claimed that this solution works even when their YouTube sidebar not showing on the official website. That’s why if you want to avoid other YouTube issues in the future, we suggest disabling the extension (temporarily or permanently).

4. Launch The YouTube Video In Incognito Mode

If you don't have any ad blocker installed or don't know which plugin is preventing YouTube comments from appearing, try playing the YouTube video in Incognito mode. To open an Incognito browsing window on your Chrome, you can use the “CTRL+SHIFT+N” keyboard shortcut key.

youtube comments not loading incognito mode

5. Sign-in Using A Different Google Account

Instead of utilizing an incognito window, you can try signing in to YouTube with a different Google account. By doing so, you can confirm if the problem is with the Google Account that you're currently using or not. You can also try signing in to the same account on another device to see whether the comments appear.

youtube comments not loading sign in

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