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The Quickest Way to Play YouTube Video in VLC

Pay YouTube in Vlc YouTube is one of the most popular free online video streaming platforms in the world. Like other video streaming platforms, its users can watch different videos, including entertainment, music, and game shows. In addition, they can create and upload their videos to share with others. There are various ways to watch YouTube videos, and this includes VLC Media Player. VLC Player is a great open-source media player downloadable to various devices like personal computers and mobile phones. Moreover, it can play all video and audio formats together with MP4, MOV, AVI, and many more. Besides that, you can also play a video directly from YouTube to make your streaming experience hassle-free. To better understand ways on how to play YouTube video in VLC, continue to read the post below.

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Stream and Watch YouTube Video Using VLC

Initially, VLC is the world’s favourite player that supports a lot of file formats like MPEG, DVD-Video, supports streaming, and can optimize the video. Celebrating its 20 years, VLC released new and updated features like downloading and converting your videos from any video streaming platform, including YouTube. Furthermore, please follow the useful steps below to take on how to directly watch YouTube in VLC.

Key Features:

  • It is open-source software, and free updates are provided.
  • Multi-functional, it supports many formats of audio and video files.
  • It can be extended almost infinitely with downloadable plug-ins.
  • Step 1 Install VLC Media Player

    Install VLC Media Player on your computer. Click the "Download VLC" button to install it and follow the prompt on your screen. Finally, after completing the installation, you can now launch the VLC Media Player to access the main interface.

    Step 2 Search YouTube Video

    Then, open the YouTube video that you would like to watch in VLC and copy the address bar's link. After that, launch the VLC media player and click the "Media" tab and select "Open Network Stream" from the details that will appear on the screen.

    vlc step 2

    Step 3 Watch YouTube Video Using VLC

    Once done, paste the copied YouTube video link into the “Network Protocol” bar or URL box. Lastly, hit the “Play” button from the right bottom part of the VLC media player.

    Play YouTube Video on VLC Offline

    AceThinker Video Keeper is an all-in-one video downloader. We can rely on this tool to grab long videos or even movies. Also, it supports various formats, including MP4, AVI, MOV, and more. Another good thing about using a Video Keeper, it can serve as a video converter. It allows you to convert downloaded videos and audio files hassle-free to any regular format without limits and quality loss. To further learn more about its features, continue to scroll down and follow the steps written below.

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    Key Features:

  • It allows you to download all videos included in the playlist with its “Batch Downloading” features.
  • You can save videos from 1000+ streaming sites, including Dailymotion, Facebook, and more.
  • Allows you to record online streaming videos.
  • Lastly, you can save your videos in 4k quality.
  • Step 1 Download and Install the Software

    First, download AceThinker Video Keeper on your computer and click the right button depending on your computer compatibility. Next, run it and start following the guide and save it on your device. Once installed, launch it to access its main interface.

    tumblr video not working vk step1

    Step 2 Configure the Settings

    To change the video format that you want to download, open the “Settings” first with the “three dots” symbol that you can see below. Then, click the “Format” button to see the “download format” and choose MP4. After that, click the "OK" button, and you can now begin downloading your videos.

    Step 3 Download YouTube Video

    Now, visit YouTube on your web browser. Please search for the video that you want to download and copy its URL from the address bar. Once done, go back to AceThinker Video Keeper, hit the “Paste URL” button, and wait for the video keeper to finish downloading your video.

    vk youtube video step3

    Step 4 Locate Downloaded Files

    When finished, go to the “Completed” panel to check your downloaded videos. Right-click the video you wish to play and choose “Open Folder” to launch the output folder. By here, you can arrange your downloaded files according to your preference.

    vk locate files step4

    Step 5 Play YouTube on VLC

    Lastly, to play your downloaded YouTube video using VLC, right-click the video once. Then, click the “Open with” button from the options you can see on your screen. Finally, choose VLC Media Player, and it will automatically play your video.

    vk play step5

    How to Play Your Videos on VLC Android

    You can watch videos from your android devices with the use of VLC Android. It can play any audio and video files, network streams, and DVD ISOs. Furthermore, the Video Downloader app is not an exemption in downloading videos with high-quality features. The powerful download manager of this app allows you to pause and resume your downloads. Then, it also offers a built-in browser to access the website you want to visit easily. Please follow the steps provided below to understand how to play and download videos on android quickly

    Key Features:

  • You can play videos offline with the built-in player.
  • Offers users to add bookmarks for their favourite website.
  • You can resume failed downloads, and it allows you to save downloaded files in a password-protected folder.
  • Here are the steps that you need to follow to download and use Video Downloader:

  • To install the application, launch Google Play Store. Search for “Video Downloader” and select it. Tap the “Install” button to continue. Once installed, launch the application to access its main interface. Then, search YouTube from the URL bar.
  • From here, browse the video that you want to download. Click the “Download” button and wait for the application to finish. Finally, open VLC and access your gallery to find the downloaded YouTube video and play it there.
  • android alternative

    Troubleshoot VLC YouTube Not Working

    There are some occasions that you might encounter some errors in streaming YouTube videos using VLC. If you have experienced some crashing videos and other instances like videos from YouTube are not working in VLC. Then, you might want to follow the steps given below to help you with these errors. Here, we will provide you with some techniques to fix VLC if it’s not playing YouTube videos. Continue scrolling down to learn about these tips.

    1. Adjust the Value of File Caching

    Open the VLC media player first to access its main interface. Choose the “Tools” options, then click “Preferences” to go to the settings window.


    Click the "All" button on the lower-left corner to see the advanced settings. Then, click the "Input/Codecs" menu, browse the "File Caching" on the window settings' ride side, and set it to 800. Once finished, press the "Save" button to keep the changes.


    2. Disable Hardware

    Next, go to the “Input/Codecs” menu. Then, click the “Dropdown” menu to see the list and click the “Disable” button. Then, click “Save” to store the changes.

    3. Change the Threading Value

    On the preference settings window, click the "All" button to preview the advanced settings and choose the “Input/Codecs” menu.

    Then, to expand the list options of the tool, click the “Video Codecs” button. From here, click “FFmpeg” to change the value of “Threads” into 2. When everything is complete, click “Save” to save the changes.


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