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10 JibJab Similar Apps in Creating Ideal eCards this 2022

feature jibjab alternativeTechnology has become essential equipment for our daily lives in the new millennium. With the innovation of the internet, web engineers developed different video utilities. One of these is the Jibjab website. This platform provides different ecards and funny video creations that are now on-trend. As social media platforms continuously increase in popularity, people create different skits to popularize their ideas. This trend makes JibJab popular on these online platforms. However, it offers limited video eCard templates, and sometimes its video skits are not updated. Therefore, we collected and listed different JibJab alternative websites for better ecards and templates. Do not settle for less; read the list below to acquire more funny skits and eCard invitation templates.

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The Best 10 Apps/Sites Similar to JibJab

1. Greetings Island

Available eCards Templates: Birthday, Wedding, Holidays, Baptism, and more.
Site/App Availability: Greetings Island is a web-based and mobile app on Android and iOS devices.
Supported Languages: English and Español.

Greetings Island is a JibJab alternative website where you can create greeting cards. This online eCard maker provides dozens of eCard layouts to choose from, so all you have to do is choose and personalize. These templates were created by experienced professionals and are highly user-friendly. The Greetings Island card maker is a do-it-yourself tool that will guide you through the entire process of creating the designs. With this service, you can include text, photos, and stickers upon making your eCards. Once you generate your eCards, you can send them via email or share them on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The online service also gives you an option to download or print the file you made directly from the Greetings Island website.

jibjab alternative greetings island interface

2. Canva eCard Maker

Available eCards Templates: Business, Posters, Presentations, Infographics, and more.
Site/App Availability: This service is a web-based app and mobile app for iOS and Android users.
Supported Languages: English, Português, Español, Français, and 17 other languages.

Canva is a one-stop solution for those users looking for a wide range of eCard templates. This free JibJab alternative is a content creation tool that makes it easier for you to create eCards, GIFs, and even video greetings. Canva allows you to personalize eCards from various professionally designed eCard templates. Plus, you will get free stock photos. Canva does not require graphic design knowledge because the software is simple to use. Both free and premium templates are available, but most templates are available for free than on JibJab. Along with the template, there are various tools on the platform that you can use to edit with pictures, icons, stickers, drawings, and other visuals. Canva's drag-and-drop interface makes it much easier to personalize on a computer. Also, you can save your eCard as an image in either PNG or JPG format.

jibjab alternative canva interface

3. Renderforest

Available eCards Templates: Birthday Greetings, Wedding Wishes, Anniversary Celebrations, and more.
Site/App Availability: It is accessible online and as an app for Android and iOS devices.
Supported Languages: English, Español, Deutsch, Français, and 6 other languages.

Renderforest is a well-known platform that offers a variety of branding capabilities. It has about eight million clients and has completed over 15 million projects since its inception. Renderforest branding services, including a free eCard generator, are used by top firms like the BBC, Bose, and Cambridge University. As a video editing solution, Renderforest lets you produce animated and video eCards, which JibJab also allows you to achieve. This capability distinguishes Renderforest from other sites similar to JibJab, as not all of them enable video eCards. On Renderforest, there are about 50,000 animated displays in total. You can personalize each scene by uploading photographs, changing colors, adding music, and changing voiceovers. Moreover, you can also download part of YouTube videos and import them as video clips on the site. It allows you to preview your eCard video before saving it to see how it will turn out.

jibjab alternative renderforest interface

4. Smilebox eCard

Available eCards Templates: Invitation cards, Gender Reveal, Thank You cards, Wedding, and more.
Site/App Availability: This web-based app is also available as a desktop app for both Windows and Mac computers.
Supported Languages: English only.

