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10 Websites like CricFree to Watch Live Sports Online

feature sites like cricfreeCricFree is one of the most excellent conceivable sites that provide people with free streaming of various sports. This website offers a wide range of sections and sporting events, making it an excellent choice for users. This website has made a reputation for itself worldwide, and it is without a doubt used by the majority of sports aficionados. However, due to various unknown reasons, the website's developers have closed it to the general public. Do not be dismayed, as there are still a lot of sports streaming sites as an alternative to CricFree. In this post, we have enumerated the best ten sites similar or much better than CricFree. To know about them, feel free to scroll down below.

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The Best 10 CricFree Similar Sites Online

1. Stream2Watch

Live Sports Events: Baseball, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Boxing, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: It has over 9.77 million visitors worldwide.
Supported Languages: English only.

Stream2watch is among the first websites to offer free online sporting events. It is the best option you can have for Live Sports Streaming or TV Streaming. The website is designed concisely, and that is why it is pretty simple to navigate through the site. You can type your keywords about the sports stream you are looking for on the home page. Moreover, Stream2Watch provides distinct features that set it apart from other CricFree TV similar sites. One good example is the Live-cores widget. This widget displays the scores of games that are being played for free. There is also a live match discussion, facts, and details section informing you about competitions.

main web page of stream2watch

2. Wiziwig

Live Sports Events: Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Baseball, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: It has over 287.13 thousand visitors worldwide.
Supported Languages: English only.

Wiziwig is an excellent alternative to Cricfree if you want a straightforward website. WiziWig is a one-of-a-kind platform that provides customers with endless live streaming of sporting events. The overall layout with no pop-up advertising will entice newcomers to try it out. Wiziwig allows you to choose the sports category you wish to watch, and it will display the available matches and their timetables. Wiziwig is ideal for football and soccer enthusiasts since it broadcasts popular pro-league matches. These include Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and other pro-league matches. Also, Wiziwig displays the time in your local timezone by default, allowing you to follow the matches you want to watch quickly.

main web page of wiziwig

3. Live TV

Live Sports Events: Futsal, Cricket, Table Tennis, Winter Sport, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: It has over 19.21 million visitors worldwide.
Supported Languages: Español, Deutsch, English, Français, and 8 other languages.

Live TV is always one of the most considered options for the best CricFree sports alternative. Live TV is a free service that streams live sporting events and matches worldwide. Besides that, Live TV embeds sports channels via third-party streaming providers and hosts. As a result, you can watch the most popular tournaments or matches being played globally for free. It also has a score widget that displays sports videos, highlights, and live scores. Apart from being a sports streaming platform, Live TV can also be a radio streaming service. This feature gives you the chance to listen to commentators while driving instead of viewing the game.

main web page of live tv

4. Sky Sports

Live Sports Events: Netball, Darts, Cricket, Football, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: It has over 60.64 million visitors worldwide.
Supported Languages: Deutsch and English.

Sky Sports is a renowned sports streaming service. Sky Sport does not cover all of the leading sports everyone is interested in. However, that is precisely why it is available. The most incredible thing about Sky Sports is the wide variety of games available. You can keep up with the newest news and trends for your favorite athletes and sports. Aside from that, it also has a section with news videos. If you missed your most awaited match, you can still view the scores and results in the "Scores" section of the website. The sole disadvantage of Sky Sports is that it has a subscription plan, which means you must pay to access live streaming. Despite that, it still makes an excellent CricFree alternative you can access online.

main web page of sky sports

5. FirstRowSports

Live Sports Events: Horse racing, Basketball, UFC, Boxing, Golf, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: It has over 293.04 thousand visitors worldwide.
Supported Languages: English only.

FirstRowSports is a well-known sports streaming site that supplies online users with free full HD live stream credentials. FirstRowSports has been in the industry for over ten years and is regarded as one of the best streaming sites. All sports are available to watch on this streaming service 24/7, and new games are added regularly. This one of the websites like CricFree can serve all of your sports-related demands. FirstRowSports has it all, from football tournaments in Brazil to ice hockey games in Russia. Live streaming of national events is also accessible for free for all tournaments and leagues. However, some people cannot access the site for a variety of reasons. So, it is better to look for other sites like FirstRowSports in this list if the site is inaccessible on your end.

main web page of firstrowsports

6. Watch ESPN

Live Sports Events: Horse racing, Basketball, UFC, Boxing, Golf, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: It has over 61.86 thousand visitors worldwide.
Supported Languages: Deutsch, English, Filipino, Português, and 15+ other languages.

