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Working and Reliable Sites Like TubeDigger

feature tubedigger alternativeDespite the Internet's pervasiveness nowadays, there are several reasons why one would not want to watch a video online. They might want to view a video again without having to open a web browser, or they may have limited data access and wish to store the video so they can enjoy it offline repeatedly. Whatever the reason is, it is proof that video grabbers have become an essential tool that helps us download our favorite videos for an offline and bothersome-free viewing experience. As the popularity of internet video content grows, so does the demand for it. Most video grabbers available today are pretty easy to use and can be accessed for free without registering. One of the video-grabbing tools that have proved itself for so many years is TubeDigger. In this article, we will assess what TubeDigger can provide. We also gathered other video-grabbing tools that can be a great alternative to TubeDigger. So without further ado, continue reading below.

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An Overview About TubeDigger

User Friendliness: TubeDigger is a very simple and easy-to-use interface that makes downloading videos a breeze. All of the software's functions and tools are accessible from the main home screen.
OS Compatibility: Windows only.

TubeDigger is a video downloading tool that allows you to download videos from anywhere on the internet. With TubeDigger installed on your computer, you can now quickly save YouTube videos with a single click. However, YouTube is not the only site supported by the program. The tool also allows video downloading from other video streaming services, such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, and more. Besides, it lets you save your favorite videos in various formats from 240p SD up to 1080p HD video quality. It even has the capability of downloading subtitles as a separate file from any of the media sites. TubeDigger can also record and download live streaming videos online without affecting the original video quality. Moreover, it has an integrated media converter that you can use to convert the downloaded online video to almost popular video formats that you prefer.

After knowing what TubeDigger can provide, let us now move on to how you can use this tool by following the steps below.

Step 1 Install The Video Downloader

First, save the tool's setup file by clicking on this link. Once saved, run the setup file and follow the installation prompts. Then, launch the tool once the program has been successfully installed.

tubedigger alternative td install step1

Step 2 Grab the URL of The Video

Next, visit the site containing the video you want to download—for example, Play the video and copy its URL from the browser's address bar.

tubedigger alternative td copy step2

Step 3 Start Downloading The Video

Switch back to the video downloader and paste the copied link from the white rectangular input box. Once pasted, press "Enter" on your keyboard. The tool will begin analyzing the link and automatically download the video right after you play it.

tubedigger alternative td download step3

Step 4 Play/Locate The Downloaded Video

From the "Downloads" panel, see the one that is labeled as "Done" under the "Progress" section. This will be the determinant that the video has been successfully downloaded. To locate the destination folder of the video, click "Video Folder." The tool will then open the folder where you can find and play the downloaded video.

tubedigger alternative td locate step4

The tool suggests using D-L Mode or Chromium3 (WebM 4K) browser to download live streams more efficiently.

Best 5 TubeDigger Alternatives to Download Online Videos

Since TubeDigger is a desktop tool, some users are still looking for other tools to use aside from TubeDigger. That is why we have gathered five excellent tools that you can use as an alternative to TubeDigger. Check them below and see what suits your download needs.


User Friendliness: The input box of the tool can act as a search engine. With this, users can find music from YouTube videos by using only related keywords.
Type of Application: Web-based Application
OS Compatibility: Accessible in most web-browsers on Windows, Mac, and Android.

A tool that you should not miss when talking about websites like TubeDigger is It is a multifunctional online video downloader that can grab any of your favorite videos online with just a few clicks. It is possible since it presents an intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate buttons. If you have ever tried to download videos using other online downloader sites before, you have undoubtedly been frustrated by a slew of pop-ups and advertising that appear before you can download the video. Well, is not like them. This online service is a hundred percent secure and ads-free. Moreover, it offers video quality formats ranging from 240p SD up to 720p HD resolutions. Moreover, you can download the online tool's desktop version to achieve higher video quality downloads and unlock more features.

Meanwhile, we provide you below with three simple steps on how to utilize the tool.

Step 1 Copy Video URL and Paste Into the Tool

Visit any video-hosting site supported by the online tool in your browser. For instance, go to and look for the video you want to download. Play the video and copy the URL link from the address bar of your browser. Once done, navigate to the online tool and paste the video URL from the tool's input box, and hit the "Download" icon next to it.

