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How to Restore Video Blocked on Instagram

video blocked on instagram feature imageMany would argue that Instagram is unlike any other social media platform. It is almost exclusively focused on image and video sharing. This visual twist is one reason why Instagram has grown into the media powerhouse it is today. Instagram, which was purchased by Facebook in 2012 and had over a billion registered users, has become a part of our everyday life. However, many users get overwhelmed by Instagram's popularity. They often don't read its terms and conditions in posting pictures or videos. Leading to problems that you probably don't know the reason why Instagram did it. Some of the related cases are when you have uploaded or your video was blocked Instagram. If you wonder what's the reasons behind it, we already covered the details here for you. Let's take a look at why your video was blocked Instagram and, of course, how to restore it.

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Possible Causes Why Instagram Blocked My Video

Violations of group guidelines can result in receiving a notification saying that your Instagram video blocked in some countries. So, before it could lead to more severe consequences, it is important to understand possible reasons why your video got blocked in the first place. In that way, you'll be able to prevent repeating the violation.

1. Voilate Instagram Community Guidelines

Most Instagram users just hit the skip button whenever they see the words "Terms of Use" or "Privacy Policy," they barely read these terms before creating an account. So if you are one of them, the video you’ve uploaded will probably be blocked because it breaches one of Instagram's community rules.

video blocked on instagram violation

2. Unsuitable Video Content

Instagram maintains positive and safe community rules by prohibiting videos that publicize or involve violence, as well as pornographic and adult content. Instagram is almost widely accessible, and even children and teenagers can have access to the platform. Please forbid posting any of the content against the rule to avoid the Instagram video-blocked issue.

video blocked on instagram unsuitable content

3. Infringement of Intellectual Property

It is understandable if you're a content creator or owns a business account; you make promotional videos using Instagram. So, whether using background music or sharing images from other accounts, you should be cautious. Your videos will be blocked if the app detects that you have copied someone else's work because this is appealing copyright on Instagram. The only way to guarantee that you do not infringe on anyone else's copyright is to share content you have made yourself.

video blocked on instagram copyright issue

4. Instagram Video Was Reported

Sometimes Instagram can not even detect or obstruct your video right away. However, if many people report you, a team of Instagram personnel will most likely review your profile. Suppose that they discover that your video contains hateful speech, violence, fake news, or something else that could be detrimental to its community. Then, your video will be blocked, and your account will be suspended. The good news is that you will be notified through email if your video was blocked on Instagram due to multiple reports.

video blocked on instagram user report

Ways to Fix Instagram Video Blocked Issue

Let us now move on to the solutions so that we can restore the videos we uploaded. Fortunately, these procedures are simple to follow. The following recommendations will surely help you avoid dealing with a video blocked on Instagram.

1. Appeal about the incident to Instagram directly.

Suppose you believe that the video content you've uploaded is not harmful to the Instagram community or contains no violation. If that’s the case, appealing is the safest course of action because it may lead to the restoration of your video.

  • Once your video was blocked, go to your notification tab. Look for the message that says the video has been blocked.
  • The message will indicate why the video has been blocked; tap the "Appeal" button to oppose it.
  • Finally, check the box next to "I agree" and put and electronic signature. Click on the "Appeal" blue button afterward.

video blocked on instagram appeal

2. Acknowledge and give full credit to the owner.

If you choose to show the content to the public, it is always the correct decision in terms of ethics to credit the creator. Even on Instagram, ethics continues to play a significant role in influencing user's behavior. So, giving the proper credit will avoid the deletion of your post and help develop a positive culture around the platform. It also contributes to the credibility of your account, and people would notice you as an ethical person. However, regardless of if you give credit, the post will still be removed sometimes. It is possible because you would need direct approval from the owner. So, asking for direct permission from the creator is the best option to avoid it being reported.

video blocked on instagram ctto

3. Use copyright-free music on your videos.

Many websites on the Internet provide free music that does not require copyright to be specified. You should better use them rather than those well-known tracks that can be identified in a millisecond. There are plenty of them available on YouTube Audio Library and other websites such as Royalty-Free Music.

video blocked on instagram copyright free

4. Make some changes to the original music.

Another option is to alter the original music by adding a background sound or a different voice. This can distract the bot as it attempts to identify the song. But again, altering the elements of the music may not work 100% every time. So, it is still better to go for the three previous methods that are more reliable.

video blocked on instagram alter music

Recommendation: Download Instagram Videos

From the previous part, we have introduced the possible solutions to prevent video blocked on Instagram. Here, we will give you something that can be useful if you want to download Instagram video on PC. Somehow, you're wondering if it's possible since we know that Instagram doesn't have a built-in option to download videos directly from the platform. Well, we can make it possible by the use of a 3rd-party app. With that said, we recommend to you AceThinker Video Keeper, which will allow you to download any Instagram videos. The tool is a top-rated and the best Instagram video downloader that you can find on the internet. The Video Keeper features a multi-thread function that helps you download videos up to three times faster than any other app. That is possible because it directs all of the network's bandwidth into the software. To support these claims, allow us to guide you on how to use AceThinker Video Keeper. All you have to do is to follow the easy steps that we provided below.

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Step 1 Download and Install

Grab the installer by clicking the download button given above. Click on the left download button if you’re using Windows OS, and click on the right download button if you’re using Mac OS. After that, open the installer file and carefully follow the prompts to install the tool on your computer.

vk download step1

Step 2 Download the Instagram Video

Next, log in to your Instagram account and look for the video you want to save using your web browser. Copy the link to the video located at the Instagram address bar. Once done, return to the Instagram to MP4 converter and paste the URL into the "Paste URL" box. The tool will begin downloading the video until it has been processed.

video blocked on instagram vk download step2

Step 3 Play Instagram Video

Once the Instagram video has finished downloading, go to the "Completed" panel. Right-click the video from here, and a list of options will appear. You can either play, remove, open the Instagram video's output folder, etc.

video blocked on instagram vk download step3

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