Among sports-related video streaming websites, Watch ESPN is one of the most popular. It includes all of the matches and events broadcast on ESPN worldwide. Also, the site allows streaming of live national and regional ESPN Radio stations. It has over 100 ESPN Podcasts, live play-by-play, and other content. What is more impressive is that Watch ESPN allows you to stream 20 events simultaneously. With these exceptional features, we can conclude that Watch ESPN is an excellent site alternative to CricFree. In addition to sports-related content, Watch ESPN is well-known for giving sports news to its guests.

main web page of watch espn

7. Sport365

Live Sports Events: Football, Hockey, Tennis, Rugby, Basketball, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: It has over 538.40 thousand visitors worldwide.
Supported Languages: English, Greek, Hebrew, Polski, and 8 other languages.

Sports365 is one of the most popular sites for sports fans who want to watch free sports events. On this platform, you will discover stations that broadcast all live sporting events from across the world. That being said, anticipate several options available. Aside from real-time broadcasts, you can also acquire new information and updates. It is entirely safe to use because no personal information is necessary. The website will allow you to enjoy sports all day with no constraints. It is an ideal CricFree alternative and is regarded as superior due to its ease of use.

main web page of sport365

8. StrikeOut

Live Sports Events: Cycling, Darts, Snooker, Soccer, Baseball, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: It has over 238.63 thousand visitors worldwide.
Supported Languages: English only.

StrikeOut is another excellent option for streaming your favorite sports for free. Like other CricFree similar sites, it provides free and easy access to a considerable selection of sporting events that can be seen online. The sports tournament calendar is continually checked and updated. Besides, StrikeOut primarily acts as a link to other streaming sites in the United States that provide live feeds of the various sports. However, the site is not limited to American sports. StrikeOut also includes sporting tournaments from various nations all around the world. It also has a built-in Flash player that can play all videos smoothly and without compromising quality.

main web page of strikeout

9. MyP2P

Live Sports Events: Motor GP, Boxing, Rugby, Volleyball, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: It has over 605 thousand visitors worldwide.
Supported Languages: English only.

MyP2P has the tenacity to serve you with the most effective online sporting activities that no other website can deliver. It features a good data source of broadcasts that you can enjoy at any time and from any location. You can enjoy high-quality and seamless streaming with this free site. Aside from live-sports streaming, you can also view complete schedules of forthcoming events and read sports news. The chat platform, which allows you to speak with other sports fans, is an exciting site feature. Furthermore, there are no annoying adverts or pop-ups on the site. So, do not worry, you will be able to watch your favorite sport without a hitch.

main web page of myp2p

10. Live Soccer TV

Live Sports Events: Basketball, Rugby, Ice Skating, Cricket, and more.
Accumulated Visitors: It has over 5.55 million visitors worldwide.
Supported Languages: Português, Español, Français, Italiano, and 10 other languages.

Last but not least among sites like CricFree is Live Soccer TV. This streaming service is one of the well-known and highly recognized websites for sporting activities. This website allows you to watch and support your favorite football team in high-quality live events. Live Soccer TV is exceptional because it connects you to live football games and other sporting activities with ease. In addition, the website has thorough information about upcoming tournaments. Live Soccer TV lets you watch football games on networks like Fox Sports, Sky Sports, One Sports, HBO, and more. Furthermore, you can access the site using its dedicated app on mobile devices.

main web page of live soccer tv

Comparison Chart of CricFree Alternatives

Sites like CricFree Search Option Supported Channels Requires User Registration
Stream2Watch Available ABC, CBS, FOX, SEC Network, and more. No
Wiziwig Not Available NBA TV, NFL Network, TNT, and more. No
Live TV Available Not specified. Optional
Sky Sports Available Sky Sports Channel Optional
FirstRowSports Not Available Instead of channels, the site provides users with different streaming links. Yes
Sites like CricFree Search Option Supported Channels Requires User Registration
Watch ESPN Available ESPN+, ESPN2, ESPNews, ESPNU, and more. Yes
Sport365 Not Available xxx No
StrikeOut Available Variety2, FS2, and other 5 channels. It provides users with streaming links from various channels. No
MyP2P Not Available It provides various links to stream live sports events. No
Live Soccer TV Available RCTI+, beIN Sports 1, beIN Sports Connect, and more. No
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