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10 Best Sports Streaming Sites like FirstRowSports

sites like firstrowsportsFirstRowSports is renowned as one of the top streaming sites by many sports enthusiasts. All sports within this streaming site can be seen daily, and new games are uploaded consistently. You can utilize this website for all of your sports-related needs. From football events in Brazil to ice hockey competitions in Russia, FirstRowSports has it all. Live streaming of nationwide events is also available for all competitions and leagues of sports such as basketball, football, golf, tennis, racing, and others. Given the site's great content and capability, FirstRowSports is inaccessible for many users due to ISP clampdown in various countries. There are also reports that the site periodically has problems and may not function properly due to technical faults. As a result, it is practical to seek other sites similar to FirstRowSports. Thus, we have compiled in this post all the best sites that you can access online as an alternative to FirstRowSports. To know about these unique websites, feel free to scroll down below.

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Ten Best Sites Similar to FirstRowSports

1. Live Soccer TV

User Friendliness: It has a calendar where you can access to check current and upcoming matches.
Supported Language: Español, Français, Português, Deutsch, and other 10 languages.
Compatibility: Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Live Soccer TV is one of several well-known and highly regarded websites like FirstRowSports. Within this site, you can witness and support your favorite football team in high definition. What is interesting about Live Soccer TV is that it connects you to live football competitions and other sporting events. Furthermore, the website has detailed information on forthcoming tournaments. Other live sports available include basketball, rugby, and cricket. Live Soccer TV allows you to watch football games on its supported channels, such as Fox Sports, Sky Sports, One Sports, HBO, and other sites.

sites like firstrowsports livesoccertv interface


  • Live Soccer TV broadcasts numerous tournaments from various countries all over the world.
  • It has a “News” section to read articles about the countries, players, and recent tournaments.

  • The interface is kind of updated, which might be hard to understand for a first-time user.

2. Watch ESPN

User Friendliness: The site allows streaming live national and regional ESPN Radio stations, over 100 ESPN Podcasts, live play-by-play, and more.
Supported Language: English, Filipino, Deutsch, Português, and other 20 languages.
Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Xbox, Apple TV, and other devices.

WatchESPN is the most popular platform among sports-related video streaming websites. Not only does it feature all of the matches and events that are aired on ESPN from around the world, but it is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for free. With these given exceptional features that WatchESPN provides, we can say that this service is better than FirstRowSports. In addition to sports-related content, Watch ESPN is well-known for providing sports news to its guests. You can expect an immersive streaming experience since WatchESPN, as a TV network, can broadcast high-definition quality visuals.

sites like firstrowsports watch espn interface


  • It allows you to stream 20 events at the same time.
  • WatchESPN has a dark-themed interface and well-organized navigations.

  • It requires you to log in to be able to watch live and upcoming events.

3. SportLemon TV

User Friendliness: Users can stream any sports event without having to log in or paying any fees.
Supported Language: English only.
Compatibility: Mac, Windows, and mobile devices.

In terms of dependability and watching possibilities, SportLemon is one of the eerily similar FirstRowSports sites, thanks to an easy-to-use interface and high-quality broadcasts. This site is the greatest and one of the most sports events streaming websites available for free online. It is a trustworthy website where you can select your sporting event, sports, and time zone. Best of all, the site provides free access to nearly all sports content, including hockey, football, boxing, basketball, tennis, and cricket. While SportLemon provides numerous streaming links, it also provides certain sports content that can be viewed using third-party applications, which is one advantage compared to FirstRowSports.

sites like firstrowsports sportlemon interface


  • The site is easy-to-navigate. All available tournaments to stream are listed in order.
  • SportLemon lets users download videos of matches or highlights of the game for offline viewing.

  • The interface is not very interactive, and the site lacks other features like a News section.

4. Wiziwig

User Friendliness: Wiziwig allows you to watch a sport in your time zone or any other time zone of your choice.
Supported Language: English only.
Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

WiziWig is a one-of-a-kind website that allows users to experience limitless live streaming of sporting events. The all-in-one live-streaming platform provides free sports channels, live radio, and even live TV shows worldwide, making it the best alternative to FirstRowSports. Many of the most popular channels on this site can be found here, regardless of your location. Everything is here, from live games to highlights. If you love watching numerous sports such as tennis, football, golf, boxing, and soccer, you will surely love this site. The smoothness of the streaming or HD viewing experience is the site's most attractive feature.

sites like firstrowsports wiziwig interface


  • Wiziwig helps sports night by providing match schedules for various sports.
  • The site also allows users to chat with other streamers worldwide and share their thoughts, favorite content, and more.

  • The site only streams live TV tournaments.

5. StrikeOut

User Friendliness: The schedule of sports tournaments is constantly monitored and updated.
Supported Language: English and Deutsch.
Compatibility: It is compatible with almost all devices.

Are you a big fan of American sports? Look no farther than StrikeOut, your one-stop location for keeping up with Baseball, the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, and Major League Soccer. StrikeOut is one of the top free sports streaming services, and it will undoubtedly satisfy your need to watch games and sports. Besides, this website primarily serves as a portal to other streaming sites that offer live feeds of the previously stated sports in the United States. Nevertheless, the site does not end with American sports. It also covers sporting events from other countries across the world, which makes StrikeOut a great FirstRowSports alternative on the internet.

sites like firstrowsports strikeout interface


  • The UI is simple and does not consist of several links stacked together like other sports streaming websites.
  • It includes a built-in Flash player that can play all videos smoothly without quality loss.

  • There is no guarantee to the quality of live stream from the supported channels that host the content you are looking for.

6. Sportrar.TV

User Friendliness: The site enables users to stream all live and scheduled sports events for free.
Supported Language: English only.
Compatibility: It is compatible with almost all devices.

