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The Best 10 Cartoon Sites Like KissCartoon This 2021

feature kisscartoon alternativeKissCartoon is one of the numerous websites that provide free streaming to watch your favorite cartoons online. The KissAnime network manages this site. It has a simple-to-use interface that allows users to search for their favorite cartoons quickly. The site includes a wide range of cartoons, movies, and Animes, and they are all available in high definition quality. Kisscartoon also offers the safest streaming of your favorite cartoons and Anime in one convenient spot. The website is easily accessible from popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any platform you prefer. With these features that KissCarton can provide, we can say that this site is quite exceptional. However, there are still numerous alternatives to Kisscartoon accessible on the internet that offer a similar or better service. That is why we made a list of the ten best KissCarton similar sites in this post. Let us take a look below.

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Sites Similar to KissCartoon You Shouldn’t Miss

1. KissAnime

Available Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Mystery, Shounen, and other 50+ genres.
Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Brave, and other popular web browsers.
VPN Friendly: Yes. KissAnime works perfectly with IPVanish.

Are you a super fan of Anime? Then, one of the KissCartoon alternatives that should be on your list of places to go is KissAnime. A well-equipped site that provides you with great content such as Spirited Away, Weathering with You, the iconic Naruto series, and many others to make your summer trip an awesome one. The interface is straightforward and quick, making it user-friendly. They also do not charge you. They provide dubbed and subtitled material that can be downloaded. Check the site to get your hands on some excellent Anime content.

kisscartoon alternative kissanime interface


  • It holds an extensive library of Anime content.
  • KissAnime allows users to download Anime shows for free.

  • It contains tolerable and misleading ads.

2. KimCartoon

Available Genres: Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical, and other 43+ genres.
Supported Browsers: Firefox, UC Browser, Safari, Edge, and others.
VPN Friendly: Yes. It works perfectly with IPVanish.

KimCartoon is another well-known name in the world of online cartoon streaming. This platform has a large number of cartoons that visitors can watch online in excellent resolution. The website offers a professional-looking interface as all of the content is well-organized and pleasing in the eyes. Also, KimCartoon's navigation is rather good, and you will encounter no trouble finding the cartoons by name. KimCartoon is indeed one of the excellent alternatives to KissCartoon. Its sections, including New Cartoons, Top Day, Top Week, and Top Month, can help you locate famous suggested cartoons. To conclude, it is straightforward to watch cartoons online within this site. It does not annoy the viewer too much when taking you to the streaming page.

kisscartoon alternative kimcartoon interface


  • It holds an extensive library of Anime content.
  • It provides users with 24/7 online access.

  • There are one-click redirects to different other ad websites.

3. Crunchyroll

Available Genres: Historical, Harem, Sci-Fi, Sports, Isekai, and other 57+ genres.
Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Internet Explorer, Safari, and other popular web browsers.
VPN Friendly: No. However, users can use VPN split tunneling.

Crunchyroll has been one of the finest Anime websites since 2006. The platform provides legal content. As a result, you can use this website without fear of legal ramifications. It has high-quality video content linked to Anime that is available worldwide. Even though the website contains premium content, you must pay for the subscription service. Besides, it features a massive collection of Anime movies and TV series. Furthermore, its blog section keeps you up to date on the newest anime news, timetables, and much more. Overall, if you can afford the charge, it could be a great KissCartoon alternative. In exchange, you will get access to ad-free content and high-definition films.

kisscartoon alternative crunchyroll interface


  • The shows being uploaded are simulcasts a few hours after Japan.
  • The platform has a YouTube channel, news services, discussion forums to keep updated about the content within the site.

  • Many shows that you would like to see are, of course, unavailable, particularly to non-Americans.

4. AnimeDao

Available Genres: Seinen, Supernatural, Game, Horror, Military, and other 26+ other genres.
Supported Browsers: AnimeDao is accessible with the most popular web browsers.
VPN Friendly: Yes. This site works perfectly with IPVanish.

AnimeDAO is a streaming Anime and cartoon website with thousands of series and full-length episodes. Users can peruse its list of the most recent episode releases, ongoing series, and newly added classic titles from this site. What is remarkable about AnimeDao is that if you are unsure what to stream on the platform, simply click the "Random '' button, and the site will provide you with suggestions! AnimeDao is one of the sites similar to KissCartoon since all episodes and movies have English subtitles in SD and HD and can be seen on any platform, including a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

kisscartoon alternative animedao interface


  • It provides a wide range of Animated movies and TV series in a variety of languages.
  • AnimeDao grants consumers a one-click feature for switching between dark and light theme templates, improving the overall streaming experience.

  • Many of the shows you would like to view are inaccessible, especially to non-Americans.

5. Cartoon Network

Available Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Kids, Family, and other 60+ genres.
Supported Browsers: Microsoft Edge, Opera Mini, Google Chrome, and other web browsers.
VPN Friendly: Yes, it works in any VPN.

Who does not know about Cartoon Network? Ever since the original conception, everyone has adored Cartoon Network, and now they have their dedicated website. It is one of the most excellent cartoon sites like KissCartoon for viewing cartoons. It also has several web-based games for kids. It offers a sleek interface, and viewers can anticipate an outstanding user experience, which it delivers. There is no virus on Cartoon Network, and there are no pop-up windows to disturb your viewing. In addition to being a trustworthy website, it offers an exceptional Video Player that provides a welcoming atmosphere for your visit.

kisscartoon alternative cn network interface


  • There is no explicit content on the website, making it suitable for children.
  • It provides HD quality videos and games that can be played over the platform.

  • The site supports only short clips of cartoon shows.

