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10 Anime Sites to Watch Subbed Anime This 2022

feature watch subbed animeAnime is primarily Japanese animated content, and the Japanese Anime aesthetic is very different from that of Pixar, DreamWorks, and other Animation studios. Anime is a constrained animation technique that allows Japanese creators to generate a large number of episodes with complex character designs. One of the fundamental reasons Anime is so popular is its distinct art style. Due to its popularity, the number of Anime viewers is increasing worldwide. With that juncture, subbed Anime is made possible. Subbed Anime meaning is simple to understand. It is an Anime series broadcast with its original Japanese voice acting and subtitles in another language at the bottom of the screen, usually English. Fanatics who believe that an Anime series should not be altered from its original version prefer Anime shows in subbed. With that being said, we listed all the top sites to watch free subbed Anime shows. Scroll down below to get started!

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The Best 10 Sites to Watch Anime with Subtitles

1. Funimation

Available Anime Genre: Action, Fantasy Dementia, Military, and other 23+ genres.
Available Streaming Servers: The site supports three distinctive streaming servers.
Mirror Websites: None.

Funimation is one of the websites for watching subbed Anime. It gained popularity through its affiliates, including Crunchyroll, FunimationNow, Funimation UK, and two more sites. What is attractive about this site is that Funimation gives users an exquisite interface and a fresh release of Anime movies and series. Although the site is well-known in East Asia to watch dubbed Anime, it is also the best place to view subtitled Anime. Additionally, this platform creates PlayStation programs that allow users to watch thousands of Anime series. Aside from that, Funimation is known for its Anime games and products. Although you cannot stream dubbed Anime for free, you can buy it in their shop and other Anime products such as Manga.

watch subbed anime funimation interface

2. KissAnime

Available Anime Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Fantasy, and other 36+ genres.
Available Streaming Servers: Vidstreaming, StreamSB, Doodstream, Mixdrop, and eight other streaming servers.
Mirror Websites:,, and

KissAnime is one of the biggest online platforms that allow you to view subbed Anime for free. This platform offers an extensive collection of free Anime content to stream online without the need for registration. Among the numerous Anime content options available on the site are movies, TV series, and even cartoons. This service is even more fascinating because it allows you to download Anime shows for offline viewing. As a result, it is not surprising that the site accumulated 10.4 million monthly visitors. This fantastic website also offers a list of vintage and current Anime series. Anime programs are also accessible in dubbed versions for non-Japanese Anime fans.

watch subbed anime kissanime interface

3. Chia-Anime

Available Anime Genre: Ninja, Aliens, Demons, Sports, and other 43+ genres.
Available Streaming Servers: The site is supported by the JW Player.
Mirror Websites: and

Chia-Anime is one of the top free sites to stream subbed Anime. Since 2009, Anime lovers have been hooked on Chia-Anime since it broadcasts the best Anime series in HD quality, including Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, and One Piece. It ensures that you can easily stream the most recent and all-time favorite Anime episodes. This is possible since users can already watch the Anime episode on Chia-Anime one hour after it airs in Japan. Moreover, Chia-Anime not only provides a free platform for users to watch high-quality Anime and read engaging Manga, but it also provides Anime soundtracks. In addition, the site has a unique feature that keeps you updated on the most recent and popular Anime at the time. Dubbed Anime shows are also available on Chia-Anime.

watch subbed anime chia-anime interface

4. Anime-Planet

Available Anime Genre: Supernatural, Violence, Afterlife, Fantasy, and other 29+ genres.
Available Streaming Servers: Anime-Planet has a streaming server dedicated only for the site.
Mirror Websites: No other mirror sites.

Anime-Planet is one of the most popular sites to watch Anime with subtitles and does not contain advertisements. Anime-planet is a fantastic resource for all Anime watchers and enthusiasts worldwide. In addition to viewing free subbed and dubbed Anime online, Anime-Planet also allows you to read Manga and keep you up with the latest Anime series, movies, games, and more. This website is entirely legal, and you will receive various video recommendations depending on your viewing activities. More interesting about Anime-Planet is that it allows you to stream free Anime content in 8 different subtitles after signing up. You can even create a customized watch list to keep track of the Anime you want to watch.

watch subbed anime anime-planet interface

5. Soul Anime

Available Anime Genre: Swordplay, Sci-Fi, Ecchi, Mystery, and other 26+ genres.
Available Streaming Servers: Server Hydrax, Xsteamcdn, StreamSB, and three other streaming servers.
Mirror Websites: It has no other mirror links.

