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How to Download YouTube Video Blocked in Country

feature download blocked youtube videoYouTube is the largest and one of the most popular video-sharing websites on the internet by far. Since its establishment in 2005, YouTube has captured many people's hearts. That's why it would not be surprising that YouTube became the second most visited site with more than 1 billion logged-in active users every month. The video-sharing platform allows users to watch, like, comment, upload, and share any media content. It is an infinite source of videos to satisfy any taste imaginable. However, there are moments when we want to download a specific YouTube video, but it's blocked. All you can see is "This video may be inappropriate for some users" or "The uploader has not made this video in your country." These messages occur because YouTube automatically limits users if the footage contains anything unsuitable for the viewers. Also, due to restrictions imposed by the region's local legislation. It seems unfortunate since you cannot watch blocked YouTube videos, but don't be dismayed. This article will provide you with different tools to help you download YouTube videos blocked in your country so you can watch them offline. To know more about these tools, let's get started.

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How to Download Blocked YouTube Videos Online Using VPN

Before you can download country-restricted YouTube videos, you must first know how using VPN can help you do so. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can assist you in convincing YouTube to grant you access to otherwise blocked content. A VPN encrypts and routes all of your online traffic through a secondary server. The trick here is that you get to select the server's location. Your actual IP address is then changed with one from that location. For example, if you're in the Philippines and connect to a US VPN server from home, you'll obtain a US IP address, and YouTube will think you're in the US. Because of the encryption, no snoopers, such as network administrators, internet service providers, or hackers, will be able to see what you're engaging online. Now, here's the catch. You can download free VPNs online; three of them are Hotspot Shield Free VPN, Betternet VPN, and SkyVPN. Select what is a suitable VPN provider for you and install it on your device. Otherwise, you can make use of the built-in VPN on your Windows 10 computer and make sure to turn it on.

download blocked youtube video enable vpn

Once you’re done setting up your VPN, you can now use a tool to help you save the blocked YouTube video on your device. In this matter, allow us to introduce a YouTube blocked video downloader online called VideoHunt Free Online Video Downloader. This tool is an all-in-one web-based application that can provide all of your YouTube video downloading demands. It offers a 100% secure and ads-free download experience. Besides, it requires no registration, and all video downloads are available for free. To know more about this online tool, here are its key features.

  • Since it is a free web-based application, it will allow users to download YouTube videos without software.
  • Compatible with most web browsers, including Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, and more.
  • Capable of converting YouTube videos into MP4 and MP3 format with a list of preferred output qualities.

Follow the steps provided below to download YouTube videos that are blocked in your country using the online tool.

Step 1 Copy The URL of The Blocked YouTube Video

Launch your browser and visit the YouTube site. Make sure to set up and enable your VPN, as we mentioned above, so that you can view the blocked YouTube video. Once done, copy the URL of the YouTube video from the browser's address bar.

download blocked youtube video vfovd step1

Step 2 Paste the Video Link Into the Online Tool

Next, open a new tab and access the web-based YouTube blocked video downloader online. Here, paste the link of the YouTube video on the URL box. Then, click on the download icon and let the tool analyze the link.

download blocked youtube video vfovd step2

Step 3 Choose Your Preferred Quality Output

After the link has been analyzed, hit the "Download" button to access the available output quality format options you want to download your video. Click the "Download" button next to the output quality format that you prefer. Once clicked, it will direct you to a new tab.

download blocked youtube video vfovd step3

Step 4 Download the Blocked YouTube Video

Here, click on the three vertical dots menu icon beneath the right corner of the video. Then, click "Download" so that the download process will begin instantly. Once downloaded, you can now stream the YouTube video offline.

download blocked youtube video vfovd step4

The input URL box can act as a search engine for a faster way of downloading YouTube videos.

Two Ways to Download Banned YouTube Videos with Proxy

Another way to download YouTube video not available in your country is to use a proxy. A proxy serves as a gateway, making it suitable for fundamental operations such as anonymous online surfing and controlling (or bypassing) content restrictions. Interestingly, there are video downloaders that have this functionality. That’s why on this part, we’ll introduce you to two video downloaders that can help you download blocked YouTube videos.

1. Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader is a freeware desktop application you can rely on to download videos online. With this tool, you can download blocked YouTube videos in different output formats that you want, such as AVI, WMV, MP4, WebM, and more. It supports batch downloading; that’s why it is possible to download or queue multiple videos at once. Apart from that, users have the capability to reduce the bandwidth consumed by the tool in case the internet connection is unstable. And of course, one of its features that is worth mentioning is the capability to download geo-restricted YouTube videos using its proxy functionality. You can unblock and save unavailable videos, examine the download history, and pause and recover corrupted stored clips using the proxy. To know how to use this feature to download blocked YouTube videos online, refer to the guide below.

  • Get the tool by clicking on this link. Then, open the downloaded setup file and hit the "Next" button to install the tool on your computer. Once done, launch the tool.
  • Navigate to the "File Options" from the tool's main interface and go to the "Connection" tab. Here, click the "Enable proxy" option. Don't forget to hit "OK" to save to apply the changes.
  • Now, copy the link to a restricted video that you are unable to save from the YouTube website. Then, return to the tool and hit the "Paste URL" button.
  • Once the link has been analyzed, a new window will appear. Here, select a format and one of the available qualities from the list based on your preference.
  • Finally, choose a destination folder where you want the blocked YouTube video to save. Afterward, click the blue "Download" button to start the download process.

download blocked youtube video freemake interface

2. 4K Video Downloader

Another tool that you have to look forward to is the 4K Video Downloader. It is also a desktop tool that can help you to download region-blocked YouTube videos. This software has a user-friendly interface making the download process uncomplicated and hassle-free. With this tool, you can save complete channels and playlists from YouTube in high quality and various video or audio formats. It has an in-app proxy setup where you can set up connections and bypass restrictions to download from YouTube and other websites. What’s more interesting about the 4K Video Downloader is the capability to download annotations and subtitles along with YouTube videos. Moreover, it supports “Smart Mode,” where you can activate from the tool and apply preferable settings for an easier and faster way of downloading videos online.

Here's how to download blocked YouTube videos through the use of the Proxy Server of the tool.

  • Click on this link to quickly acquire the installer of the tool. Make sure to save the right installer based on what OS you're using. Once downloaded, install the tool and then launch it afterward.
  • At the menu tab, head on to the "Tools" and then "Preferences." From here, open the "Connection" tab and check the Proxy Enabled box.
  • Now, select the protocol type from the drop-down list by clicking the field underneath the proxy checkbox. The HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 protocols are all supported by the program.
  • After that, fill in the required information from the "Server," "Port," "Login," and "Password" fields. Once finished, close the "Preference" window.
  • At last, copy the link to the blocked YouTube video. Then, paste it from the tool by clicking the "Paste Link" button. Select the format and quality that you prefer, and hit "Download."

download blocked youtube video 4Kvideodownloader interface

Comparison Chart

Tools Supported Websites Can Download Private YouTube Video? OS Compatibility Available Output Quality
VideoHunt Free Online Video Downloader YouTube, Dailymotion, Vevo, Vimeo, Metacafe, and other similar sites. No Windows, Mac, and Android. SD up to 720p HD quality.
Freemake Video Downloader YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch, and other popular video-streaming sites. No Windows and Mac. SD up to 4K UHD quality.
4K Video Downloader YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. Yes Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and Android. SD up to 8K UHD quality.
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