6. 9Anime

Available Genres: Historical, Gourmet, Magic, Shounen, Parody, and other 42 genres.
Supported Browsers: It is accessible in nearly all web browsers.
VPN Friendly: Yes. 9Anime works perfectly with IPVanish.

9Anime, one of the most popular KissCartoon alternatives, contains hundreds of your favorite cartoon and Anime titles as soon as they are released. 9Anime provides its visitors with unique features such as recommending content which they might enjoy watching. The recommendations are based on what the user clicks to see or watch online on the site. It can also inform users of content that they have not yet viewed. It does not end there because it is also quite simple to use. 9Anime is user-friendly for everyone, as it provides a rather extensive choice of cartoons and Anime to choose from. It enables users to navigate from numerous categories and genres of Anime and cartoons, which is incredible.

kisscartoon alternative 9anime interface


  • The site is regularly updated and saturated with the most recent Anime and cartoons.
  • The website features a dark mode, which is ideal for browsing and night viewing experience.

  • It contains inappropriate links and malicious ads, which are not suitable for children.


Available Genres: Adventure, Musical, Comedy, Educational, Historical, Magical, and other 55+ genres.
Supported Browsers: Users can access the site on any web browser.
VPN Friendly: Yes. It operates perfectly with IPVanish.

If KissCarton does not satisfy your cartoon cravings and desire to get any cartoon type, then WatchCartoonOnline is the spot for you. WatchCartoonOnline is one of the other KissCartoon alternatives with an exceptionally user-friendly website and, more importantly, provides a child-friendly atmosphere. The cartoon content on this site varies from the classics to the most recent. Aside from Anime, it provides a considerable amount of Cartoon content that you can watch at any time and for no cost, including notable US cartoons such as American Dad, Simpsons, and more.

kisscartoon alternative interface


  • It features a natural interface that makes it easy to navigate and locate your favorite cartoons.
  • Dubbed Anime, Cartoons, Subbed Anime, Movies, Series, and more can be found on the site.

  • It contains advertisements, but it is tolerable with VPN.


Available Genres: Drama, Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Family, and other 38+ genres.
Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and other web browsers.
VPN Friendly: Yes. The site works well with any VPNs. is a mirror site of KissCartoon, making it an excellent alternative for watching all of your favorite Animes and cartoons. This site contains almost every show that airs on KissCartoon, and possibly even more. The content is succinct and entertaining. It allows you to stream or download Rick and Morty shows and other popular TV shows that you can find, such as Gumball Chronicles, The Simpsons, Scooby-Doo, and a lot more. The interface is straightforward and similar to that of KissCartoon. The videos you will be watching are of high quality as well. Furthermore, its database is frequently updated. So, if you have not had enough of the merry old KissCartoon, this is the site for you.

kisscartoon alternative interface


  • It has a dedicated comment section where users can post their thoughts about the cartoon.
  • You can watch dubbed Anime, Cartoon series and even enjoy ongoing cartoon movies online for free.

  • There are intrusive and misleading ads that can ruin a user's viewing experience.

9. Cartoons On!

Available Genres: Family, Musical, Comedy, Adventure, Magical, and other 37+ genres.
Supported Browsers: Edge, Firefox, Chrome, UC Browser, and other popular web browsers.
VPN Friendly: No. Use a VPN suitable for the browser you are using.

Cartoons On has become one of the most popular websites for watching cartoons online. With over 4.8 million monthly visitors, Cartoon On is a well-known alternative to KissCartoon in countries like Australia, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, and other countries. This site is also the best platform to use for free online cartoon or Anime streaming. Besides, it is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and the iPad. Nonetheless, the site provides its users with a fantastic selection of cartoons and Anime series, including new and classical all-time favorites shows. Some of them are Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, and other various cartoons.

kisscartoon alternative cartoonson interface


  • Users can quickly search for their favorite cartoons shown by the studio, characters, and name of the series.
  • It has a massive collection of cartoons and provides an HD streaming experience.

  • The UI and user experience are not great since you will be constantly redirected to other sites.

10. 5Movies

Available Genres: Biography, Western, SitCom, Mythological, War, and other 23+ genres.
Supported Browsers: It is accessible in the most popular web browsers.
VPN Friendly: Yes. 5Movies runs perfectly with IPVanish.

Last and one of the excellent websites like KissCartoon is 5Movies. Like many other websites on the list, 5Movies has a collection that includes both classic and recently released films. The website offers high-quality content in both high-definition and standard definition. Aside from films, its collection also includes oriental dramatization, Anime, and American computer animations. Along with the website's Contents, it is reasonable to say that it is an all-in-one online Film site. That is the factor that makes it a fantastic choice other than KissCartoon.

kisscartoon alternative 5movies interface


  • It allows users to download HD cartoons, movies, and other available content within the site.
  • 5Movies provides the user with multiple streaming services and servers.

  • The site contains many and intrusive ads.

Comparison Chart of KissCartoon Alternatives

KissCartoon Alternatives Requires Registration Mirror Sites Request Anime/Cartoon
KissAnime No,, and Yes
KIMCartoon Optional and Yes
Crunchyroll Yes None No
AnimeDao No and No
Cartoon Network No None No
KissCartoon Alternatives Requires Registration Mirror Sites Request Anime/Cartoon
9Anime Optional,,,, and No Optional No Optional No
Cartoons On! No None Yes
5Movies No No

How to Distinguish a Good Cartoon Video Site

People of all different ages have been enjoying watching cartoons since the beginning. The most crucial factor to consider when looking for a site is whether it is legal or not. You have to be concerned about the adverse effects on your system. Advertisements and pop-ups could bring viruses and malware onto your computer.

kisscartoon alternative cartoon sites

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