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Best Way to Download Deleted YouTube Video

featured image download deleted youtube video YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine and the most popular social media platform after Facebook. It has more than 1.9 billion users, and almost 500 watch hours are uploaded every minute. Any type of content you search for is already there on YouTube, be it cooking tutorials, linear algebra lessons, and even crazy videos of popular car crashes. People are starting to like video content as it is intriguing, intuitive, and fun to watch. However, all videos are uploaded by channel owners, and they can be deleted at any time, regardless of the likes and comments they have. Let’s say you watched a recipe to cook Christmas cookies. You decided to pin it so you can watch it again and cook accordingly. But when you search for the video again, it is not there. Deleted and vanished, out of thin air. What are you going to do? You can either whine about it or retrieve it. There are times when you want to watch the downloaded YouTube videos. Luckily, we have a solution- to download deleted YouTube videos. But how?

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How to Download Deleted YouTube Videos with URL

Upset about a deleted YouTube video you can’t access? Don’t worry! AceThinker Video Keeper has got you covered. It is a responsive, user-friendly, and responsive tool created to download deleted YouTube videos with URLs at ultra-fast speed. As compared to other tools, it is comparatively easy to use. It displays results in lesser time and has an easy sidebar menu. You can navigate through popular sites through the tool to download and play deleted YouTube videos with URL. Other than that, you can paste the URL directly to retrieve the video. AceThinker’s library specifically separates videos, audio, and subtitles from each other. Navigate through the downloaded videos and play as many times as you like. As a top-rated and fastest YouTube downloader, it allows the user to download videos from more than 1000 websites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Dailymotion. Moreover, it helps you to download the whole YouTube playlist with a huge number of videos. Download multiple videos at once and enjoy the seamless experience, free of cost.

In today’s guide, you will learn how to download deleted YouTube videos with URLs. Let’s jump to the method right away!

Step 1 Install a YouTube downloader

First of all, you need a video recovery tool to download removed YouTube videos. Within a few clicks and a little bit of navigation, you can download the tool, install and launch it right away. Use any browser to install the best deleted YouTube video downloader. After the installation process finishes, start the software, get familiarized, and set the interface language for easy use. You can also change the video resolution and directory settings.

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Step 2 Locate the deleted YouTube video

Most of the tools give you 2 choices to locate and download the removed YouTube videos. Firstly, you can use the search bar. All you have to do is paste the YouTube video URL and let the tool search for your video. Or, for a better outcome, you may get the code of the video on the link and paste it to the search input. Secondly, you can use the built-in browser search to find the deleted YouTube video. Click on ‘search’ and let the deleted YouTube video downloader do its work. It will analyze and display the relevant result with 2 to 3 options buttons. You can either add the video to your library, play the deleted YouTube video or download it. You can add the video to your playlist as well. However, our goal is to download deleted YouTube videos.

vk download deleted video step 2

Step 3 Download removed YouTube video

Click the ‘download’ button on the drop-down menu to download the video. After downloading the menu, go to the menu, library, and then to the downloaded videos. Click play, and you would be able to play YouTube on Windows media player countless times.

vk download deleted video step 3

Methods to Find and Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

YouTube users remove videos without any prior notification to the subscribers. So, don’t get overwhelmed if you do not find a video you just watched yesterday. Don’t get sad about losing some of your favorite videos. If you still remember the YouTube account or the title of the video, you can watch it again. Below are the methods that we vouch for:

How to watch deleted YouTube videos with URL online

  • The very first thing you should do is open YouTube. You are not going to find the video there; however, you still have to log in and search for the video. It will help you get the video’s URL. If you do not remember the title or the account name, you can check out the ‘liked videos’ or find the URL in your history. Keep the page open and go to

waybackmachine download deleted youtube videos

  • Once you open its home page, you would see many icons with a ‘go’ button. Now, go back to the previous page and copy the deleted YouTube video’s URL from the webpage’s address box. After that, open and paste the URL into the search box
  • Hit the ‘search’ button or click on the browser history after pasting the URL. This site will then show you the deleted video. If you wish to download deleted videos from YouTube, there is a tool for this purpose as well

How to watch deleted YouTube videos without the link

The creator of the video might have removed the YouTube video, but if the video was popular, you could still watch it on other YouTube channels or social media platforms that might have shared it. Use the power of the internet and search thoroughly. If you still can’t find it, you need the title to watch it again. Download a video keeper tool that allows you to watch videos that have been permanently deleted from YouTube. After installation, go back to YouTube and fetch the title of the video. YouTube video keeper tool is robust and allows you to watch deleted videos with and without a link. If you do not have the link, you have to type the title and hit the search button. It will take a few minutes to analyze and display relevant results


YouTube videos rightfully belong to their owners, and they have permission from the platform to remove them whenever they want to. However, it creates a mess for those who have been longing to watch those videos again. If you are sad over a deleted video, don’t be as we have mentioned the right solutions that work 100%.

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