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Tools to Download YouTube 1080p Videos on Windows/Mac

featured image download youtube 1080p mac windows YouTube still remains one of the best platforms to get amazing, fun and interesting videos. This streaming platform offer videos on different topics, niche, industry, and more. You can find almost any kind of video that interests you on YouTube. Another interesting thing about YouTube is that it supports streaming in different qualities, including full HD or 1080p. However, it would be best if you had a strong internet connection to play and enjoy videos in 1080p. Downloading 1080p videos from YouTube to view later is a better idea instead of streaming them. It is not easy to download videos from YouTube; some software can make this task easy, but not all support video downloads in 1080p. In this article, you will be introduced to the software that can download YouTube 1080p videos on Windows or Mac.

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Video Keeper – The Best YouTube 1080p Downloader

Compatibility: Mac and Windows
Unique features: Built-in browser to watch and save videos from YouTube without leaving the platform.
Supported platforms: More than 100 websites.
Multi-thread Download: Supported

Not only can you download 1080p videos from YouTube using AceThinker Video Keeper, but you can also use it to download 4k videos. This tool supports multi-thread to download, and it maximizes the full bandwidth of your internet connection, so downloads are 3-times faster. Another exciting feature is that you can download YouTube playlist completely using this tool with a few clicks. You can also save the audio from a video on your device in MP3 format. Continue reading to know how to use AceThinker Video Keeper to download YouTube 1080p videos.

Step 1 Install Video keeper

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Click here to download the installer on your Mac or Windows device. Install the software by following the instructions on the setup wizard. Launch the app once the installation is complete.

vk main interface step2

Step 2 Download 1080p YouTube Video

Open your browser once you are done with the setup and visit YouTube. Please search for the video you want to save from YouTube, ensure you pay the video in 1080p so you can download it without losing the quality of the video. Copy the URL from the address bar. Open the downloader, paste the URL link in the search bar or click on the “Plus” icon. Click on “More” and chose 1080- from the available video quality. Lastly, hit “Download” to save the video.

Vk search and download step3

Step 3 Play downloaded 1080p video

Once the download is complete, click on the “Downloaded” panel located on the left side of the interface to see the file you downloaded. Right-click on the downloaded video, and click “Play” to view it.

vk play the video step4


  • It can be used to download videos from Twitter, Facebook and more.
  • You can pause and resume video downloads.

  • Cannot save more than three videos in a day on the free trial version.

4k Video Downloader (Windows & Mac)

Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Linus OS
Unique features: It has a “Smart Mode” feature that can be used for preset configurations. The configurations will apply to your next video download.
Supported websites: About 20
Multi-thread Download: Not supported

4K Video Downloader is another exciting software you can use to download 1080p YouTube videos. You can easily download YouTube channels and playlists using this software. One of the interesting features of this app is that it automatically downloads the latest uploads from a YouTube channel you subscribed to. The app can also extract or download subtitles and embed them into your downloads. Users can transfer their downloads straight to their iTunes library using 4K Video Downloader. Additionally, the software can save 3D footage and play on your device without reducing its quality. However, there is a limit to the number of videos you can download from a YouTube playlist; you can only download 25 videos.

4kvideo-downloader smart mode edited


  • Supports 4k video download, depending on the clip.
  • Supports videos formats that can be played on iOS and Android smartphone.

  • Too many pop-up ads on the interface if using the trial version.

Video DownloadHelper (Browser Extension)

Compatibility: Firefox browser
Unique feature: Download video on your device using DownloadHelper browser extension without leaving the YouTube page
Supported websites: More than 50 supported websites
Multi-thread Download: Not supported

Need an easy way to download 1080p YouTube videos, use Video DownloadHelper; it is a browser extension that supports video downloads from different streaming websites. When you install this extension on your browser, it detects the video you are streaming. When the video is available for download, an icon will pop up. You can use Video DownloadHelper on your Windows, Linux, and Mac PC since it is a browser extension. This tool can also be used to download pictures from several photo viewing sites.

video downloader helper


  • The size of the extension is small; it uses less than 1MB of your device storage.
  • Enjoy video downloads for free without any limit.

  • This extension is also available on chrome, but you cannot use it to download YouTube videos on Chrome browser.

ClipConverter (Online App)

Compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other web browsers.
Unique feature: You can use the web-based app to download and convert YouTube videos simultaneously.
Supported website: Around 20 websites.
Multi-thread Download: Not Allowed.

The ClipConverter online app is a nice tool if you don’t want to install any additional software on your device. You can choose the format and quality of the YouTube video you want to download. This app allows you to download YouTube videos for free, and it supports formats like MP3, AVI, MP4, and more. The drawback of this tool is that is the main page has too many ads. You may be redirected to a different tab when trying to download a clip. This feature is common for free apps; that is how they make money. But if you think these annoying ads will ruin your downloading experience, there are still ClipConverter alternatives you can find online. Make sure to check them out!

clip converter interface


  • Convert videos already saved on your device.
  • Offers a browser add-on version that allows a more efficient download of YouTube videos.

  • This tool only supports a few websites, unlike other YouTube video downloaders.

iTube HD Downloader (Mac)

Compatibility: Mac OS
Unique Features: You can download 1080p videos on this app, and the premium version supports download up to 4k UHD.
Supported websites: More than 10,000 website.
Multi-thread Download: Available.

iTube HD Downloader is one of the best online video downloaders for Mac PC. This multi-purpose tool can be used to convert and transfer your YouTube downloads to your iOS device.
This tool has a “Turbo Mode” function that speeds up video download (3x faster). The app also supports multiple downloads; you can copy different URLs from YouTube and download them simultaneously. It also has an in-built media player, in which you can organize your files and create a playlist. Another interesting feature of this tool is that you can protect your files with a password.

itube hd downloader interface


  • Built-in media player to access videos directly.
  • In-built recorder to screen record your PC screen.

  • You will have to purchase a license to have access to all features, such as downloading and converting videos at the same time.


You see, many YouTube 1080p downloaders are available online, and you can use them for your downloading needs. We best picked up for you the best here. Any of them is simple to use. However, suppose you want to download YouTube videos 1080p and convert them daily or weekly. In that case, desktop counterparts such as AcenThinker Video Keeper can be a better choice.

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