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How to Watch Blocked YouTube Video

feature image blocked youtube videosYouTube is one of the most significant sources of entertainment for most of us. Many of us tend to spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos. Besides entertainment, another common reason for watching YouTube videos is for educational purposes. YouTube is a source of knowledge and learning from a wide range of fields. Thus, watching YouTube videos can be highly beneficial to us. However, there are instances when some of these videos are blocked, and you are not able to watch them. Such a thing can be problematic as one may miss out on some highly useful and entertaining videos. There could be several reasons from the following as to why a YouTube video is blocked. Videos are made available only in a few countries, and your country is not on the list. YouTube has barred the video from complying with your local or country law. Missing out on such videos is not at all an option for most of us. Fortunately, there are ways to remove the barrier and watch blocked YouTube videos without any worries and hesitation. If you are wondering, ‘How to watch blocked YouTube videos?’ the following ways will help you for sure. Keep reading.

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Using a Web Proxy

One method to answer your question- ‘How to watch blocked YouTube videos in your country.’ is by connecting to a proxy computer. is a YouTube proxy; it one of the most widely preferred options. It is also secured due to its SSL encryption. It works as an intermediate between the internet and a client computer. It cannot override YouTube’s policy for your request and go against your country’s restrictions. It also cannot make other provisions in making YouTube available in your country. One easy way that it employs making the barred videos or videos unavailable in your location is that it deceives the internet into thinking that the request is coming from a country where the content does not have restrictions is available. This way, you can watch YouTube videos blocked in your country. In this process, the proxy computer hides your IP address and uses one from the allowed country. It obtains this by using proxy websites and servers; they are excellent ways of passing through office censorship and bypass YouTube country restrictions. One concern can be that some proxies do not have good encryption, and it risks your data being misused, leading to identity leakage.

using webproxy

Using VPNs

Using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can help you watch geographically restricted or unavailable YouTube-censored videos. VPNs also work in a similar way to most web proxy services and websites. There are several VPNs, one of these VPN that you can add to your browser is Ambius VPN Free. You need to select the right country/geographical location to access YouTube content. This, too, use a different IP address—one which shows your country as one enlisted as allowed. Hence, it spoofs not only your location but also your IP address. It uses encryption that helps you not letting your data get leaked and patch a security vulnerability. The encryption also protects you from internet traffic. It also creates an encrypted tunnel—it protects your data from hackers and cyber thieves. It works effectively against attempts of data theft, which can put your valuable data like credit card information, bank details, personal information, and so on at risk. The IP masking and location spoofing with a subscription to a reliable VPN service, in combination, can help you with anything on the internet and not just watching YouTube videos, which are geographically restricted.

using vpn ambius

Using SmartDNS

One way to watch banned YouTube videos by passing the geographically restricted or Google-censored videos is by using SmartDNS . The method works the same way as the earlier two options; your location is spoofed through a different geographical location. Your traffic gets redirected through different servers. However, using the SmartDNS, you do not have any encryption. There are pros and cons to this method. On the right side, you do not have to wait too long for getting redirected—it is a fast way of region-spoofing. However, on the negative side, it makes your data very vulnerable to hackers and cyber thieves. Smart DNS can pass through minor restrictions, and you can watch region-blocked YouTube videos. You can also access some otherwise restricted websites; however, going past government and other highly restricted websites is near improbability. Using some of the best antivirus or 360-degree security programs can leave your data vulnerable. One way to deal with this issue is by creating another user on your computer. Make sure to use a different email ID and not link any personal details like bank information. You can view the videos through this user with a different email ID.

using smart dns

Using a Smart Method of Download

If you want to opt-out of the above selections but still are perplexed with the question as to how to watch YouTube videos not available in your country. There is this ss YouTube download trick that you can use to download geographically restricted or Google-censored videos. For this method, you must edit the URL of the video. Just add ‘ss’ right after ‘www.’ and hit enter. For example, the URL ‘’ should be edited as ‘’. It works in many cases. If the attempt is successful, then you will get redirected to the website. Here you will be able to download the video. Another method that will help you download blocked videos is by using the Freemake Video Downloader. It will help you download many such videos.

using smart method savefromnet

Using AceThinker Video Keeper

The last option and convenient way is to use a video downloader like AceThinker Video Keeper. This tool is software that allows users to download blocked YouTube videos and stream them for offline use. It doesn’t need any extension and additional tools to acquire videos. It also provides high-quality output as it can download 8K video. Video Keeper has an advanced technology that can maximize the download speed up to 3x faster than other tools. Besides that, it also has the option to download subtitles that can be used on your videos. Lastly, it is compatible to a different streaming site like YouTube; thus it can acquire all YouTube videos, regardless if it is blocked or not.

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With the options mentioned above, you can watch or download most of the blocked or geographically restricted videos from YouTube. Some of these methods compromise on data security; however, they offer faster connectivity. On the other hand, some options offer high encryption and do not put your valuable data like personal information and bank and credit card details at risk. Thus, this is how to watch YouTube when it is blocked. Happy watching!

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