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10 Best Sites for Spanish Movies with English Subtitles

feature watch spanish movies onlineWatching movies has been one of the many hobbies people are fascinated about, especially in today's generation. People can watch tons of films without going into a movie theater since numerous sites online allow them to watch movies for free. There are many scientifically-proven benefits of watching movies which include enhancing language comprehension. Movies accommodate watchers to understand the exchange of language. So, it is still possible for watchers to understand the movie in different languages through visual support. Align with that, the popularity of Spanish movies in the film industry is incomparable. Spanish cinema is best known for its art of motion-picture making. There is no need to travel to Spain to watch movies at the internet's convenience. This article has outlined 10 of the best Spanish movie sites.

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List of 10 Spanish Movie Sites Online

1. Solar Movie

Available Movie Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Family, and 18+ other genres.
Supported Streaming Servers: UpCloud, Vidcloud, Streamlare, Hydrax
Movie Streaming Quality: 360p, 720p, and 1080p full HD quality.

SolarMovie is a well-known service that provides streaming Spanish TV episodes and movies. It is a suitable platform, and any user can utilize it without technical skills. The site's main features include a search box that is useful for finding related keywords of a particular movie. It has various sections that separate the "Home," "Genre," "Country," "Movies," "TV Shows," "and "Top IMDb." Apart from those sections, Solar Movie also supports an advanced search filter. This feature allows you to find your favorite free Spanish movies online more quickly. You can filter your movie search queries based on their type, release date, genre, and more. Moreover, Solar Movie does not contain any annoying ads and pop-ups. This is one advantage that Solar Movie possesses over any other Spanish movie streaming site online.

solar movie spanish movies main page

2. Pelis-Online

Available Movie Genre: Mystery, Documentary, Western, Fantasy, and 11+ other genres.
Supported Streaming Servers: The site supports 3 unspecified streaming servers.
Movie Streaming Quality: Up to 720p HD quality.

Pelis-Online is one of those free Spanish movie sites online that does not require registration. This streaming platform has a basic and straightforward navigation structure. When you access the main webpage, it displays the most recent and popular movies. You can also expand the entire navigation window to filter movies by genre, year, or country. You can also use the top navigation bar to search for a specific movie title. When streaming movies online, you can set the aspect ratio of the site's media player. Depending on your device, you can go by 4:3, 16:9, full screen, or PiP mode. Additionally, the site allows users to insert downloaded subtitles from their local drive or vial URL. It is an excellent attribute, especially for those who cannot understand Spanish.

pelis-online spanish movies main page

3. RepelisHD

Available Movie Genre: Suspense, History, Mystery, Terror, and 22+ other genres.
Supported Streaming Servers: Fembed, PlaySTP, PlaySB, MePlay, and 2 other servers.
Movie Streaming Quality: 480p, 720p, and 1080p full HD quality.

RepelisHD is another famous website for finding free Spanish movies and TV shows online. Visit this website, and you will not be disappointed with its attractive interface. RepelisHD provides a wide range of Spanish films without signing up. The website includes a well-organized navigation design at the top for easy browsing. It also has an IMDb ranking function, allowing you to discover and view titles with high ratings. In addition to Latin and Spanish dubbed titles, several foreign films with subtitles are available. RepelisHD is the best place to access if you are looking for a site to download HD movies. You can watch Spanish movies online all for free without ads interruption.

repelishd spanish movie main page

4. Pelismart

Available Movie Genre: Biography, Action, Martial Arts, Marvel, and 33+ other genres.
Supported Streaming Servers: There are 2 anonymous streaming servers.
Movie Streaming Quality: 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, and 720p HD quality.

Pelismart offers the most comprehensive selection of free movies and TV shows in Spanish, Latin, and Castilian. Besides the top search bar, all filter features and widgets are located on the homepage, giving it a cluttered appearance. However, once you have utilized it several times, it is a great way to find the movies you are looking for. When you open the movie page, there are two deceptive streaming and downloading options. So, be mindful of that and make sure to scroll down to find the legitimate player. Also, the site has advertisements and pop-ups. However, do not worry since they are tolerable. Pelismart ensures seamless and quick streaming of Spanish movies online. Moreover, the movie streaming site also supports video rotation and PiP mode.

pelismart spanish movie main page

5. PelisPlay

Available Movie Genre: Musical, LGBT, Zombie, Action, and 44+ other genres.
Supported Streaming Servers: Zeus, Up Stream, Tazmania, and MixDrop.
Movie Streaming Quality: 720p HD video resolution.

PelisPlay is another ideal place to watch Spanish movies with English subtitles and other languages. This website's structure is generously constructed. You will discover here a massive library with an excellent collection of Spanish movies, series, premieres, and even Anime. Multiple servers are available for a single movie or episode, so it is easy to switch to another if one server fails unexpectedly. The movie information page is also worth mentioning. Before streaming, you can have the chance to see its trailer and overview of the film. Apart from that, PelisPlay also embeds a player menu, which is unquestionably a highlight for directing you to the main film or image gallery.

pelisplay spanish movie main page

6. Cuevana3

Available Movie Genre: Family, Thriller, Romance, Adventure, and 19+ other genres.
Supported Streaming Servers: 1fitcher and Uptobox.
Movie Streaming Quality: 1080p full HD quality.

