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Most Accessible Sites to Watch Filipino Movies Online

feature watch pinoy movies onlineThe Philippines' local film industry is commonly referred to as "Tagalog Movies” Tagalog is the language of those Filipinos who reside in central Luzon, particularly in and around Manila. The movie entitled "Un Homme Au Chapeau" was the first film premiered in the Philippines in 1897. Filipino films have evolved from silent to talkies, black and white to color over the years. Early in the 1980s, it was believed that there were around 2.5 million moviegoers in Metro Manila alone. Nowadays, although there are more than 1000 movie theaters nationwide, the pandemic has turned everybody into homebodies. However, even if you cannot attend movie theaters with your pals, you can still enjoy Filipino films by visiting several Pinoy movie websites. That being said, we gathered here all the best six Pinoy Movies online streaming websites. You can visit any of these sites and enjoy watching various Pinoy movies together with your loved ones at home.

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The Best 6 Pinoy Movies Online Streaming Sites

1. iWantTFC

Available Genre: Drama, Action, Kids, Talk Shows, Reality Shows, and more.
Price: 120 pesos per month for Premium access.

iWantTFC is a prominent Pinoy movies online streaming site in the Philippines. This service is available worldwide and offers live video streaming from various sources. These sources include media made for the Kapamilya Channel, The Filipino Channel, ANC, and TeleRadyo and on-demand content of ABS-CBN on various platforms. Here, you can watch hundreds of Pinoy movies, TV programs, and other entertainment shows. After creating a free account and logging in, the site will allow you to stream up to 500 free movies in SD resolution. Besides, if you want to view movies in HD quality without advertising and access the whole movie catalog, including iWantTFC Originals, you need to subscribe to iWantTFC Premium. In addition, this platform rents out some of the most recent Pinoy films, like Barcelona, Everything About Her, and Fan Girl. iWantTFC is also available as a mobile application for both Android and iPhone.

watch pinoy movies online iWantTFC interface

Pinoy Movie Recommendations to Watch on iWantTFC:

  1. Mano Po - Directed by Joel C. Lamangan
  2. Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo? - Directed by Joyce Bernal
  3. Tatak ng Tondo - Directed by Fernando Poe Jr.

2. Vivamax

Available Genre: Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Hollywood, and more.
Price: 149 pesos per month for an individual plan.

Viva is more than just a production company. Its other passions include music, talent management, publishing, and even cuisine! More than that, Viva understands how to stay up with the times. That is why it entered the streaming business with Vivamax; one of the must-visit Pinoy movies streaming websites online. Vivamax contains a comprehensive library of top Filipino blockbuster films and popular television programs from various categories. It also provides a lot of Original Pinoy entertainment, like concerts. In terms of Filipino series, this website offers a variety of series such as travel, lifestyle, music, and more. Moreover, because Vivamax knows how much Filipinos love Korean content, you will also discover K-Dramas and K-Movies here, allowing you to watch Korean drama online. Not to mention, this Pinoy movie website features a collection of Korean films that have been shown at Cannes!

watch pinoy movies online vivamax interface

Pinoy Movie Recommendations to Watch on Vivamax:

  1. A Very Special Love - Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina
  2. Bituing Walang Ningning - Directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza
  3. Mañanita - Directed by Paul Soriano


Available Genre: Indie, Documentary, Concert, Family, and other more genres.
Price: Free access. is another excellent website to watch Pinoy movies online free. This website has been the go-to site of many viewers, predominantly Filipino. What is impressive about this site is the vast database which covers almost 5,000 free Filipino streaming movies. In terms of the interface, it is impeccable and provides easy navigation of content. To discover a Filipino film quickly, you can search by genre and release year. You can even submit a request for other Filipino or non-Filipino movies to be added and streamed on the platform. It is also worth remarking that some of the films feature English subtitles. You will like even more as it allows users to download the Pinoy movie to watch offline on any device. Furthermore, there are no registration requirements for this website. This Pinoy streaming service is legitimate and safe.

watch pinoy movies online pinoymovies interface

Pinoy Movie Recommendations to Watch on

  1. Will You Marry? - Directed by Veronica Velasco
  2. Barumbadings - Directed by Darryl Yap
  3. Sa Haba ng Gabi - Directed by Miko Livelo

4. Netflix

Available Genre: Anime, Horror, Classic, Action, and more.
Price: 549 pesos per month for its Premium plan.

You cannot go wrong with Netflix as one of the most popular streaming services in the world. Netflix is in a terrific position with its original productions, with numerous films becoming pop-cultural phenomenons. Besides, seasons of TV series are accessible on Netflix. It is also a good Pinoy Movies site that many Filipino movie enthusiasts love to visit to watch movies. One reason why the term "Netflix and Chill" became popular. The public library Netflix has supported a wide selection of Pinoy movies, ranging from popular RomComs to highly acclaimed flicks. Just recently, Netflix has begun broadcasting local TV shows, most notably the ever-popular and longest-running series on Philippine TV, "Ang Probinsyano."

watch pinoy movies online netflix interface

Pinoy Movie Recommendations to Watch on Netflix:

  1. Kita Kita - Directed by Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo
  2. Four Sisters and a Wedding - Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina
  3. BuyBust - Directed by Erik Matti

5. Upstream

Available Genre: Thriller, Comedy, Drama, PG, Horror, and more.
Price: Depending on the movie.