Alt: tubedigger alternative vH step1

Step 2 Select Preferable Output Quality/Format

The tool will begin analyzing the link, and after a short while, the tool will give you a download button. Click on it to get a selection of available quality and output formats. Make sure to select your preferred output format as well as quality format. Then, right next to it, click the "Download" button, which will take you to another tab.

tubedigger alternative vh step2

Step 3 Start Downloading The Video Online

Here, start downloading the YouTube video by accessing the "â‹®" menu icon and hitting the "Download" from the list of options. Once the video has been completely downloaded, locate its destination folder and play it. Then there you have it, as easy as that.

tubedigger alternative vh step3

2. Downie

User Friendliness: Downie not only offers country-specific sites, but it is also available in a variety of languages. If your language is not included, you can contact them to provide you with a free license in return for a translation.
Type of Application: Desktop Application
OS Compatibility: Mac only.

Suppose you are a Mac user; it is sad to know that you cannot enjoy the features that the TubeDigger provides since it is only available to Windows users. Well, do not bother anymore as you can have Downie. It is a perfect tool for you as a Mac user and a great alternative to TubeDigger. Downie features an easy-to-use way of converting and downloading internet videos. To begin downloading, drag the video link from your online browser to the Downie icon on the dock or its main interface, or copy the website link URL and paste it into the Downie window. Downie also offers browser add-ons for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Chromium, Opera, and nearly all online browsers. You can easily download videos from a web page if you have the browser add-on installed. Moreover, this tool supports HD video download, specifically on YouTube, up to 4K.

tubedigger alternative downie interface

3. aTube Catcher

User Friendliness: Instead of merely being a video downloader, aTube Catcher also has a built-in DVD/Blu-Ray and VCD creator with an easy drag and drop function.
Type of Application: Desktop Application
OS Compatibility: Windows only.

Another TubeDigger alternative that works more than just being a video downloader is aTube Catcher. With this tool, you can record any of your screen activities, burn DVDs, BluRay, or CDs, record audio, trim video files, convert any video, and record streams, which is more than a video downloader can offer. The video downloading feature in aTube Catcher appears to be straightforward and user-friendly. Users can simply enter the copied URL video, select their chosen output profile, and click download. Besides, the video is available in multiple resolutions, like 360p up to 720p HD video quality. You can select the one you want. Moreover, users can also modify properties, such as size aspect ratio, the number of frames per second, or audio and video codecs to be utilized during conversion.

tubedigger alternative aTubeCatcher interface

4. Video DownloadHelper

User Friendliness: It offers an easy way of downloading videos online since users do not need to install any other software anymore.
Type of Application: Web-browser Extension
OS Compatibility: Accessible on Chrome, Mozilla, and Edge browsers on Windows.

Video DownloadHelper differs from the previous video downloader mentioned above. It is a browser plugin that allows you to download video files directly from your browser. Video DownloadHelper is well-known as a great Firefox video downloader. Nevertheless, many users do not know that this web browser extension can also be used among other browsers making itself a great alternative to TubeDigger. When using this plugin, you can either copy the link or let the plugin download the video for you. The plugin performed well on a lot of famous websites. Yet, it is sad to know that DownloadHelper does not support the YouTube site. Despite that, it gained much support and became an excellent option for users who do not want to install separate software to download videos.

5. JDownloader

User Friendliness: Jdownloader can crawl all links and identify downloadable content based on those links, which is extremely useful for downloading full website content, video playlists, or hidden stuff.
Type of Application: Desktop Application/Download Manager
OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Unlike other TubeDigger alternatives, JDownloader is a free and open-source program that allows users to grab any video they want from the internet. This tool was made possible by a large group of developers who worked tirelessly to ensure its seamless online operation. It is also straightforward to use and operates at an incredible speed. Users have the ability to start, halt, or pause a download and restart it at any time. You can also use this program to establish bandwidth limits, auto-extract archives, and conduct various other tasks. With JDownloader, there is no limit to the amount of data you can download. It can download videos on the internet without losing their original quality. The issue, however, is its insufficient and garishly designed user interface, which could turn off many users. Nevertheless, it is still worth trying video downloaders online.

tubedigger alternative jdownloader interface

Comparison Chart for The Websites like TubeDigger

Tools Supported Sites Available Download Format

Supports Batch Download YouTube, Facebook, Vevo, Dailymotion, Twitter, and other 1000+ sites. MP4 and MP3 Yes
Downie Youku, YouTube, Bilibili, Vimeo, TED, and more. MP4 and MP3 No
aTube Catcher Vimeo, Facebook, Metacafe, Spike, Yahoo!, and more. MOV, 3GP, MP4, MKV, and more. Yes
Video DownloadHelper Facebook, DailyMotion, Google Videos, MySpace, Fmovies, and other video-hosting sites. MP4, AVI, WEBM, and more. No
JDownloader The tool works perfectly with almost any website that hosts videos. It supports almost all popular video, audio, and other media file formats. Yes
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