Cuevana3 is another excellent online Spanish movie streaming service that we highly recommend. Once you access this website, you will immediately be drawn to the dark blue backdrop design. Cuevana3 features an extensive collection of movies that you can be stream online. That is not all. The site also allows you to download TV series and Spanish movies for offline viewing. Every film within this site is uploaded in the original language, with Spanish subtitles, and dubbed into Spanish. The servers are quite reliable, and the site is updated regularly. You can watch Spanish movies online without registering unless you wish to leave a review or list your favorite films. Aside from that, there is a bulb icon on the right corner of the media player. If you want to watch Spanish movies online in dark mode, click on the bulb icon.

cuevana spanish movie main page

7. PelisHouse

Available Movie Genre: Animation, Adult, Sport, Politics, and 22+ other genres.
Supported Streaming Servers:
Movie Streaming Quality: 1080p full HD video resolution.

PelisHouse is another "peli" site from the Spanish movie streaming platform. PelisHouse is a unique website that provides a fantastic collection of highlighted and new releases films. If you are looking for Spanish, Latin, or subtitled movies and TV shows, this is the site perfect for you. You can simply select the language you want to watch by clicking on the appropriate LANGUAGE/AUDIO symbol. Furthermore, PelisHouse appears to provide excellent video and sound quality for its viewers. That is why you can expect and discover high-quality videos in PelisHouse. Be wary of the two fake watch and download buttons beneath the video player. Make sure also to disregard any pop-ups to avoid misdirection.

pelishouse spanish movie main page

8. Miracula

Available Movie Genre: News, Reality-TV, Suspended, Sci-Fi, and 28+ other genres.
Supported Streaming Servers: Zplayer, Fembed, Doodstream, Streamtape, and 3 other servers.
Movie Streaming Quality: 480p SD and 720p HD quality.

If you like PelisHouse, MiraCula is thought to be a good fit for you as well. The homepage layout is not as flashy as other Spanish movies sites on the list. However, it excels in terms of simplicity and clarity of navigation. Besides the search menu bar, you can navigate on tabs, such as "Films," "Featured," Premiers," and "Series." These tabs allow you to locate the specific movie you like to stream online quickly. The servers are dependable and work efficiently. Another advantage of this Miracula is that it does not have any bothersome pop-ups or advertisements. Nevertheless, the search bar directs you to the Google search page when searching films, which other visitors do not like.

miracula spanish movie main page

9. Tubi TV

Available Movie Genre: Western, Anime, Comedy, Classics, and 42+ other genres.
Supported Streaming Servers: A unique streaming server built only for the site.
Movie Streaming Quality: 360p and 480p SD quality. As for HD, 720p quality is available.

When it comes to free online movie sites, phrases like "illegal," "pirate," "copyright violation," and so on will undoubtedly leap into our minds. Tubi TV's appearance utterly annihilates these old viewpoints. Tubi TV's standout qualities can be summed up in four words: free, legal, HD, and full-length. Yes, you read it right! You can get free access to thousands of excellent films organized into various genres. Tubi TV lives on video commercials given by well-known studios like MGM, Paramount, Lionsgate, and others to remain free and legal. To stream movies effectively, you must disable ad-blockers or associated plugins.

tubi tv spanish movie main page

10. Cliver TV

Available Movie Genre: Drama, Biographical, Comedy, Adventure, and 20+ other genres.
Supported Streaming Servers: SupperVideo, StreamSB, Doodstream, and Fembed.
Movie Streaming Quality: 360p SD and 720p high definition quality.

Last on the list of free Spanish movies online sites worth including is Cliver TV. You can easily explore this website using the filters on the left side. Besides, Cliver TV is a superb alternative for streaming and downloading Spanish movies online for free. Apart from Spanish films, you can also find a wide range of TV series here. It provides the user with a toggle button that you can use to switch between Films and Series. Furthermore, all posters are well-organized in an endless scrolling mode. There are also small symbols in each poster's upper right corner that indicate if the movies are available in Spanish, Latin, or subtitled. Many of the films included English subtitles, and you will be thrilled to see a wide range of customizable options. For example, you can modify the font's size, color, and opacity.

cliver tv spanish movie main page

Comparison Chart of Spanish Movie Sites

Spanish Movie Sites Accumulated Visitors Worldwide Supported Subbed Movies Movies Are Downloadable
Solar Movie 8.63M Russian, English, Thai, Turkish, and more. Yes
Pelis-Online 860.90K English and Latino. No
RepelisHD 3.63M Spanish, Latin, and English. Yes
Pelismart 594.42K Deutsch, Spanish, Latin, and English. No
PelisPlay 1.17M Latin, Spanish, and English. No
Spanish Movie Sites Accumulated Visitors Worldwide Supported Subbed Movies Movies Are Downloadable
Cuevana3 109.20M Spanish, Latin, and English. Yes
PelisHouse 659.76K English, Spanish, and Latin. No
Miracula 367.60K English and Spanish. Yes
Tubi TV 20.03M English and Spanish. No
Cliver TV 2.71M English, Spanish, and Latin. Yes

Five Must-Watch Spanish Movies Online

Movie Name Released Year Movie Genre Director
Roma 2018 Mexican, Social Issue Dramas, and Dramas. Alfonso Cuarón
Pan’s Labyrinth 2006 Drama, Fantasy, and War. Guillermo del Toro
The Platform 2019 Horror, Sci-Fi, and Thriller. Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia
A Twelve-Year Night 2018 Adventure, Biography, Crime, Drama, and History. Álvaro Brechner
The Invisible Guest 2016 Crime, Drama, Mystery, and Thriller. Oriol Paulo
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