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Top 6 Websites to Watch Anime Without Ads

feature watch anime without adsAnime, or Animated series of Japanese creation, has grown significantly in popularity over the years. Due to the high demand for Anime, it's not surprising that many online streaming sites offer Anime content. Besides, there are popular dedicated sites that offer only Anime movies and shows to stream online. However, this comes with a few exceptions. To start with, many of the Anime streaming services are not free, you cannot download Anime from the site without spending money. Though, some sites offer free streaming of Anime shows. Still, you have to bear with the frequent display of slew advertisements and popups during the streaming session, severely interrupting the show's flow. These given caveats leave Anime fans with a question on how to watch from these Anime websites without popups? There is a simple tool that we can propose that will enable you to watch any Anime shows or movies that you wish, completely free from ads. But, before we get there, you're probably wondering where to find free Anime online. If so, we have listed several free Anime sites that you can access online on this post. Also, how to watch any Anime shows without ads interruptions.

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While there are many Anime sites with enormous resources on the Internet, most platforms are always swarming with pop-ups, integrated advertisements, and redirection since many free Anime streaming websites rely on advertising to keep their servers running to make money. Obtrusive advertising content, on the other hand, can be distracting and even threatening. To avoid advertisements, you can visit ad-free anime websites, use an ad blocker program, or directly download episodes to your device for offline viewing. The first section contains comprehensive recommendations of Anime sites. While the other sections are ways to watch from these sites free from ads.

Best 6 Free Anime Sites Without Ads

1. 4Anime

Available Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Supernatural, Drama, Super Power, and other 43 genres.
Mirror Websites:,, and

If you're looking for free no ad Anime sites, 4Anime is one of them that you can access online. This Anime streaming platform provides a lot of users with a massive library of Anime content. It offers streaming in 1080p resolution, so you can rely on this website if you want HD content. In rare circumstances, you might be redirected to ad pages. However, these advertisements will not affect your device or privacy as long as you ignore and close them. As a matter of fact, 4Anime has an advertisement setting that you can enable or disable. Moreover, 4Anime is popular among Anime lovers due to its strong compatibility with small screens and quick streaming performance. 4anime also has subtitled versions of numerous classic and recent Anime titles.

watch anime without ads 4anime interface

2. Crunchyroll

Available Genres: Action, Historical, Mystery, Shonen, Adventure, and other 18 genres.
Mirror Websites: No available mirror sites.

Crunchyroll is a legal site to watch Anime without ads with its paid subscription plan. However, you can also watch thousands of free Anime movies and shows online without a membership. The catch is that Anime shows come with advertisements, typically three ad breaks every episode. As long as you don't mind viewing advertisements, you may binge-watch the whole series of your favorite Anime for free! Still, if you easily get annoyed with ads, there are ways that you can block ads on Crunchyroll. Thanks to Crunchyroll dedicated servers, the site's streaming pace is reasonably consistent, with practically no latency. You can select an Anime video quality ranging from 360p to 1080p HD. Use the site's filters to explore different genres and categories in its enormous library. Furthermore, it hosts drama and manga titles, making it an all-in-one bundle for an Otaku.

watch anime without ads crunchyroll interface

3. Anime-Planet

Available Genres: Afterlife, Supernatural, Swordplay, Violence, Fantasy, and more.
Mirror Websites: No available mirror sites.

Anime-Planet is one of the most popular Anime websites without ads. Many Otaku visit this site to watch their favorite Anime movies and shows. Aside from streaming free Anime online, Anime-Planet also allows you to read Manga and stay up to date on the newest anime series, movies, games, and more. It has an extensive library of free Animes to watch, including notable titles like Naruto, Pokemon, JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, ReLife, Hikari: Be My Light, and more. To watch Anime online for free from this site, you must first sign up for an account. Once signed in, you can now watch the free Anime content in 8 different subtitles and video quality ranging from 240p to 1080p. In addition, you can also make your customized watchlist to keep track of the Anime you intend to watch in 2021.

watch anime without ads 4anime interface

4. KissAnime

Available Genres: Military, Music, Suspense, Thriller, Romance, and 33 other genres.
Mirror Websites:,, and

KissAnime is a well-known free online service for Anime content. It has a fantastic selection of Anime movies, TV programs, series, and even cartoons. All of this information is accessible quickly from the site's homepage. Unlike the other Anime websites, KissAnime appears to support downloading the complete Anime episodes rather than simply streaming them on the site. The Anime content supplied is of excellent quality and all for free. Users can stream the Anime videos in different formats, such as 240p, 720p, and 1080p. If a user wishes, they can also submit or request Anime content. Apart from that, KissAnime includes a list of the most recent Anime series. Moreover, most Anime movies and shows are available in Japanese and English and have a dubbed version. It is the most acceptable site for many Anime fans since no user registration is needed.

watch anime without ads kissanime interface

5. AnimeKisa

Available Genres: Suspense, Action, Fantasy, Super Power, Violence, and more.
Mirror Wesbites:

AnimeKisa provides a lot of Anime fans with quick and high-quality Anime content; it has made significant progress toward that goal. In terms of the UI, Animekisa has an excellent dark-themed interface with a vast amount of Anime content organized in an easy-to-access and user-friendly manner. It's also an exceptional place to go for subbed and dubbed anime enthusiasts. However, there is a recent issue regarding the ads appearing on the video player pages. Most users have noticed commercial banners and a countdown at the beginning of every Anime episode. Despite that, AnimeKisa remains a good option when compared to many of its competitors. If you want to watch Anime without ads, an ad-block extension can assist you in avoiding the majority of these ads and pop-ups, as we shall describe in detail in the next part.

watch anime without ads animekisa interface

6. AnimeTake

Available Genres: Horror, Magic, Psychological, Sci-Fi, Shoujo, and other 35 genres.
Mirror Wesbites: No available mirror sites.