Smilebox is a free JibJab equivalent platform that allows you to make easy and quick eCards. Smilebox offers a plethora of creative possibilities in addition to an extensive range of free eCard templates. Since the site's database is continually updated, there is always a fresh template to explore. Smilebox, like JibJab, has templates for several categories and events. You can upload photographs from your local drive while customizing the designs. Aside from that, you can also include special effects, text in various fonts, and fascinating backdrops. What is more, Smilebox has a collection of royalty-free music that you can utilize, as well as the ability to upload music from your device. All of your creations are saved in the cloud and are available to you at any time.

jibjab alternative smilebox interface

5. GraphicSprings

Available eCards Templates: Posters, Flyers, Gift Certificates, Invitation cards, and more.
Site/App Availability: This web-based app works on any browser on both desktop and mobile devices.
Supported Languages: English, Português, Français, Italiano, and 23 other languages.

GraphicSprings is yet another JibJab alternative for creating eye-catching eCards. The editing interface is clear and intuitive, making the eCard creator very effortless to use. Even if you have no prior knowledge of graphic design, you will be finished creating your personalized eCards in a matter of minutes. GraphicSprings provides pre-existing eCard templates that you can customize or begin making your eCard from scratch. Templates from hundreds of categories can be found in the Graphic Springs library. Also, using this tool allows you to add and alter text, colors, effects, and pictures to make them your own. After generating your eCard, you can save it to your local drive. Plus, GraphicSprings enables exporting of various image file types such as SVG, JPG, and PNG.

jibjab alternative graphicstrings interface

6. Adobe Spark

Available eCards Templates: YouTube thumbnails, Logos, Business cards, brochures, and more.
Site/App Availability: Apart from being a top-rated web-based tool, Adobe Spark is also available as a mobile app on Android and iOS.
Supported Languages: Finnish, English, French, Italian, and 11 other languages.

Adobe Spark is one of the adequate free JibJab alternatives. This eCard maker allows you to create one-of-a-kind eCards in minutes, all for free. You do not need any creative abilities when using Adobe Spark since it provides a simplistic interface. Thousands of professionally designed eCard templates are available in the Adobe Spark collection. Whatever form of eCard you wish to make, the Adobe Spark collection has a template for it. There are also additional themes available on the platform. When you use a theme, it affects your colors, fonts, and backgrounds. To help you create the perfect eCard, Adobe Spark includes an image resizer that allows you to tailor your design to any social media platform or print format. Premium membership is required if you want to keep your brand colors and logo automatically applied to all of your eCards.

jibjab alternative adobespark interface

7. Open Me

Available eCards Templates: Wedding Cards, Graduation, Valentines, Get Well cards, and more.
Site/App Availability: It is a web-based app that works on any browser on both mobile and desktop computers.
Supported Languages: English only.

Here comes Open Me, an online eCard maker that is free with no paid features. Unlike the majority of the JibJab similar apps featured on the list, Open Me allows you to create and send eCards without having to spend anything. The site offers two types of eCards: blank eCards and picture eCards. First, blank eCards do not include visuals and have simple designs, and you can use this kind of template to create your personalized eCards. Photo eCards, on the other hand, are complete templates that will save you much time. They are also wholly customized, just like the blank eCards. There are eCard layouts for every event, and the number of them you will see varies depending on the time of year. In addition, users can submit their personally made eCards to be used as templates. As a result, the Open Me eCard template collection is constantly expanding. This makes the Open Me eCard template collection constantly expanding.

jibjab alternative openme interface

8. PsPrint

Available eCards Templates: Holiday, Business cards, Thank you letters, Christening, and more.
Site/App Availability: PsPrint can only be accessed through a browser. Although it has a mobile app, it is only for tracking print orders and not creating eCards.
Supported Languages: English only.

PsPrint offers a variety of free greeting eCard layouts that are fully customizable. The PsPrint collection has around 550 eCard templates in total. Each 550 eCard layout can be modified entirely, including the card's front, back, and interior. The online editor also allows you to change the size, colors, and orientation of the eCard. By adding a theme to your design, you can perform general personalization. Apart from that, you can personalize the design by uploading new images from your computer and adding or removing any of the design components. PsPrint is a web-based printing service. As a result, if you intend to print the cards physically, we recommend using this JibJab alternative. However, if you do not want to print your eCard, you can save it as an image or PDF file.

jibjab alternative psprint interface

9. Creatopy

Available eCards Templates: Ecommerce, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's card, and more.
Site/App Availability: It is a dedicated web-based application. Creatopy is not available as a mobile and computer application.
Supported Languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Español, and Pусский.

