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5 Ways to Find Music from a YouTube Video

identify songs in YouTubeFinished watching a video on YouTube and liked a track playing in the background? Guess what, we all have been there. Now you must be wondering did we ever come to know about the song then. Don’t worry because we did. Now it’s your turn to find music from YouTube videos you liked. We have compiled a list for you that contains all of the tried and tested methods by us which now you can use to find songs in YouTube videos. Go through the article, where we have explained everything precisely to identify music in YouTube videos for your ease. To detect a song in a YouTube video, you need to be a little smart and be patient. Here we have some amazing ways you can check out.

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Check the Description of YouTube Video

What people tend to forget while they go on a hunt to identify the song in a YouTube video is to check the description box of that particular video. Most often the songs in the video are listed below in the description. It is because YouTube systematically adds the information for the copyrighted and licensed music. This allows the owners of the music to claim for their content. To check for the song in the description follow the User Guide carefully.

User Guide:

  • Go to YouTube and find the video which has the music you are looking for.
  • Below the video is its description box, click on Show more to open the entire description for the video.
  • You will scroll down and see Music in this video which will show you the name of the songs with their artists. If there are multiple songs, they might not be in the order they play in the video. You will have to check for yourself to identify which one of them you are looking for.
  • Lastly, click on the song. If it’s available on YouTube you will get straight to it.

method 1 music finder

Search the Song by its Lyrics

If you didn’t find the song in the description box for the video, don’t worry, because you can still detect the song in the YouTube video. All you have to do is carefully listen to the lyrics of the song. Search the lyrics on Google. It works effortlessly most of the time but in case, if you couldn’t find the song. You can try to find the song through YouTube video music finder which is Find Music by Lyrics. ​It is a search engine for lyrics that give you the results for the lyrics of songs just like Google. The only problem that persists is that it is not efficient enough to find the cover songs if that’s what you are looking for, as many creators tend to use covers for the famous songs in their videos.

In that case:

  • Once you find the original song. Go on Google and search for the song title with ‘cover’ in the search box and you will get a list of covers made for that song.
  • Listen to them and see if you find the same song among them.

find music by lyrics

Check/Ask in the Comments Section of the Video

We are sure you won’t be the only one trying to detect a song in a YouTube video you just heard. People love exploring new music. For that, you need to check the comment section of the video. You can simply do this by scrolling through the comments there. On the other hand, you can simply press Ctrl+F in Windows and Cmd+F on Mac to open the search box option for that webpage. Type the Keyword or the song in the finder; this will skim you through the comments that are related to the name of the song. If this doesn't work you can use YouTube music identifier which is YTCommentFinder website. Although it is not well made but allows you to search the comments of the video easily. You will simply need to paste the URL of the video and then look for the related comments. Lastly, you can also comment and ask for the song in the comment section. It is a possibility that the creator or any viewer knows it and will answer you.


YouTube Music Identifier

If you often come across videos that have pleasant music playing in the background and you are always on a quest to identify music in YouTube video then you must lookup for the YouTube video music finder add-ons and applications. Here we will discuss two of them:

AHA Music

Chrome is the most commonly used browser and if you are a chrome user looking for a YouTube video song finder then you should know about AHA music for Chrome which is completely free. It is an exclusive extension for chrome and allows you to identify the music you are looking for quite easily. Next time you want to recognize the song from YouTube, tap on the icon for add-on and let it run. It will identify the song you are playing. It also keeps a record of the history of identified tracks from YouTube.

AHA music extension

Shazam App for Your Mobile

Shazam app is another popular opinion for YouTube video music finder with over 100 million users every month. It is a simple app and yet so convenient to identify music in YouTube videos. Firstly, you will need to download and install the app on your phone. It is designed to be used on both Android and iOS devices. If you want to know about the song playing in a YouTube video while you are streaming on your PC. All you have to do is launch the app on your mobile phone and hold it close to the speakers of your PC. Once the song starts playing, it will recognize the song from YouTube instantly. On the other hand, if you are watching a video on your phone you can use a Pop-up mode for Android and Auto Shazam on iPhone.

For Android:

  • Firstly, after you have installed the app, launch it and go to the library.
  • Then, tap Settings option. There you will find an option for Pop-up Shazam.
  • You will enable it and when you play the next song, the pop-up will appear on your screen. Just hold it while the song is playing and Shazam will tell you what song it is.

For iPhone:

  • Go to the Shazam application.
  • Tap n hold the button on the main interface of the application to turn on the Auto Shazam mode.
  • Then you will go to any app; YouTube for instance and play the video. This will identify the music playing in the YouTube video.


Ask the Professional in Forum

If you are still unable to find music from YouTube video, we think you should ask people in special forums or discussion groups. These groups have innumerable members who have this immense love for music. There are chances that any of them might have the knowledge related to the music you want to know about. Some of these groups might be from Reddit or Facebook. Let us tell you beforehand that you will require accounts for both of the platforms to post your query in their groups. Here are some groups you can check out:


name that song reddit


tip of my tounge reddit

There is another dedicated community to identify music without any need of an account which is WatZatSong where you can post a sample of the tune you wish to identify. All of these forums will surely help you but, you should try to find the music yourself with the above-given methods before you ask them. To make it easier for them, you can use a trick for URL. All you have to do is play the video and pause it at the point where the song starts. You will simply right-click on the video and then click ‘Copy video URL at current time’ This will help the people on the forums to get a clear idea of which music in the video you are trying to identify. It also increases the chances of getting an accurate answer right away.

wat zat song


There are many ways available on the internet to detect songs in YouTube videos. But sometimes people still are unable to identify the song they are looking for. This is the reason; we have compiled some useful ways which will help you find songs in YouTube videos. If you are also struggling to find the music, don’t worry at all; just try any of the solutions we gave above in the article. We are hopeful that you will surely be able to find music from YouTube videos by using the method that suits your requirement.

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