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Must-Try YouTube Download URL Trick 2021

feature ss youtube downloadYouTube is one of the largest video-streaming services, allowing users to publish, stream, share, and comment on a wide range of media content. The YouTube platform became so popular that it has one billion unique visitors every month. People go to YouTube to listen to music, watch amusing videos, or acquire new skills through video lessons. Sometimes we want to save videos so we can watch them without having to connect to the internet. But, saving videos on YouTube is only available through the official app. Besides, saving them on the official app only lasts for 30 days, and certain videos may not be available for download at all depending on the content uploaders' decision. As a result, many users are seeking ways to download videos off the platform. Fortunately, you've arrived at the right page. Here, we'll introduce you to the ss YouTube trick, which you can use for the fastest way to download videos from YouTube. With it, you can download YouTube video by changing URLs. Saving your time opening and accessing any other online YouTube downloader.

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Detailed Guide on How to Use the ss YouTube Download Trick

Knowing the YouTube download ss trick in order to save videos you want is a simple process. In this section, we'll show you a detailed step on how you can use this trick for the quickest way of downloading your favorite YouTube videos online.

Step 1 Visit The YouTube Official Site

Using your browser, go to YouTube. Here, search for the video you want to download and play it. While the video is playing, apply the trick to download video YouTube ss method. To do that, add “ss” before the term “…” from the video URL located at the browser’s address bar. Once done, hit “Enter” on your keyboard.

ss youtube download trick step1

Step 2 Begin Downloading The Video

You will be directed to the official website of, which is the From here, you can begin downloading the YouTube video because the tool will automatically initialize the link for you. The site will also allow you to select what quality and type of output format you want to download your YouTube video. Kindly choose what you prefer, and click on the green download button beside it.

ss youtube download trick step2

Aside from using the “ss” trick, users can also use the term “” or "". All they have to do is insert any of the terms before the URL of the YouTube video. For example, “”

Three YouTube Download URL Tricks You Shouldn’t Be Miss

Apart from using ss save video from YouTube, there are also other YouTube URL tricks that you can also make use of. That’s why in this part, we will provide you with the must-try YouTube tricks that you will surely want to know.

1. Loop A YouTube Video Infinitely

YouTube is not only a place where you can enjoy tons of tutorials or documentary videos. It is also a great platform for listening to music from your favorite artists. If you're a music lover and want to listen to particular music over and over on YouTube, there’s an existing trick that you can use. All you have to do is add “repeater” after the word “youtube” in the YouTube music video URL that you’re playing.

For example, change this YouTube URL:
Into this to loop the video:

ss youtube download youtuberepeater

Once you've inserted the word “repeater” to the link, hit “Enter” on your keyboard. Then, the YouTube video will be open at This is the site which loops the video for you.

2. Link to Any Part of The YouTube Video

When you copy a link to a YouTube video and open it, it usually starts at the beginning. But suppose that you want to show only a certain part of a video or skip a very long intro. In that case, you can put a timestamp to the URL to start it at that time. You can achieve this in two different ways. The first one is by manually appending "&t=YmXXs" to the end of a YouTube video URL. You can make it start at Y minutes and XX seconds into the video. Minutes can be omitted and use only seconds, such as 90s for a minute and a half.

For example, this YouTube video:
Can be shared as a two-minute YouTube video using this URL:

ss youtube download append youtube time

If you don't want to employ the manual technique, you can pause the YouTube video at the time where you wish to share it. Then, right-click on it and choose Copy video URL at the current time.

3. Grab The Thumbnail of Any YouTube Video

When looking for photos on Google, it's usual to come across images from YouTube videos, commonly named "maxresdefault". But did you know that you can view a high-quality thumbnail for every YouTube video (if it has one) by doing a simple trick? Well, it is possible. All you have to do is:

* Visit the YouTube site and look for the video you want to grab the thumbnail.
* Get the YouTube video ID by copying the text after the "v=" from the address bar.
* By the use of the URL given below, replace the [VideoID] with the YouTube video you've copied.[VideoID]/maxresdefault.jpg

ss youtube download save yt thumbnail

Use this YouTube video link as a reference:
Copy the video ID and paste it into the URL provided. It should look like this now:

How Do I Download YouTube Videos Using SS?

You might be wondering what this YouTube ss trick does and how it can help you download YouTube videos. Well, this trick is made possible by the site developer. To give you a brief review, is one of the most visited browser video downloader sites to download YouTube videos offline. Like many other web-based tools available online, this site provides a smooth downloading process for its users by using the usual copy and paste method. But, what other users don't know about this site is that it also offers a quicker way to download YouTube videos. And this is by making use of its ss YouTube download trick. This trick allows you to download YouTube videos without accessing the online tool directly. Thus, making it easy for you to ss YouTube MP4 or ss YouTube MP3 without having a problem and free from charge.

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