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The Best Ways to Watch Movies with Friends Online

feature watch movies together onlineWatching movies is one way to relax, chill, and enjoy, and it is an excellent form of entertainment for most people. We cannot also deny that movies are more fun and interesting when watching with friends or family. However, it is not always possible to watch movies together if your family or friends do not live in the same area or cannot travel to visit. There is no need to be concerned if you want to binge-watch your favorite movie with your loved ones. The big news is that you have several options to watch movies together online free while being apart. This is where the watch party applications and services listed below come into consideration. Each of these services allows you to sync a movie to watch together online, regardless of how far away you are from each other. To learn about these apps and services, let us get started!

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Top 10 Apps to Watch Movies with Friends Online

1. TwoSeven

Session Limit: It allows up to 400 participants, depending on the user's network and browser.
Compatibility: Available on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
Price: Premium version costs between $5 and $10 with Disney plus and Hulu subscription. Due to the pandemic, you can now have a premium subscription for only $3.

TwoSeven is the best way to watch movies with friends online across various services. It is a web-based application with a rare watch party extension that works with Apple TV plus and Crunchyroll. So, if you are an Anime lover, you can watch dubbed Anime and raw content using this platform. TwoSeven provides a free version that is capable in its own right, supporting the two platforms mentioned above and Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max. Nevertheless, there is more. It also supports even personal video files, plus audio, in-chat conversation, and video chat. Moreover, just an individual in the session has to be a patron to share services with others. You will see two options: "Personal," which implies sharing personal video files from your computer. The second option is the "Web," which indicates you can import movies from other websites' video players.

atch movies together online twoseven interface

2. Watch2gether

Session Limit: There is no limitation on the number of participants.
Compatibility: It works with any web browser and device.
Price: $3.49 per month for its premium version.

As the name suggests, Watch2gether is an app to watch movies together online with your family or friends. Watch2gether provides immediate access to the room without the need for an account. The free version of Watch2gether includes almost all of the features, such as video chats and calls, and allows you to change the background setting. Using it is very simple. You only have to enter a temporary username and create your room, and you are done. You also receive a chat screen to interact with other people while viewing movies online. Apart from that, you can also view videos online with acquaintances by joining different chat rooms. With a single search, Watch2gether allows you to select music or movies from a large number of video service providers. Like TwoSeven, watch2gether also comes with a Chrome plugin.

watch movies together online watch2gether interface

3. Scener

Session Limit: A room can hold up to ten individuals; a theater can hold a million visitors and ten co-hosts.
Compatibility: It works best on Google Chrome.
Price: Scener is completely free for all users.

Scener is a free third-party browser extension that allows you to create private, invite-only "rooms" where you can watch shows with friends online while conversing through text, audio, and even video. Scener was previously available only on Netflix, HBO, and HBO Go. However, Scener now works with a slew of platforms, including YouTube, Prime Video, Vimeo, Disney+, Hotstar, Alamo On-Demand, Shudder, Funimation, and HBO Max. There is also a communal feature, where you can participate in organized public viewing parties of various movies chosen by the community. You will be able to watch the movie with strangers, which is similar to going to the movies, while also chatting via text - quite mischievous.

watch movies together online scener interface

4. Kast

Session Limit: Up to 20 individuals can share their screen or camera, and another 100 people can watch at the party.
Compatibility: It works with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
Price: At $6.49 per month, you can enjoy an ad-free viewing experience with HD video quality and increased bitrate.

Looking for a place to watch movies, play games, and mingle with your friends? Join Kast and start sharing your experiences in real-time! Kast is your virtual living room's shared TV. It is a real-time video-sharing app with an ever-changing content library, voice, text, and video chat, making it simple to connect with friends wherever they are. Kast also lets you and your friends stream content from third-party platforms from YouTube and Tubi for free. Nevertheless, you can unlock more features with a Kase Base membership that costs $10 per year. The features include access to its entire -in-app library of movies and series, as well as a screen sharing feature. In addition, Kast is also available as a desktop for PC and Mac and can be installed on iOS and Android devices.

watch movies together online kast interface

5. Discord

Session Limit: It allows stream viewing for up to 50 participants.
Compatibility: Discord is available on Windows, mobile devices, and web browsers.
Price: You can have its premium version, Discord Nitro, at $9.99 per month.

Discord is generally known as chat software that enables talking while playing PC games. However, it is also an app to watch movies together. This platform has everything you need in an excellent communication program with voice conversations, video calls, and text capability. Discord has had the Go Live feature for quite some time. It enables users to share their screen with other users, for example, when playing games, watching movies, TV shows, or to watch Anime together. If you want to share a streaming screen with the people you wish to watch movies with, make sure they are on your friend list. Meanwhile, keep in mind that the screen sharing feature is only available in the Windows client version of the program.

watch movies together online discord interface

6. Teleparty

Session Limit: It can accommodate up to 1000 people in the same Teleparty.
Compatibility: Google Chrome, Opera browser, and Microsoft Edge on laptop and desktop computers.
Price: Teleparty is one hundred percent free.