Soul Anime is a secure Anime streaming website where you can watch subbed Anime all for free. This Anime website displays the season's most recent Anime shows, including movies and series. Soul Anime offers high-quality Anime movies and series. Aside from watching subbed Anime shows, you can also watch English animation episodes, which means you will not need subtitles to comprehend them. Furthermore, the website contains a part where you can view animated films at any time and in excellent resolution. It also offers a section to share your thoughts on various Anime characters.

watch subbed anime soul anime interface

6. AnimeFreak

Available Anime Genre: Samurai, School, Gourmet, Mecha, and 47+ other genres.
Available Streaming Servers: Mcloud and VidStream.
Mirror Websites: and

Anime Freak is another best Anime streaming site to view subbed Anime online. The best part of the website is that it is entirely free to access. As the name suggests, this site is made for Anime freaks addicted to watching Anime shows. AnimeFreak has more than 10,000 Anime shows episodes available as subbed and dubbed. The platform's daily updates regarding the latest Anime shows and manga are consistent. Besides, you can chat with the community and leave a message if you have problems with streaming or video errors and link damage.

watch subbed anime animefreak interface

7. 4Anime

Available Anime Genre: Kids, Shoujo, Harem, Romance, and 39+ other genres.
Available Streaming Servers: Vidcloud, Vidstreaming, StreamSB, and Streamtape.
Mirror Websites:,, and

4anime is a significant Anime website where you can watch all of your favorite Anime shows in subbed and dubbed. The website's contents are well-organized so that you can quickly navigate through them. It gives high-quality material to the viewers. Most importantly, it notifies you of the release dates of all of the most recent Anime shows. As a result, you will receive frequent updates via alerts, and you will not have to miss another episode of your favorite Anime show. Furthermore, Anime lovers enjoy 4Anime because of its high compatibility with small screens and efficient streaming performance. It also has an advanced search filter to search Anime in a specific genre, year, language, status, season, and more.

watch subbed anime 4anime interface

8. 9Anime

Available Anime Genre: Military, Slice of Life, Vampire, Gender Bender, and 44 other genres.
Available Streaming Servers: Streamtape, Vidstreaming, Vidcloud, and StreamSB.
Mirror Websites:,,, and

If there is 4Anime, there is also this Anime site called 9Anime. This site is one of the best Anime sites to watch subbed Anime for many Anime buffs. It became a go-to place for various Anime fans since it provides high-resolution, well-organized navigations and quick updates. The site allows you to search your favorite Anime by rate, country, language, year of release, and status. Another impressive thing about 9Anime is that you can request the Anime shows that are not available on the site. Other site features include auto play and auto next, dark mode, and the privilege to comment your thoughts about the Anime show. 9Anime is one of the top streaming sites you should try if you enjoy watching Anime.

watch subbed anime 9anime interface

9. AnimeKisa

Available Anime Genre: War, Romance, Magical, Thriller, and other 27+ genres.
Available Streaming Servers: VidCDN, Fembed, MP4Upload, and Vidstreaming server.
Mirror Websites:

AnimeKisa has achieved significant success in offering timely and high-quality Anime content to many Anime fans. There are thousands of Anime titles available for free viewing. You can use the supported communication app, Discord to interact with the community. The user interface of Animekisa is excellent, with a significant portion of Anime content arranged in a user-friendly manner. AnimeKisa is also an excellent place to watch subtitled and dubbed Anime. Moreover, AnimeKisa now supports numerous streaming servers and allows you to download Anime shows for offline viewing on your device.

watch subbed anime animekisa interface

10. YouTube

Available Anime Genre: Military, Adventure, Isekai, Comedy, Fantasy, and more.
Available Streaming Servers: YouTube has a designated streaming server.
Mirror Websites: None.