Upstream is a new player in the local streaming industry, created by producer Dondon Monteverde and director Erik Matti. Since theatres are currently closed due to the epidemic, Upstream's mission is simple: provide a virtual movie house experience. This Pinoy Movies site is arguably the most distinctive content consumption among those mentioned sites on the list. Each title comes with a price tag, which means you will have to pay every time you view a movie or a TV show. To stream a Filipino movie or TV show, you must first make a reservation and purchase a ticket via, Upstream's partner ticketing site. You will be able to watch the Pinoy movie through your GMovies account once you have paid. Isn't it like a real-life movie theater? Moreover, since Upstream is still in its early phases, there are not many movies available. However, with new collaborations with entertainment behemoths such as NBCUniversal, its collection is projected to grow in the future.

watch pinoy movies online upstream interface

Pinoy Movie Recommendations to Watch on Upstream:

  1. A Girl and A Guy - Directed by Erik Matti
  2. Runaway - Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina
  3. Pa-Siyam - Directed by Erik Matti

6. YouTube

Available Genre: Music, Lifestyle, Documentary, Reality Shows, and more.
Price: 159 pesos per month for its Premium version.

YouTube is the world's largest video-sharing platform all over the world. It has a wide range of video content from different accounts and channels—no wonder why it is also a great Pinoy Movies website. Within this site, you can access a profusion of Filipino Tagalog movies, both old and new. Believe it or not, you can stream full versions of popular Filipino films on YouTube for free. Other movie studios occasionally broadcast their films on YouTube for a limited period so that everyone who missed them in cinemas can view them again. However, it does not provide consumers with direct download options not unless you are using a mobile phone. Nonetheless, with the help of the best YouTube to MP4 converter, it can be the most excellent website for downloading Filipino movies. In the next segment of the post, we will explain more about acquiring Pinoy movies within the YouTube site to watch offline.

watch pinoy movies online youtube interface

Pinoy Movie Recommendations to Watch on YouTube:

  1. Heneral Luna - Directed by Jerrold Tarog
  2. I'm Drunk, I Love You - Directed by Jaime Habac Jr.
  3. Smaller and Smaller Circles - Directed by Raya Martin

Comparison Chart of Pinoy Movies Websites

Websites Requires Registration Trial Limit Supports Advertisements
iWantTFC Yes 3-month free access Yes
Vivamax Yes 3 days free access per account. No No None Yes
Netflix Yes 1 month free access. No
Upstream No Not Specified No
YouTube Yes None Yes

Professional Downloader to Save Pinoy Movies

Best For: This tool works best on downloading HD movie and video clips of up to 8K ultra-HD quality.
Supported Sites: YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, TikTok, Instagram, and other 1000+ video-streaming sites.
Video Download Format: All movies will be saved in MP4 file format.

You are at the movie's climax, and then suddenly, your browser starts loading slowly because of a poor network connection. Would it be very upsetting? So to avoid this kind of dilemma when streaming online movies, you can have the option to download the movie. That being said, we recommend using AceThinker Video Keeper. This desktop tool is one of the best video downloaders available on both Mac and Windows computers. It allows you to download movies from Pinoy movies streaming sites, allowing you to enjoy them for offline viewing. Video Keeper can obtain any Filipino movie with high efficiency in terms of download speed as it supports an advanced multi-threading technology. This feature boosts up the download process 3x faster than any other tool for you to download videos quickly without having trouble. Moreover, it can also download subtitles that are embedded within the video. To know how to use this tool, feel free to refer below.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Install the Pinoy Movie Downloader

Let us start by clicking one of the download buttons provided above. Make sure to select the correct version depending on the OS you are currently using. Once you have obtained the installer, run it and start installing the program on your computer. Then, launch the program and familiarize yourself with its buttons and navigations.

watch pinoy movies online vk step1

Step 2 Start Downloading the Pinoy Movie

Now, launch any browser available on your computer and use it to visit the YouTube official site. Once on the site, search and play the Pinoy movie you want to download. While streaming, copy the video URL from the browser's address bar. Once done, switch back to the tool, hit the "Paste URL" icon, and the tool will begin parsing the link. Then after a few moments, click "MP4" from two options that will appear, and the movie will start downloading.

watch pinoy movies online vk step2

Step 3 Play the Downloaded Pinoy Movie

To see the download progress of the Pinoy movie, you can go to the "Downloading" panel. However, when the download progress reaches 100%, the movie will automatically drop into the "Downloaded" panel. Right-click on the video file name from this panel and select "Play the Video" to start watching the downloaded Pinoy movie offline directly.

watch pinoy movies online vk step3

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