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How to Post Video from Facebook to YouTube on PC

feature upload facebook video to youtubeWhen talking about video-sharing platforms that offer a wide range of videos, YouTube and Facebook are impossible not to be on the list. These platforms are two of the most popular video-sharing sites to watch funny videos, tutorials, documentaries, and more. Interestingly, one of these sites, YouTube, makes it easy for its users to share videos directly across multiple social media sites, including Facebook. However, the same capability is not applicable when it comes to Facebook. Aside from Facebook restricting downloading video, it is also profoundly impossible to transfer a video from Facebook to YouTube directly. So, what would you do if there's a video on Facebook that you wanted to share on YouTube? Worry no more. This post is made possible to help you how to upload a Facebook video to YouTube. But to achieve that, we will introduce you first to tools that can help you grab Facebook videos on your computer.

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Download Facebook Video with an Online Tool

1. VideoHunt Free Online Facebook Downloader

Supported Sites: Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Lynda, Tumblr, and other popular video-sharing sites.
Available Download Quality: It can acquire Facebook videos in various formats, such as 240p, 360p, and 480p SD quality.

Before you can upload Facebook video to YouTube, you must first know how to download the video out from the Facebook site. With that being said, an online tool like VideoHunt Free Online Facebook Downloader is what you need. This web-based application is very convenient to use as it allows you to download Facebook video without software. Isn't it hassle-free? It also supports an advanced search engine that you can use to search for any related keywords of the video you wish to obtain. Besides that, this online tool can download Facebook videos into two of the most common file formats, MP4 and MP3. Furthermore, it provides a hundred percent secure and ad-free download experience.

upload fb video to youtube vfofvd interface

Follow the guide below to learn how to download a Facebook video using the online tool.

Step 1 Copy the URL of The Facebook Video

To begin, open a web browser and navigate to the Facebook official site. Log in to your Facebook account and search for the video you want to download and watch. While streaming the Facebook video, copy its URL by clicking the share button and choosing "Copy link."

upload fb video to youtube vfofvd step1

Step 2 Input the Video Link into the Tool

Then, go to the VideoHunt Free Online Facebook Downloader origin site. Here, paste the copied URL of the Facebook video into the online tool's input field. After that, click the arrow down icon right beside it.

upload fb to youtube vfofvd step2

Step 3 Choose Your Video's Preferred Quality Format

Once the URL has been analyzed, click "Download" to access the available video quality format. Select the quality format of your liking by clicking the download icon next to it. The moment you click the download button, you will be sent to another tab.

upload fb video to youtube vfofvd step3

Step 4 Save the Facebook Video on Your Device

From this tab, click the three vertical dots menu icon in the lower right corner of the video player. Finally, click "Download" to begin downloading the Facebook video. After a while, the video is now ready to play or upload to YouTube.

upload fb video to youtube vfofvd step4

Alternative Solutions to Download Facebook Video


Supported Sites: Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Lynda, Tumblr, and other popular video-sharing sites.
Available Download Quality: It can acquire Facebook videos in various formats, such as 240p, 360p, and 480p SD quality. is an alternative to the previous Facebook downloader that we've introduced. is also very easy to use since you just have to copy and paste the Facebook video link. What makes more intriguing is that it supports a Chrome extension that you can use for a faster way of downloading Facebook videos online. Moreover, is also available in different languages, including English, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, and Italian. You can refer to the guide below to know how to download Facebook videos using

upload fb video to youtube FBdown interface

User Guide:

  • First, look for the Facebook video you want to download. Then, copy the URL of the video.
  • Next, paste the video link into the URL field of the tool and click the "Download" button adjacent to it.
  • At last, choose the video quality you want and click on it to start downloading the Facebook video.

2. GetfVid

Supported Sites: A web-based app that is designed for Facebook video downloading.
Available Download Quality: The online tool can download standard and HD Facebook video quality.