Last on the list and another site to watch subbed Anime is YouTube. Yes, you got it right. You might be wondering why YouTube is on the list. As we know, YouTube is one of the well-known video-sharing platforms that provide users with vast video content. It covers all the types of movie content coming from different countries, including Anime shows from Japan. When you visit the site and begin browsing subbed Anime shows, you will be amazed how many of them you can stream all for free. Besides that, you can also upload, share, comment, and subscribe to other users' channels. In addition, the site is also available as an application for desktop computers and mobile devices.

watch subbed anime youtube interface

Comparison Chart of Sites to Stream Subbed Anime

Subbed Anime Sites Concerns and Limitations Requires User Registration Anime Video Quality
Funimation You will need to use a VPN if the site is not accessible in your country. Yes 480p SD up to 1080p HD video quality.
KissAnime It contains advertisements and pop-ups and is not available on all devices. No Watch subbed Anime in a diverse range of resolutions, including 240p, 720p, and 1080p.
Chia-Anime There are few advertisements and pop-ups, and the page loads slowly. No Steam subbed Anime in 720p and 1080p quality.
Anime-Planet Not all Anime shows are available for free. Yes 240p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p HD quality.
Soul Anime There is a slew number of advertisements. It is advisable to use a VPN. No 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p HD video resolutions.
Subbed Anime Sites Concerns and Limitations Requires User Registration Anime Video Quality
AnimeFreak There are many ads, and you cannot download the Anime series. Optional Various Anime shows can be streamed in 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p HD video quality.
4Anime There are minimal pop-ups. Anime shows are not available to download. Optional 360p, 720p, and 1080p HD Anime video quality.
9Anime The site does not allow downloading Anime shows. Optional 360p, 720p, and 1080p quality.
AnimeKisa There are minimal ads and pop-ups. No Anime shows are available in various resolutions, including 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p HD.
YouTube It supports advertisements on its free version. Optional The site supports all the video resolutions.

Ultimate Guide to Download Subbed Anime Online

Supported WebSites: YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, and other 1000+ sites.
Supported Languages: English, Italiano, Svenska, Nederlands, and eight other languages.
System Compatibility: Mac and Windows.

As you can see on the list overhead, some Anime sites do not allow downloading Anime shows. Even they support it; some users are still hesitant as they think the download link might contain viruses. To clear your worries away, you can have AceThinker Video Keeper. This desktop program is top-rated and one of the best video downloaders on the internet. Video Keeper works best on YouTube. It allows you to download any YouTube content, including subbed Anime shows in various quality formats, ranging from 240p SD to 8K UHD quality. Another nifty feature is that Video Keeper can download in batch, YouTube playlists, and even subtitles in various languages. With this feature, you can download Anime episodes within just a few clicks, 100% secure and hassle-free. Follow the guide below to discover how to download subbed Anime shows with Acethinker Video Keeper.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Install the Desktop Video Downloader

First and foremost, grab the tool's installer by hitting one of the download buttons placed above. Get the correct set-up file of the tool based on the computer's OS you are using. Once saved, run the file and start installing Video Keeper. After the installation process has been finished, launch the program and explore its buttons.

watch subbed anime youtube vk step1

Step 2 Grab the URL of the Anime Movie/Episodes

The next step is to launch a web browser and visit YouTube's official site. Once there, search for the Anime movie or episodes that you would like to download. Then, copy the Anime video link from the browser's address bar. Once done copying the link, go back to Video Keeper. From its main interface, hit the "Paste URL" button to let the tool analyze the link.

watch subbed anime youtube vk step2

Step 3 Batch Download the Anime Show

After the link has been analyzed, click "Batch Download," located at the upper right-hand corner of the tool. Then, tick all the Anime episode you would like to download. After that, choose a download quality format. Choose based on what video quality format you prefer and click the blue "Download" button.

watch subbed anime youtube vk step3

Step 4 Play & Enjoy the Downloaded Anime

Once clicked, the tool will automatically start downloading. You can see the progress by navigating to the "Downloading" panel. As soon as the download progress reaches a hundred percent, the Anime video will automatically drop in the "Downloaded" panel. Proceed on this panel and right-click on the file name of the Anime episode to see available actions. From here, select "Play Video," and you are done. Enjoy streaming offline.

watch subbed anime youtube vk step4

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