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Popcorn Time Stopped Working: 2022 Effective Solutions

feature popcorn time not workingPopcorn Time is a multi-platform and free BitTorrent client with a built-in media player. The software serves as a free alternative to subscription-based video streaming providers like Netflix. Besides, it is an app available on various operating systems, including Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux. Popcorn Time employs sequential downloading to stream video from pirate websites, and you can add third-party trackers manually. The app contains an endless catalog of ready-to-watch full HD movies ranging from classical to the latest ones. However, like any other movie streaming app, it encounters troubles. Popcorn Time keeps stopping or fails to function effectively due to algorithm flaws or various other conflicts. This caused its users to not connect to the Popcorn Time and hindered them from correctly loading and connecting. So if you're a regular user of Popcorn Time and encounter the same problem, this guide will be of great use to you. In this post, you will understand the possible causes of this problem on your device and learn possible solutions to resolve it.

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Possible Causes for Popcorn Time Not Working

Millions of users download Popcorn Time. However, Popcorn Time stops operating while streaming for various causes, which dramatically frustrates users. So before we jump into the solutions to fix Popcorn Time stopped working issue, let's first comprehend what caused it in the first place.

  • The primary cause why Popcorn Time not loading is possibly due to its domain being suspended, and the client app ceased to work for some time.
  • Popcorn Time occasionally fails to connect and load movies due to legal restrictions. One best example is America, which officially prohibits any such tool that allows Americans to breach copyright easily.
  • Another proven cause why Popcorn Time is not functioning well is third-party apps installed on your device. These apps include antivirus software, firewalls, or any other software application incompatible with Popcorn Time.

How to Solve Popcorn Time Not Opening Issue

This part will provide you with the solutions to resolve the Popcorn Time keeps stopping problem. We managed to cover all the devices supported by the BitTorrent client to ensure that you can completely solve the issue.

1. How to Fix Popcorn Time Not Working in Mobile Devices

Many smartphone users utilize Popcorn Time without difficulty. Most users have never encountered such an issue when using this software because it functions very effectively. However, some users report that the Popcorn Time is not loading or videos are buffering when streaming. It is best to check your internet connection to see whether it operates correctly to solve this issue. This is because Popcorn Time works quite well with a medium-speed internet connection.

popcorn time not working remove pt

Furthermore, make sure your phone has enough storage space. Because if your phone does not have enough storage capacity, it can be a problem for many. Simply go to the phone's settings and check for phone storage if there isn't much left. Then, use the phone cleaning app and thoroughly clean your phone. If the error is still occurring, you will need to remove and reinstall the program on your iOS or Android device.

2. How Do I Fix Popcorn Time Not Working on My Mac?

Popcorn Time is, without a doubt, the only free streaming program that is officially accessible for both Windows and Mac. Most of the time, if you use this program to stream movies on your MacBook Air, it will operate well. However, you might encounter problems with your Mac when using it, such as the software failing to run or freezing automatically.

popcorn time not working popcorntime mac

It can be a problem with your Mac device, in which case you are running many software apps simultaneously, causing the app to stop. So, avoid running too many programs at once, as this could impair device performance and cause Popcorn Time to malfunction.

3. How to Fix Popcorn Time Not Working in Windows

If you are having trouble utilizing Popcorn Time on Windows OS, you should first check and validate your device. You may be running many pirated software on your device, causing your Windows computer to slow down over time. Furthermore, if your computer has limited storage remaining, it will directly impact its performance. So, if you notice that you don't have enough storage space on your computer, erase any extra files. Examine your device for any garbage files and cache. If you locate them, be careful in erasing them from your computer because they may slow it down.

popcorn time not working popcorntime windows

You also have the option to uninstall and then reinstall the Popcorn Time app on your Windows computer.

4. Solutions to Other Related Issues on Popcorn Time

A. Error in the Media Player

There are some videos that the default media player of Popcorn Time does not support. As a result, the app will not enable you to stream such videos and display an error message. This scenario is confirmed for a large number of users. If you wish to overcome this, follow the procedures outlined below.

  • First, head over the movie title you would like to stream. Then, hit the big "WATCH IT NOW" button to preload the content.
  • When the movie starts playing after loading a while, pause the playback. Please do not close Popcorn Time.
  • Now, open the VLC Media player app. Navigate to the "Media" and select "Stream."
  • Go to the "Preload" folder and import the video cache file by clicking the "Add" button. If you haven't already, the default cache folder should be "C:/Users/XXXXX/Downloads/PopcornTime/Preload." Then choose "Stream" > "Next" > "Next" > "Next" > "Next" > "Stream." Popcorn Time is now playable with VLC.

popcorn time not working popcorntime vlc

B. Error in Movie Subtitles

Users frequently encounter subtitles errors. However, this does not suggest that the problem is with the entire software. The problem only happens with specific videos or movies with this subtitles error. Examine the subtitle settings to ensure a smooth operation.

popcorn time not working popcorntime sub

Tips to Record Online Movies from Popcorn Time

Best Feature: This screen recording program has a "Task Scheduler." A useful feature that lets you start and end the recording session at a predetermined time and date.
Installation Package: 61.53MB

Popcorn Time is just one of the best apps to stream free movies online. However, one thing it lacks is the availability to download HD movies to watch without an internet connection. This is where AceThinker Screen Grabber comes to the rescue. This powerful screen recorder offers a full-screen recording and a portion of the screen, making screen recording activities more effortless. It is an all-in-one application that allows you to customize the recording regions you want to include in your recording. Besides, the application has complex capabilities that you can use to produce high-quality results. You can use this screen recording program to specify a recording length to finish the recording process even if you are not near the computer. Furthermore, you can also easily record the computer system's sound, microphone, and camera.

