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Solutions to Fix Videos Not Playing Instagram on PC and Mobile Device

feature instagram videos not playingInstagram is a renowned social media platform in terms of engagement. On Instagram, people like sharing photographs and videos with their friends. It is a tremendously popular photo and video-sharing app, particularly among young people. We can use this app to keep track of our family and friends' daily lives. However, the Instagram video playback could become stalled at times. Several users have recently reported that their iPhone or Android devices are having trouble playing videos on Instagram. Instagram videos sometimes play for a few seconds and then stop, or they cannot play at all. Are you experiencing the same issue? Worry no more! This tutorial will explain why Instagram videos are not playing or loading and provide viable solutions. If you're ready, feel free to scroll down below.

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The Reasons Why Instagram Is Not Playing Videos

Before we get into the basic troubleshooting techniques, let's first go through some of the most common causes of Instagram not playing videos on your device.

  • Poor Internet Connection: Suppose your Wi-Fi or cellular data connection is poor or unstable. In that case, you will have difficulty streaming on the site, and that could result why videos not playing on Instagram.
  • Invalid or Corrupted Video: If the Instagram video you're attempting to play has been corrupted or removed by its publisher, you won't be able to play it.
  • Outdated Instagram App: Instagram videos are not playing because you are still using an earlier version of the Instagram app that contains bugs or problems.
  • Insufficient Device Storage: If your iPhone or Android smartphone has insufficient memory storage, the Instagram app will be unable to save cache and play videos.
  • Power Saving Mode: You have set your smartphone to power saving mode, disabling all network connections and preventing Instagram videos from playing.
  • Corrupted App Data: Certain factors, such as a virus attack, can damage the Instagram app data. This will prevent you from streaming Instagram videos properly.

Solutions to Fix Instagram Videos Not Playing on PC

Now that you know the possible culprits why Instagram videos are not playing, let's jump into the solutions to fix it. Instagram is mainly used on mobile phones. However, some users prefer browsing Instagram using a Chrome browser on PC and encounter the same problem. Thus, we curated below all the practical solutions you can perform to fix the Instagram playback issue on your PC.

1. Check Your Network Connection

Switch to Wi-Fi if you're using a cellular connection. However, if you have a stable internet connection but still Instagram videos are not playing on your browser, you should perform a speed test. This lets you see if your connection receives the maximum amount of data transmitted over your internet bandwidth.

instagram videos not playing speed test

2. Clear Browser's Data

You wouldn't be able to play a video on Instagram because of too much and outdated cache stored on your browser. If your browser accumulated so much data, it could be degraded. Hence, clearing your browser is necessary if your Instagram video cannot play properly.

  • Navigate to the Chrome browser's "Settings" menu. Then, move into the "Privacy and Security" section. Scroll down and choose "Clear browsing data."
  • Set the time range to "All time," and afterward check the boxes next to "Cookies and other site data," "Browsing history," and "Cached pictures and files."
  • Finally, click "Clear data" to begin deleting your browser's browsing data.

instagram videos not playing clear data chrome

Apart from Instagram videos not playing issue, clearing browser's data has proven to eliminate numerous issues on the platform. One great example is when Instagram not posting the video or picture you want to upload.

3. Restart Your Computer

Another complete solution to eliminate bugs and errors on your computer is by restarting. Doing so will allow your computer to get a fresh start on everything. This way will also permit the proper loading of videos on Instagram. To restart your Windows computer, you can simply press "ALT" and "F4" simultaneously. But, if you're a Mac user, press "Command + Control + Power Button." simultaneously to restart the device.

instagram videos not playing restart computer

How to Fix Instagram Not Playing Videos on iOS/Android

1. Restart Mobile Network Settings

If you're browsing Instagram, then suddenly, videos start to buffer; this is probably due to network disconnection. So we recommend resetting your network. To reset the network setting on an iOS device, go to the "Settings" and then tap on "General." Here, tap "Reset Network Settings."

instagram videos not playing reset network ios

For Android users, navigate to the "Settings" of your mobile device and then "Backup & Reset." Next, tap "Reset Network Settings" and then "Reset settings." Suppose you put a security password on your phone. In that case, your phone will be asking for you to enter it to continue resetting the network.

instagram videos not playing reset network android

2. Disable Power Saving Mode

As previously said, having power saving or low power mode enabled will not allow your smartphone to run correctly. It will modularize with specific app features on your device. So, you have to disable this function on your iPhone or Android device to play Instagram videos smoothly. For iOS users, go to the "Settings" and then "Battery." Here, disable the Lower Power Mode by tapping the button beside it.