Who would forget about AnimeTake? It is an online Anime streaming website that gained an overall good reputation, trustworthiness, and privacy among users. AnimeTake has become one of the favorite go-to sites of Anime lovers because it provides a comprehensive collection of Anime movies and series. The site also regularly updates Anime content and notifies users when the next update will happen. Besides, the quality of Anime movies and series is pretty good. AnimeTake grants users to stream Anime content from 360p, 720p, and 1080p HD video resolutions. Another important and worth mentioning is the proper user navigation. The metadata with every Anime title is alphabetically organized for easy access. Moreover, the website also supports filtration. Users can select the specific letter, genre, year of release, rating to access the Anime movies or series easily. They can even set an Anime show as a favorite so they can readily watch them anytime they want.

watch anime without ads animetake interface

Comparison Chart of The Anime Websites

Anime Sites Available Anime Genres Subbed Anime Movie/Shows Dubbed Anime Movie/Shows Raw Anime Movie/Shows
4Anime 2 Available Available Not Available
Crunchyroll Not specified. Available Available Available
Anime-Planet 1 Available Available Not Available
KissAnime 8 Available Available Not Available
AnimeKisa 4 Available Available Not Available
AnimeTake 7 Available Not Available Not Available

Use Adblock Extensions to Watch Anime Without Ads

Whether extensions or apps, ad blockers are the easiest way to avoid any types of advertisements. However, there are Anime websites that have an adblocker detecting script, like KissAnime as an example. This feature identifies ad blockers in seconds and restricts access to page content. This means that you should use an adblocker with high effectiveness to watch Anime without ads. Therefore, we have listed two well-accepted choices for your reference below. But, you can also go to the web store of the browser you’re using to look and download a suitable extension.

  • AdGuard - AdGuard products include both standalone software and ad-blocking extensions. This ad-blocking tool is compatible with PCs, such as Windows, Mac, and mobile devices, including Android and iOS. In terms of the browser extension, it is compatible with the majority of popular browsers. Plus, AdGuard does an excellent job of blocking all types of advertisements on any site and assisting you in surfing the internet more safely.
  • Adblock Plus - This ad-blocking tool is not related to the commonly known AdBlock extension. But, it is another popular and multi-platform ad blocker plugin that works with most browsers and devices. It permits non-intrusive advertising to support websites by default, and there are a variety of filters and settings available.

Download Anime to Watch Without Ads

Using a third-party video downloader is a practical choice to get away with the slew of intrusive ads and pop-ups present on a particular Anime site. Although there are sites that give users the option to download Anime, many users still find it risky. Another reason is due to the misleading ads once they have hit the download button. But, worry no more. We found a powerful tool called AceThinker Video Keeper. This tool is one of the excellent video downloaders that will allow you to download Anime shows. Besides that, it ensures a safe and fast video download in both Windows and Mac OS. This Anime video downloader also provides various HD video resolutions ranging from 720p to 4K UHD quality. Moreover, its detection feature and ultra-fast download speed will allow you to download any Anime shows in less time. To know how to use this tool, we provide a step-by-step guide below.

Step 1 Install the Anime Video Downloader

First, download the correct version of the tool for your computer by clicking one of the download buttons above. Once downloaded, install the tool and make sure to follow the installation prompts accordingly. Launch the program afterward and be acquainted with its button and interface.

watch anime without ads vk install step1

Step 2 Modify the Settings of The Tool

To download Anime in better quality, go to the tool's settings by clicking the three-vertical dots menu icon. Next, head on to the "Format" panel. From the "Clarity" option, make sure to select the highest possible quality format. Once done, don't forget to hit the blue "OK" button to save the changes you made.

watch anime without ads vk install step2

Step 3 Start Downloading Anime Videos

Now, navigate to the tool's "Detect" tab and use it to access the site from where you wish to download an Anime video. You can choose from the site we have listed in the first part. Play the Anime video and make sure to enable the detector of the tool. The tool will then identify the video and automatically download it for you.

watch anime without ads vk download step3

Step 4 Play the Downloaded Anime Video

You can see the download progress of the Anime video by going back to the "Download" panel of the tool. Once it's finished, the Anime video will automatically drop to the "Completed" panel. Here, you can now play the downloaded Anime video by simply double-clicking its file name.

watch anime without ads vk play step4

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to watch Anime without ads?

Yes, there are two options or ways to watch Anime without ads. The first one is by utilizing an ad blocker application. You can refer to the suggested ad blocker tools from the third part of this post. On the other hand, you can also utilize an Anime video downloader like AceThinker Video Keeper. It is the best option you can take to watch videos from Anime websites without ads offline.

2. Where to watch Anime for free online?

You can stream Anime shows for free online from 4Anime, Crunchyroll, Anime-Planet, KissAnime, and AnimeKisa. Besides, some of these sites also allow downloading of Anime content so users can enjoy them offline without any ad interruption.

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