Try it for Free

Learn how to record your favorite movie in Popcorn Time with Screen Grabber Premium by following the guide below.

Step 1 Install the Popcorn Time Screen Recorder

To start with, grab the set-up file of the screen recording tool by clicking one of the download buttons provided above. Make sure that you will download the correct version of the tool based on what computer OS you're using. Then, follow the directions from the wizard prompt until the installation is complete. After that, launch the program and explore its primary interface and navigations.

popcorn time not working sgp step1

Step 2 Customized the Screen Recording Area

To get better recording results, you can customize the tool's settings. Screen Grabber allows you to record screen activities in two options, in full-screen mode or by setting up a specific region. If you choose recording in a specific region, select "Video Recorder" from the recording mode. Then, hit "Custom" and pick "Select region/window" from the options. You can now drag the mouse cursor around the screen part of the Popcorn Time that you want to record. Once done, turn "ON" any other option you want to include in the recording.

popcorn time not working sgp step2

Step 3 Start Recording Movie on Popcorn Time

Once you've finished the procedures above, you can begin recording by pressing the tool's "REC" button. You can record any length of video without regard for the time limit. You can even take screenshots while recording. Meanwhile, click the "Stop" button on the recording toolbar once finished recording.

popcorn time not working sgp step3

Step 4 Save the Recorded Popcorn Time Movie

Right after you click the "Stop" button, a new window appears on your computer's screen. You can play the recorded video immediately from here, cut out unnecessary portions, or capture a snapshot of your favorite moment. Once you're satisfied, hit the "Save" button to save the recorded Popcorn Time movie on your computer correctly. That's it!

popcorn time not working sgp step4

Two More Alternative Recording Software

1. Bandicam

Best Feature: It includes a "Chroma-Key" feature that allows you to change the backdrop for the camera overlay to give some extra wow factor.
Installation Package: 1GB

Bandicam is another excellent screen recording tool popular among many users. With Bandicam, you can record in rectangle mode, choose a specific region, the entire screen, or surround the mouse with the tool. Aside from that, you can also record a camera overlay, which is ideal for developing instructional or video calls. It also has real-time pen drawings, inscriptions, arrowheads, and audio narration to supplement you more. Even more impressive about Bandicam is that it compresses the recorded video into a minimal file size while maintaining the original quality. So, if you are trying to record your favorite Popcorn Time movie or on a 3D movie site, Bandicam will ensure that the original quality remains and not be ruined.

User Guide:

  • To begin, download Bandicam from its official website. Launch the tool and become acquainted with its interface and buttons.
  • Then, from the tool's upper left corner, click the "screen" symbol and then the "Select a recording area" button to select the zone you want to record on the Popcorn Time app.
  • Then, in the upper right corner of the tool, click the "Rec" button to begin recording the desired region. Finally, press the "Stop" or "F12" keys on your keyboard to halt the recording.

popcorn time not working bandicam interface

2. Icecream Screen Recorder

Best Feature: This recording program has a function that allows you to speed up or slow down your recorded movies.
Installation Package: 30.7MB

Icecream Screen Recorder is a valuable tool for recording any screen activities, such as meetings and movie streaming apps like Popcorn Time. This software allows you to record video, webcam, and audio and use other recording functions. Icecream Screen Recorder can accomplish it if you want to record the entire screen, a specific area, or an area auto-detection. Apart from that, you can use its "Scheduled Screen Recording" function to arrange several screen recording activities in a timeframe. Moreover, you can also apply a mouse click motion to highlight the mouse pointer. The application offers recording in various video codecs, including H264, MPEG4, and VP8, which can be modified at any moment.

User Guide:

  • Install Icecream Screen Recorder on your PC and then run it. Then, under its "Settings," you can configure the system, video and audio quality, and many other elements.
  • Then, press the "Capture Video" button to select the video recording zone on the Popcorn Time app. Drag the mouse pointer around the area you wish to record by clicking "Area."
  • Finally, press the "Rec" button to begin recording. When you stop recording, the video will instantly appear in the "Path" column, where you can play it.

popcorn time not working isr interface

Comparison Chart of the Screen Recorders

Popcorn Time Recorders Output Format Price Output Quality
Screen Grabber Premium AVI, MP4, FLV, WebM, and other popular file formats. $42.95 - one-time payment. It can record movies up to 4K quality.
Bandicam AVI and MP4. $39.95 - one-time payment. It can record movies up to 4K quality.
Icecream Screen Recorder MOV, AVI, MOV, MP4, and WebM. $29.95 - one-time payment. It can record movies up to 1080p quality.
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