instagram videos not playing disable lpm

To turn off the battery saver on Android 6.0 or earlier, go to "Settings" > "Battery" > "Battery Saver" and toggle the battery saver button. On Android 7.0 or higher, go to "Settings." Search for "Device Maintenance" and tap on it. Navigate to the "Battery" and then "Performance Mode." Finally, pick High performance and activate it.

instagram videos not playing disable psm

3. Reinstall the Instagram App

Once you have determined that your network connection is not the problem, you should concentrate on the Instagram app. The last solution you could do is reinstall the Instagram app on your mobile device. Reinstalling the program can restore the missing data causing Instagram to stop playing videos. To do so, tap and hold the Instagram icon on your home screen and wait until it starts wiggling. Then, select "Remove App" for iOS devices and "Uninstall" for Android devices.

instagram videos not playing reinstall

Once you have successfully removed the app on your device, go to the respective App Store or Play Store to reinstall the Instagram back on your phone.

Download Instagram Videos with Video Keeper Pro

Supported Sites: Instagram, YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, TikTok, TED, and other 1000+ video-streaming sites.
Compatibility: Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and macOS 10.14 or later.

Now that you can stream Instagram videos properly again let's talk about a powerful Instagram downloader in this part. AceThinker Video Keeper Pro is a desktop tool you can rely on for your video download needs. This program can download full HD video from various sites up to 8K Ultra-HD quality as long as the video supports it. It can perform a batch download, acquire video and music playlist for offline playback experience three times faster than any other video downloader. In terms of the download format, Video Keeper can save a video in the most compatible video format, which is MP4. But that's not all. This excellent program can also extract audio from videos and save it as an MP3 file. To know how to download Instagram videos on PC, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Save & Install the Instagram Video Downloader

First things first, grab the tool's set-up file by clicking one of the download buttons embedded above. Make sure to verify what computer OS you're using to get the appropriate version of the tool. Once saved, run the set-up file and start installing it on your computer. After the successful installation process, launch the program.

Step 2 Grab the URL of the Instagram Video

Now, open a web browser search for the official site of Instagram. Log in to your Instagram account and look for the video you would like to download. Click on the three-horizontal dot menu icon of the video and select "Copy Link."

instagram videos not playing vk step2

Step 3 Begin Downloading the Instagram Video

Once done copying the link, go back to Video Keeper. Click on the "Paste URL" button from its main interface and let the tool analyze the link. After a while, the tool will provide you with a download button. To start downloading the Instagram video, click on it.

instagram videos not playing vk step3

Step 4 Play the Downloaded Instagram Video

Finally, navigate to the "Downloaded" tab to see the Instagram video. Click on its file name and select "Play Video." The Instagram video will start playing, and you can now enjoy it offline.

instagram videos not playing vk step4

Download Instagram Using a Web-based App

Supported Sites: It is built for video downloads on Instagram only.
Compatibility: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and other popular web-browsers.

If you prefer an online tool over a desktop app, iGram is the perfect Instagram video downloader. This web-based application provides the user with a fast and hassle-free video download experience on Instagram. Apart from videos, iGram also allows you to save multiple photos, reels, IGTV, and Instagram Story. It can acquire Instagram videos in 720p HD quality and save them as an MP4 file. What's more impressive about it is that you don't need to sign up to use this service. You can download videos on Instagram any time you want, all for free. Let's look at the steps below to know how to utilize the iGram Instagram Downloader.

  • First, copy the URL of the video from the Instagram app or website.
  • Then, return to iGram, paste the URL, and click the Download button.
  • You will quickly receive results with various high-quality selections; download what best suits your needs.

instagram videos not playing igram interface

Instagram Statistics and Facts You Need to Know

Instagram is a major social media player that has considerably contributed to the culture of the influencer as a source of revenue. To learn more about the site, we've compiled a list of some of the most interesting Instagram statistics and facts below.

  1. Instagram is presently the world's sixth most popular social media site.
  2. With an estimated 647.98M monthly visitors as of October 2021, Instagram is the thirteenth most visited website in the United States.
  3. Instagram is the tenth most searched query globally, having a monthly search volume of 338.0 million.
  4. Instagram was the fifth most popular app download on the Apple App Store in 2020.
  5. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger co-founded Instagram in 2010.
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