Another alternative that you can use to download Facebook videos online is GetfVid. This tool is well-known and one of the best Facebook video downloaders accessible online. This tool works well with various devices and can convert MP4 and MP3 files from the Facebook site. GetfVid, like the other Facebook downloaders presented above, can assist you in downloading videos and even Facebook live videos. Besides, this tool is also well-known for providing maximum convenience to users. By merely glancing at the interface, you'll be able to infer how to utilize it in only a few steps. Furthermore, GetfVid also has a Chrome extension that will make downloading even easier for you.

upload fb video to youtube getfVid interface

User Guide:

  • Go to the Facebook site and look for the video. While the video is playing, copy its URL from the web browser's address bar.
  • Navigate to GetfVid and paste the URL of Facebook in the input box provided. Then, hit the green download button.
  • After a few moments, you can now download the Facebook video by clicking the quality of your choice.

Comparison Chart of the FB Video Downloader

Tools Supported Browsers Preview Option Available as Desktop Tool
VideoHunt Free Online Facebook Downloader Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or any other web browser. Available Yes. Enjoy other features like batch download, HD video download, and more with Video Keeper. Google Chrome, Safari, Opera Mini, Firefox, and other web browsers. Not Available No
GetfVid UC Browser, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other popular web browsers. Available No

How to Upload a Facebook Video to YouTube

Once you have already downloaded the Facebook video, it's now time to learn how to upload Facebook live video to YouTube or any other Facebook videos. Don't worry. Uploading downloaded Facebook videos on your computer into the YouTube site is nothing but a simple task. To prove it, here are the steps on how to do so.

Step 1 Sign-in into the YouTube Site

First, visit the official YouTube site. Then, sign in using your Google account, so you are able to upload the Facebook video to YouTube. Once signed in, the video icon and select "Upload a video."

upload fb video to youtube step1

Step 2 Import the Facebook Video

Click "Select Files" to locate the Facebook video you downloaded a while ago from the new window that appears. Select the Facebook video and click "Open" to start importing it into the YouTube site.

upload fb video to youtube step2

Importing videos will take a while, depending on the length and the file size of the Facebook video.

Step 3 Add Details to the FB Video

Now, add details to the Facebook video by providing a title, description, and others. Complete all the necessary information needed and then hit "Next."

upload fb video to youtube step3

Step 4 Upload the Facebook Video to YouTube

After completing all the necessary information needed in the video, you can now start uploading the Facebook video into YouTube. To do so, click "Save," and there you have it.

upload fb video to youtube step4

Tips about YouTube Video Uploading Settings

Now that you've learned how to post video from Facebook to YouTube, allow us to share with you some YouTube recommended upload encoding settings. Knowing this will benefit you, so you don't have to waste time figuring it out when you want to publish a video to YouTube.

Maximum File Size Maximum Length of Video File Format Video Codec Audio Code
128 GB 12 hours for verified accounts and 15 minutes for unverified accounts. MP4 H.264 AAC-LC
Aspect Ratio Frame Rate Video Resolution Bitrate Sampling Rate
16:9 24 to 60fps 1080p 15 to 20 Mbps 96kHz/48kHz

Although MP4 with H.264 Codec is the preferred format for uploading videos on YouTube, you can also use MPEG-4, MOV, or AVI if you like. Aside from that, you can upload videos in HD, 2K, and even 4K UHD resolutions. Although, while processing, YouTube creates copies of various resolutions and displays them to users based on their network connection speed. These parameters influence how a viewer watches your video, so we recommend using the settings that are most often used and recommended by YouTube.

The Final Verdict

Finally, we reach the end. We hope all the information presented in this post helps you to achieve the goal of uploading a Facebook video to YouTube. As you can see, there are different ways on how to do it. Yet, we grasped the most straightforward way for you so that you can quickly download a Facebook video and upload it into the YouTube site. Furthermore, keep in mind the recommended settings by YouTube to successfully publish a video on the respective site.

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