Sportrar.TV is among those FirstRowSports similar sites that combine all prominent sports, such as football, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and many more. The detailed schedule and match results are a plus for this live sports streaming platform, which you cannot find on the FirstRowSports site. It provides users with a very accessible home page that is routinely updated. Aside from the live sports broadcasts, you can also discover a simulcast of select TV networks and watch sports streaming. Sportrar.TV also has distinct sections so you can adequately support your favorite team. Moreover, it provides various TV channels from where users can watch according to their convenience.

sites like firstrowsports sportrarTV interface


  • The site allows you to set different time zones to obtain the precise schedule of the match streaming in your area.
  • It has an aesthetic user interface, and the page loads swiftly.

  • It does not have a "News" section and forums, unlike other sports streaming sites.

7. Live TV

User Friendliness: Rankings of teams and countries are available so that you can stay up to date on who is in the lead.
Supported Language: Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, and other 7 languages.
Compatibility: Windows and Mac.

When seeking the best alternative to FirstRowSports, Live TV is always one of the most considered options. Live TV is a free service that provides live streaming of ongoing sporting events and matches from across the world. Unlike FirstRowSports, which collaborates with local, national, and worldwide networks, LiveTV embeds sports channels through third-party streaming providers and hosts. In this manner, you can watch the most popular tournaments or matches being played worldwide for free. You can also view sports videos, highlights, and live scores via a score widget, as well as watch the most excellent streaming of hockey, football, volleyball, basketball, or any other sport.

sites like firstrowsports liveTV interface


  • Live TV undergoes a frequent update in its server due to the significant traffic it hosts.
  • This web-based streaming sports site is free of use and does not require a subscription.

  • The platform is not available as an app for mobile users.

8. VIPBox TV

User Friendliness: All sports, games, and streams are accessible for free. Subscriptions are not required.
Supported Language: English only.
Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

Despite the name, VIPBox TV is an excellent FirstRowSports alternative where you can watch live games from various sports on the internet for free. VIPBox undoubtedly has a lot to offer. The video quality and streaming speed are excellent, and there is almost no sport that VIPBox does not provide, including badminton, horse racing, sports entertainment, boxing, snooker, and darts. It also covers winter sports and bowling. Aside from the many sports covered, there is also an area where you can view TV shows. In addition, there is a TV channel area dedicated just to sports channels.

sites like firstrowsports vipboxtv interface


  • It is an easy-to-use service that is excellent for watching sports events.
  • This site is committed to providing its fans with exclusive videos of tournaments, future matches, or any live sporting event.

  • It redirects you to an advertising site every time you click on your mouse.


User Friendliness: You can watch all of the biggest sports by streaming on live TV channels.
Supported Language: English only.
Compatibility: Windows and Mac., like FirstRow Sports, is a prominent site where millions of people watch their favorite sports. The service covers over 130 nations with various games and sporting events, but you must have an account to access the available content within the site and stream online. In terms of the interface, it has neat environmental vibes, and the navigations are well-organized. It also contains an extensive range of sports that you can watch by watching live TV channels and checking schedules or match details. Overall, provides a superb streaming experience, so you do not have to constantly refresh or check to see whether your connection is available or not.

sites like firstrowsports interface


  • It offers a live chat forum where users can meet and communicate with other sports enthusiasts worldwide.
  • The site has a fair library of TV shows and allows you to stream and download HD movies from different countries, including Frasier, Breaking Bad, The Simpsons, and more.

  • It contains malicious ads and redirects you to an advertising site once you initiate a click.

10. Batman Stream

User Friendliness: It allows users to share the link of the game matches on major social networking sites such as Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and others.
Supported Language: English, Italian, Français, Italiano, and other 5 languages.
Compatibility: Mac, Windows, and mobile devices.

Batman Stream is a well-maintained and well-organized streaming service that has been in operation for many years. It is a sports streaming website better than FirstRowSports in terms of content it holds. You can watch live rugby, baseball, tennis, football, basketball, the NFL, and other sports within the Batman Stream site. Besides, you can watch matches from any country and use the powerful search engine to discover live matches, which you will not find on FirstRow Sports. In addition, you can see live scores or updates on the scores of the team you are supporting, and you can stream in high-definition resolution as opposed to FirstRow Sports' unstable streaming quality.

sites like firstrowsports batman stream interface


  • BatmanStream offers a large variety of sports links that any sports lover can watch and enjoy.
  • The service has a chat section to add text, images, emoticons, and voice comments in communicating with other users.

  • It takes a while for the live stream to load when you start watching.

Comparison Chart of Sites like FirstRowSports

FirstRowSports Alternatives Search Option Advertisements & Pop-ups Requires Registration
Live Soccer TV Available Tolerable No
Watch ESPN Available None Yes
SportLemon TV Not Available Tolerable No
Wiziwig Not Available Annoying No
StrikeOut Available Tolerable No
FirstRowSports Alternatives Search Option Advertisements & Pop-ups Requires Registration
Sportrar.TV Not Available None Optional
Live TV Available None Optional
VIPBox TV Available Tolerable No Not Available Tolerable Yes
Batman Stream Available Tolerable No

Summing Up!

Today, you can stream a wide range of sports online, thanks to numerous sports streaming sites and services available on the internet. With the sites like FirstRowSports mentioned above, you have even more options that enable you to watch your favorite sports and supporting teams wherever you are, and at any moment you wish, all for free. For the optimal watching experience on these sites, we recommend using an up-to-date web browser like Google Chrome or Safari for Mac and a stable internet connection. Once all set, you are now ready to enjoy free live sports streaming from the comfort of your own home together with your family.

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