Are you planning a Harry Potter marathon with your large group of friends? Teleparty is a streaming service you should not miss. Teleparty, formerly known as a Netflix Party, offers the best way to watch movies with friends online. It adds group chat and synchronizes video playing to Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Now, and HBO Max. To initiate or join a Teleparty, all participants must access an account connected to an affiliated streaming provider mentioned above. A shared account can be used to join a party, but the account must be on a regular or premium subscription plan that permits several users to watch the streaming service at the same time. Apart from that, all participants must also have the Teleparty Chrome plugin installed.

watch movies together online teleparty interface

7. Syncplay

Session Limit: It depends on the server load.
Compatibility: Windows, Linux, *BSD, and mac OS.
Price: Free software for all users.

Syncplay is a free program that has become one of the best ways to watch movies with friends online from the computer. It is multi-platform and compatible with all of the most popular video player software, including VLC, KM Player, and Media Player Classic. When you have tried using a free MP4 movie downloader, the downloaded movies you wish to view must be stored locally on your hard drive. You can now share them with other people on the streaming platform at that time. Apart from that, Syncplay has a fantastic feature wherein you and your friends can rewind and pause the movie so all of you can feel connected and comfortable. Additionally, it allows synchronization with online video service providers such as Netflix and YouTube.

watch movies together online syncplay interface

8. MyCircle TV

Session Limit: The platform can hold up to 100 participants.
Compatibility: You can use this app on most web browsers, like Chrome and Edge.
Price: 100% free.

Do you enjoy using voice chat to discuss different scenes, emotions, and phrases when watching movies online with friends? Then MyCircleTv is the right channel for you. The app's most prominent feature is that users can invite their friends from any platform, including Facebook, Email, Linkedin, and Twitter. It is not necessary to create an account to enjoy MyCircle TV. You can create a room and begin sharing and viewing movies with your friends right away. However, there is a distinction between registered and non-registered users. Registered users are able to manage history, get 5GB of video upload storage on MyCloud storage, and have a record of their previous invites and watch gatherings.

watch movies together online mycircle tv interface

9. Metastream

Session Limit: There is no restriction on the number of participants.
Compatibility: It works with web browsers like Chrome and Firefox.
Price: It is free to use. However, users can donate $1 or $5 to help fund the Metastream website and the platform's growth.

Metastream is a popular and dedicated service that allows you to watch movies together online with your friends. It allows users to communicate through live video chat while viewing Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitch, Crunchyroll, and other sites. Metastream has a primary and easy-to-use user interface that allows users to browse from section to section easily. Furthermore, Metastream provides real-time text interaction while streaming video and constantly adds additional features on top of streaming websites, such as timestamp markers. It also allows you to change the layout, language, and playback parameters. To enjoy streaming movies within the platform, you must install the Metastream remote extension, which is available for Chrome and Firefox.

watch movies together online metastream interface

10. Facebook Messenger

Session Limit: On a Messenger video chat, you can view videos with up to eight people. In Rooms, you can watch videos with up to 50 people.
Compatibility: Available on iOS and Android mobile devices.
Price: Enjoy the app for free.

A year ago, Meta introduced several new tools to help you stay more connected with your friends and loved ones. One of these is "Watch Together" that you can enjoy using the Messenger app. When you watch a popular video, a sports highlight, a movie, a makeup tutorial, or a Facebook Watch original, the feature enables you to watch your friends' reactions in real-time. Apart from that, it also allows you to send a message, such as text, audio, emoji, GIFs, and even video or photo, while using the Facebook Watch feature. So go ahead and cry over a rescuing puppy video, laugh out loud at the latest viral videos, or feel nostalgic when watching your favorite community episode. “Watch Together” will make you feel together even if you are not.

watch movies together online messenger interface

Comparison Chart of Apps to Watch Movies Online

Applications Night Mode Requires User Registration Screen Share
TwoSeven Supported Yes Supported
Watch2gether Not supported Optional Supported
Scener Not supported Yes Not supported
Kast Not supported Yes Supported
Discord Supported Yes Supported
Applications Night Mode Requires User Registration Screen Share
Teleparty Not Supported Yes Supported
Syncplay Not Supported No Not Supported
MyCircle TV Not Supported Optional Not Supported
Metastream Not Supported No Not Supported
Facebook Messenger Not Supported Yes Supported

Top Five Must-Watch Shows with Friends Online

1. The Notebook (2004)

Movie Genre: Drama and Romance.
Director: Nick Cassavetes

2. Titanic (1997)

Movie Genre: Historical Drama, Romance, Disaster, and Epic.
Director: James Cameron

3. Four Sisters and a Wedding (2013)

Movie Genre: Rom-com and Comedy-drama.
Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina

4. Inside Out (2015)

Movie Genre: Comedy, Kids & Family, Animation, and Fantasy.
Director: Pete Docter

5. Jurassic Park (1993)

Movie Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, and Mystery.
Director: Steven Spielberg

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