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Best Sites From Where to Watch Korean Movies Online

Watching movies and dramas online is even an excellent means of entertainment. One of the most widespread movies came from Korea, partly due to the extent of the "Korean Wave." In fact, the entertainment production in Korea is doing quite well as the demand for Korean action movies, romantic comedy movies, and more is increasing daily. Many K-movies have been translated into other languages and have had a significant effect in other nations. Nonetheless, it can take some time searching to find great Korean content and to stream high-quality content. Besides, many movie websites grant you to watch Korean dramas online for free, but some of these sites are not safe and carry viruses. Fortunately, we have done some work for you and found the best sites to watch Korean movies online. Make sure to scrutinize each of them and see what websites suit you best.

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Top Six Wesbites to Watch Korean Movies Online

1. KissAsian

Mirror Websites:,,,, and
Available Genres: Action, Adventure, Game-Show, Food, Friendship, and other 42 movie genres.
Movie Available For Download: Yes, but users need to sign-up first.

KissAsian is one of the best in terms of free Korean movies to watch online. It has a steady and natural interface that is easy to navigate and understand. This website became popular because it offers to stream Korean movies in HD quality for free. Most of the content that you can find from this site is dedicated only to Asian viewers. Thus, films and shows from Japan, China, and other Asian countries are available here. Besides, KissAsian is available in most countries worldwide and offers free streaming of Korean movies without any sign-in required. In addition, all of the films are in their native language, although virtually all of them include English subtitles. So, if you are weary of traditional American flicks, consider paying a visit to Kiss Asian.

watch korean movies online kissasian interface

2. DramaCool

Mirror Websites: and
Available Genres: Youth, Western, Zombies, Suspense, SitCom, and other 23 movie genres.
Movie Available For Download: Yes, without singing in.

One of the most accessible and well-known websites to watch Korean movies online is DramaCool. This site features a straightforward, interactive, and aesthetically pleasing user interface. Besides that, DramaCool contains an extensive library of various Korean dramas as well as TV shows. That is not all. DramaCool is also popular because of its other Asian drama movies and TV shows from China, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and India. So whenever you feel tired of watching Korean movies and shows, you can browse films from other countries on DramaCool. Another worth mentioning is that the sound quality and subtitles of the site's available content are incredibly commendable, considering how well they have been synchronized and applied.

watch korean movies online dramacool interface

3. ViewAsian

Mirror Websites: None
Available Genres: Youth, Western, Zombies, Suspense, SitCom, and other 23 movie genres.
Movie Available For Download: Yes, without singing in.

ViewAsian, as the name implies, is a website for watching movies that come from Asian countries, including China, Korea, Hong Kong, the Philippines, India, and more. Moreover, you will eventually find out that this site focuses more on Korean content. That is why ViewAsian is also popular and regarded as one of the best movie streaming sites that you can access to watch Korean movies online. It has a good selection of Korean and Asian dramas. ViewAsain's extremely appealing user design makes it simpler for users to browse their desired Korean Drama swiftly. Apart from Korean content to watch and download, this website also provides a summary of what the movie is all about and how many episodes are in it. With original subtitles and uploads, the website is entirely secure and legal to use.

watch korean movies online viewasian interface

4. Dramanice

Mirror Websites:,, and
Available Genres: Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Drama, Family, and more.
Movie Available For Download: Yes, without singing in.

Are you looking where to watch Korean movies online that provide many traditional Korean films? You can rely on Dramanice. It was established in 2014 to deliver thousands of Korean films to millions of fans worldwide. Furthermore, this site is not only limited to these Korean films. Here, they also provide Asian dramas accessible in most countries, including Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, Japanese dramas, Hong Kong dramas, and Taiwan dramas. The website's white and pink theme makes it unique compared to others, attracting many viewers. Although the subtitles are being updated slowly, the ultimate result is well worth the wait. Despite the site's high-quality content and user-friendliness, the domain name often changes, making it a little more challenging to identify the appropriate website and its domain amid many other websites.

watch korean movies online dramanice interface

5. TDrama

Mirror Websites: None
Available Genres: Romance, Drama, School, Musical, Horror, and other 19 movie genres.
Movie Available For Download: Yes, without singing in.

TDrama is another site that allows you to watch Korean movies online for free. With this movie streaming site, you will be captivated by its well-organized and filtered manner drama list. Overall, the site user interface is pretty basic and straightforward, as all sections are well-organized. Although the website lacks certain visual aspects, it is functional and serves its purpose well to many users. What is more impressive about TDrama is that viewers no longer need to sign in to access the site's free content. Apart from that, the site ensures 100% safe and minimal ads for a better streaming experience. Besides Korean films, you can also watch Japanese dramas online and movies from other Asian countries, like Taiwan, Cantonese, China, and Thailand.

watch korean movies online tdrama interface

6. Hancinema

Mirror Websites: None
Available Genres: Erotic, Thriller, Adventure, Melodrama, Fantasy and other 29 movie genres.
Movie Available For Download: Yes, but users need to sign-up first.

Unlike the other sites that offer free Korean movies to watch online, Hancinema is more of a database than a website. The website is self-contained and only features Korean content. The links to stream dramas are provided on the respective drama pages, synchronically with the actors and a brief storyline summary. Aside from that, Hancinema has a massive collection of links with high-quality subtitles. Even though it is only a link-providing site, the site's popularity is growing continuously. All kinds of dramas, both new and old, are publicly available and safe to watch. Furthermore, users can also sign up for the newsletter to receive updates and news.

watch korean movies online hancinema interface

Comparison Chart of Sites to Watch Korean Movies

Websites Allows User Requests User Friendliness Raw Korean Movies
KissAsian Yes There are sudden pop ups and minimal advertisements. Available
DramaCool Yes Contains misleading pop-ups and few advertisements. Available
ViewAsian Yes The site contains minimal malicious ads. Not Available
Dramanice Yes No annoying advertisements and contains minimal pop-ups. Available
TDrama No The site contains minimal malicious ads Not Available
Hancinema No There are constant popping of ads. Available
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