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Top 3 Ways to Download YouTube Videos without Software

featured image download youtube videos without softwareWe all know that YouTube is the biggest video platform on the internet. Most people visit here to search for music, videos, etc. The best way to kill our time is to visit YouTube and watch different genres you like anytime when you are at work, traveling alone, waiting in a lobby, etc. Whatever the case we have, we always prefer to have an internet connection or mobile data to have unlimited access to whatever we want to watch. But, have you ever thought that watching without the internet would be great? Yes! Because you don’t have to worry about your connection speed, and you wouldn’t be bothered by the distractive ads anymore. Here, in this article, we will show you the great ways to download YouTube videos without software. These methods can help you save your time and energy to download your favorite video to watch. With just a few steps, you can get it and save it on your device.

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Top 3 Reliable Ways to Download YouTube Videos

1. Use Smart Method to Download YouTube Videos

Distinctive Features: Not only you can download YouTube videos, but you can also convert YouTube to MP3.

One of the efficient ways to download YouTube videos without software installation is to use the PP method. This trick belongs to Y2mate, which is one of the excellent video downloaders on the internet. This online app provides high-quality video resolution that is ranging up to 1080p. Once you follow this method, it will redirect you to its official page. All you have to do is to add “pp” on its link. That’s relatively easy, right? This is why it is regarded as one of the quickest and the best free YouTube downloaders that you can access online. why Take a look at the steps below to understand the instructions further.

Step 1 Search Video on YouTube

Open your browser and search for the video you want to download on YouTube.

y2mate download youtube step 1

Step 2 Add “pp” on the link address

Click the video and play it. While playing, go to the URD address and add “pp” on YouTube before the “.com”

y2mate download youtube step 2

Step 3 Download YouTube Video

After adding “pp” on the link address, Hit enter, and it will lead you to the official page where you can see all the details about your video. As you can on the picture below, you will have an option for file format and quality after choosing the best options. Click the download button.

y2mate download youtube step 3

2. Use Web-based Tool to Acquire YouTube Videos

Distinctive Features: It is compatible with Mac users and Windows. And support all web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE, and Safari.

Another tool that does not require any installation or plug-in is VideoHunt Free Online Video Downloader. What makes it unique from the first tool is that you cannot only download videos from YouTube, but also download from any popular websites like Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and 1000+ websites. This URL downloader is also considered one of the fastest YouTube downloader to get your video on the internet. With just a few steps, you can get your video. Follow the easy steps below to download YouTube videos without any software.

Step 1 Access the VideoHunt Free Online Video Downloader

To download YouTube videos without software installation, simply hit on the link provided from the description above. With just a few simple steps, you can download your video for free.

vfovd download youtube step 1

Step 2 Search Video on YouTube

To start your download YouTube videos without installing software, open another tab and find the video you want to download on YouTube. After that, click the video and copy the link.

vfovd download youtube step 2

Step 3 Paste the Link

After copying the link, go back to the page of VideoHunt Free Online Video Downloader and paste the link on the search bar. After pasting the link, the search bar will automatically find the video and get it ready to download.

vfovd download youtube step 3

Step 4 Choose format

Once the video is already present, click the download button on the right side of the video to choose the format and quality you need. After selecting the best quality and format, click the download button from any of the options. Then another window will open where you can see the 3-dot icon.

vfovd download youtube step 4

Step 5 Download Youtube Video Without Software Installation

After clicking the download button, another window will open where you can see the 3-dot icon. For the final step, click the icon and hit download. Within a few seconds, your video will be saved on your device. Then you can now enjoy your favorite video.

vfovd download youtube step 5

3. Download YouTube Videos with Browser Extension

Distinctive Features: Minimalist, and simple download button.

Suppose you want to download YouTube videos without installing software every time you are on YouTube. In that case, you better get a browser extension. Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express is a simple extension that is very easy to use. Besides, it provides superfast download and has many output formats to offer like MP3, MP4, FLV, and more. Moreover, it can give you better quality for up to 1080p. This extension is for Firefox Browser only. To better understand the process, see the steps below to have a successful download.

Step 1 Download and Install the Browser extension

To download YouTube video without software installation, first, open your Firefox browser. Then, search for a browser extension or click here to download the Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express. When you get on its page, click the “Add to browser,” then, a prompt will appear, and click “add,” and the extension will automatically launch.

eytvde install extension step 1

Step 2 Browse on YouTube

After launching the extension, go to YouTube and search for any video you want to download. Refresh the page then you will see the additional green option on the left side position of “subscribe.”

eytvde browse on youtube step 2

Step 3 Save the YouTube Video

After choosing what video to download, click the green download option to see the available output file. After selecting a format file, you just have to click it and save it on your computer device.

eytvde save youtube video step 3

Comparison Chart

Methods/Solution PP Method Acethinker Browser Extension
Output Format MP4, 3GP, MP3 MP4, MP3 MP4, MP3
Video Quality Up to 1080p Up to 480p Up to 720p
Web browser Support Limited All web browser Firefox only
Download Process Quiet Fast Fast Quiet Slow
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