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Easiest Ways on How to Share a YouTube Video on Instagram

feature share youtube video to instagramYouTube and Instagram are two of the most incredible photo and video-sharing platforms. Instagram has attained being the most well-known influencer marketing platform because of its versatility. It has over 1 billion users and also maintained an average engagement rate of 3%. On the other hand, YouTube is a more prominent platform with over 2 billion users than Instagram. Besides, it has a lot of content to offer. Within this platform, you can watch and enjoy tons of user-generated content, such as vlogs, tutorials, and trailers, to name a few. That’s why cross-posting content from YouTube to Instagram will be an excellent opportunity for you, especially if you want to maximize the user engagement on your Instagram account. So, if you want to know how to post YouTube video on Instagram, you have landed on the right page.

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We all know that Instagram and YouTube are both incredibly popular. However, you can only share Facebook videos on Instagram. Besides, Facebook limits Instagram towards user-generated content that came from other video-sharing sites like YouTube. That is why it isn’t easy to share YouTube video on Instagram. Fortunately, we made it possible for you by following the walkthroughs below.

Learn to Download YouTube Videos

Considering that there is no direct way on how to share a YouTube video on Instagram, you must first download the video. To do that, you need to use a YouTube downloader. There are several programs available on the internet that you can use to download YouTube videos without software. Feel free to try any means that can help you to download YouTube videos. But for this tutorial, we have used this VideoHunt Free Online Video Downloader. It’s a free web-based service and one of the reliable tools for downloading YouTube videos. What is great about this web-based tool is that it can download your video into MP4, which is one of the required video file types when uploading videos on Instagram. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the device you’re using since this tool is accessible on both computer and mobile devices. However, posting videos on Instagram can only be done within its official app. Therefore, we suggest that you use this online downloader directly on your mobile browser. Doing this will save time from transferring the YouTube video from your computer to your mobile device.

To learn how to download YouTube videos using the tool here’s a simple guide.

    • Launch your browser and visit the official YouTube site. Once there, look for the video you want to download and copy its URL link from the address bar.

share youtube video to instagram vh copy link

    • Next, open a new tab and type in Here, paste the URL link of the YouTube video and hit on the download icon.

share youtube video to instagram vh paste link

    • Once the link has been analyzed, click on the "Download" button, and you’ll see the available output quality format.
    • Choose the output quality format that you prefer by simply clicking on the “Download” icon beside it. Once clicked, it will direct you to a new tab.

share youtube video to instagram vh choose quality

    • Here, click on the kebab menu icon. Then, click "Download" to start saving the YouTube video on your device.

share youtube video to instagram vh download video

Adjust the YouTube Video for Instagram

Once you have downloaded the YouTube video, you are now one way to go to share YouTube video on Instagram. But before that, make sure that the YouTube video you have downloaded meets the requirements needed by Instagram. To know what those requirements are, we provided you with the table below.

Instagram Requirements in Uploading Video In-feed Videos Story Videos IGTV Videos
Video Length 1 minute 15 seconds 15 minutes (mobile device) and
60 minutes (web)
Video Resolution 1080p 1080p 1080p
Video File Type MP4 MP4 MP4
File Size Not Specified < 15MB 650MB or 3.6GB
Frame Rate 30 FPS 30 FPS 30 FPS
Aspect Ratio 9:16 (vertical video) and 16:9 (horizontal video) 9:16 (vertical video) and 16:9 (horizontal video) 9:16 (vertical video) and 16:9 (horizontal video)

If the video you've downloaded meets all of Instagram's video requirements, you can proceed to the next part. If not, you have to adjust the YouTube video first before posting it on your Instagram account. In most cases, the only tricky adjustment here is changing the video file format into MP4, which can be done using an MP4 converter tool. Nevertheless, if you've downloaded the YouTube video with the same tool we used here, there's no need for adjustments anymore.

Share and Post YouTube Video to Instagram

Learning how to post from YouTube to Instagram is the easiest, especially when you have downloaded a suitable YouTube video for Instagram on your computer or mobile devices. So in this part, we will show you three different methods to share YouTube videos on Instagram, including how to post a YouTube link on Instagram story.

Method 1: How to Post Video on Your Instagram Feed

If you upload the YouTube video to your Instagram feed, it can only be 60 seconds long. Luckily, there is a technique to get through Instagram's limited video length if you happen to download long videos from YouTube and want it to upload them on your Instagram feed. You can achieve this by creating a carousel post. A carousel post allows users to upload up to ten pictures or videos in a single post that other users can swipe through. If the YouTube video you've downloaded is longer than one minute, try trimming it up into individual clips that are no more than a minute long. You can accomplish this by editing the video through your phone’s gallery and save each segment as a separate clip.

share youtube video to instagram trim video

After that, open your Instagram app and tap on the + icon. To create a carousel post, tap on the carousel icon, which looks like multiple squares on top of each other. Then, select the YouTube videos you've trimmed into 1 minute long. Once done, simply tap "→" to continue.

share youtube video to instagram select video

Once you have previewed your carousel post, you can make more changes to it by adding filters, trimming, or setting a cover for each individual video depending on what you want. Just make sure to tap → again to proceed posting your carousel post on your Instagram feed.

share youtube video to instagram post video

Method 2: How to Post YouTube Link on Instagram Story

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow embedding YouTube links on its Instagram Story. It only allows you to post downloaded YouTube videos. Also, Instagram Stories have a 15-second time limit per Story. Therefore, if you want to share YouTube video on Instagram longer than 15 seconds, Instagram will automatically cut it into 15-second segments for you. Moreover, posting carousel videos on Instagram stories is also available, just like posting in Instagram feed. The only difference is that the one-minute videos will be chopped into 15-seconds segments so you can post them on your Instagram story. To do that, simply tap on “Your Story” and tap on the carousel icon to select multiple videos.

share youtube video to instagram igstory select

Once done, tap “Next” and then “Share” to proceed with posting the videos on your Instagram Story.

share youtube video to instagram igstory post

Method 3: How to Post Video on Instagram IGTV

If your goal is to post longer YouTube videos, then IGTV on Instagram will make it possible for you. IGTV is a feature within the Instagram app. By using this feature, you can upload videos that are between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long. However, if you're a verified Instagram user, the upload limit extends to 60 minutes. Posting videos on Instagram IGTV is not different from the first method. All you have to do is to share it as a long video and tap “Continue”. Then, choose a cover thumbnail and tap 'Next". Before posting, don't forget to add a title or short description of the video for your viewers. Once done, tap "Post to IGTV" to share the YouTube video on your Instagram account.

share youtube video to instagram igtv

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