Second to the last app similar to JibJab is Creatopy. It is an accessible online tool that allows you to make eCards easily. Anyone can use the platform to create intuitive designs and animations using thematic templates. Creatopy provides 1000+ free eCard templates, so you do not have to start from scratch. Creatopy primarily offers Greeting eCards, allowing you to design personal and business eCards. Besides, Creatopy is straightforward to use since the online card editor supports a drag-and-drop feature. No design skills are required. You can customize Creatopy's eCard templates by adding additional photos, fonts, colors, and shapes. All previously created design elements are editable. You have the option to save your eCard as a PNG or JPG. The platform is optimized for collaboration, which is one of the benefits of choosing Creatopy over JibJab and other alternatives.

jibjab alternative creatopy interface

10. FlexClip

Available eCards Templates: Birthday, Christmas, New Year, and more.
Site/App Availability: It is a web-based app. That means it only works on web browsers like Chrome and Firefox on mobile and computer.
Supported Languages: Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, and 5 other languages.

Flexclip is a video editing utility that provides different functions to create stunning video clips, eCards, and more. It supports multiple aspect ratios such as 16:9, 1:1, 9:16, and others. Users can upload their video clips on different social platforms like YouTube and Facebook with these ratios. However, it does not grant a function to directly share the video with these platforms. It also has multiple video and eCard templates that users can apply to their project video. Aside from that, it can enhance the project eCards with its editing features. These functions are adding music, filtering, background changing, annotation, and others. What is more, this tool has a help option to contact one of its representatives to guide and help you with its processes. This function is missing in JibJab, making this online tool one of its most excellent alternatives.

jibjab alternative flexclip interface

Comparison Chart of JibJab Alternatives

JibJab Alternatives Requires User Registration Shareable on Social Media Platforms Pricing Plan
Greetings Island Optional Yes. You can share your accomplished eCards on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp or share them by email. 1.17$ per month for premium access.
Canva eCard Maker Optional Yes. You can share your accomplished eCards on Facebook and Instagram within just a few clicks. $12.99 monthly, for up to 5 people.
Renderforest Yes No Lite - $12.99 per month.
Amateur - $24.99 per month.
Pro - $49.99 per month.
Smilebox eCard Yes Yes. eCards are shareable on Twitter, Facebook, and by email. $14.99 monthly for the premium version and $29.99 monthly for the pro version.
GraphicSprings Yes Yes. Users can share eCards on their social media like Facebook or by email. Basic - $19.99 per month.
Standard - $39.99 per month.
Pro - $99.99 per month.
Platinum - $199.99 per month.
JibJab Alternatives Requires User Registration Shareable on Social Media Platforms Pricing Plan
Adobe Spark Yes Yes. You can share eCards using the link or directly to your social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter. 9.99$ per month for premium access.
Open Me Optional Yes. You can share your eCards via Facebook or email. Free
PsPrint Yes Yes. A user can share eCards via link to any social media accounts. The price depends on the eCard quantity.
Creatopy Yes No $32 monthly subscription per editor.
FlexClip Optional No Basic - $9.99 per month.
Pro Plus - $19.99 per month.

Summing up!

JibJab has over five million installations on the Google Playstore alone, proving the platform's popularity. Due to its free account limitations, the JibJab platform may not match your expectations as an eCard creator. No need to worry anymore as you now have the top free JibJab alternatives listed in this post. However, many users also wondering how they can download Jibjab videos offline? If you have the same question, allow us to introduce you to AceThinker Video Keeper. It is a desktop application that can download videos from various video-streaming sites, including JibJab, YouTube, Vimeo, and more. We provided you below with a download link together with a video tutorial to get to know more about this excellent tool.

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