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Fastest Way to Download Ustream Video for Offline Viewing

feature image ustream downloaderIn the midst of the Pandemic, many people were forced to stay inside their homes due to lockdown protocol. As a result, people rely on the internet to kill their boredom and reduce their stress. One of these solutions is to binge-watch and stream from various video-streaming platforms such as Ustream, one of the best American-based live video streaming platforms. This website provides different content like tutorials, live-video, and many more. Despite this good stuff, Ustream has its downfall. Though this streaming platform has a 30-day free trial, it wouldn’t allow you to stream any more once the trial ends unless you will avail of its premium access. Thus, we created this article to rely on because we gathered and analyzed the various solutions on how to download Ustream video.

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Finest Downloader for Ustream Video

AceThinker Video Keeper is a top-rated software to download Ustream video over the internet. AceThinker Video Keeper is compatible with different streaming sites and services such as Ustream, YouTube, Naver, and etc. Aside for being a great tool for downloading Ustream videos, this software is also considered as one of the fastest YouTube downloader because it has a 3x faster download speed than other similar software. This speed is possible due to its multi-threading technology that can be utilize to download multiple videos within just a few clicks. Its functions and toolbars are easy to manage and navigate due to its straightforward interface. Thus this will be a perfect tool for beginners to use as a solution for ripping videos.

Key Features:

  • It provides 1080p and higher quality possible.
  • It has batch download options to download multiple videos.
  • Unlimited video downloading.
  • It has the option to download subtitles.

Below are the steps on how to download Ustream video using AceThinker Video Keeper.

Step 1 Install Video Keeper

Go to the AceThinker Video Keeper website or download the software below to acquire the tool. Run and wait for the installer to finish. After few seconds, the software’s interface will pop-up and ready to be used.

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vk interface step1

Step 2 Get the Link

Go to the Ustream website and look over for your favorite video. Acquire the link by copying it on your clipboard, then go back to AceThinker Video Keeper. On the software’s interface, and use the detect feature.

vk get the link step2

Step 3 Detect Ustream Videos

Utilize the detect function; just simply use the built-in browser on the detect toolbar. Paste the link on the address bar, then run and wait for the system to access the website. Within a few seconds, the videos will play, and there will be pop-up windows for the link of the videos listed on the webpage.

vk detect step3

Step 4 Download Ustream Videos

Once you’ve clicked all the links on the “Media file detected” window, the system will automatically download the selected files. You can look for the download progress on the software's left side under the “Downloading” tab.

vk download step4

Step 5 Play and Save Ustream Videos

Once the download has been completed and finished, go to the “Completed” tab. You’ll find all the downloaded Ustream videos that you’ve acquired. Manage and save them based on your preferred location. Then, play Ustream videos all day long.

vk play step5


  • It supports different languages like English, Portuguese.
  • It can also be used and serves as a media player.
  • It has a search bar for your downloaded videos for easy access.

  • Free trial limits download for 3x daily.

Ustream Downloader for Chrome

Distinctive Feature: It supports recording mode, and it can acquire hard-to-download videos.

When talking about the reliable Ustream recording tool for chrome, Cococut is suitable for it. It supports 99 percent of video formats like MP4, AVI, etc. And the best thing is it supports HSL and live streaming videos too. This chrome extension is an easy-to-use tool because, within a few clicks, you can acquire your Ustream videos. To justify that, you just need to click the icon of Cococut located at the upper-right corner of your chrome browser. And after that, the system will automatically detect the video and proceed with the download options.

cococut download ustream


  • No software installation is needed.
  • Not a single dime is needed to access this tool.

  • Some webpage needs to play the video first to help the software find it.

Download Ustream Video on Firefox

Distinctive Features: This tool is considered by many users as one of the Firefox video downloader. It has a detect feature which allows users to download embedded videos easily.

To download streaming video for the Firefox browser Video DownloadHelper is a compatible tool to use. It is a complete tool for extracting Ustream videos and saving them on your device. Its detection technology can capture video from the web page and generate the video file for download preparation. And to add to its features, it has no companion app or software. This Firefox extension can rip videos solely and independently. The best thing is it also has a feature wherein you can utilize its Smart Naming function wherein you can customize your files' video names.

video downloadhelper download ustream


  • It is capable of making file conversion and aggregation.
  • Works on Popular Sites like Ustream, Vine, Twitch, etc.

  • There is a delay before the extension starts the download.
Download Ustream Video on iPhone

Distinctive Features: Download HTML5 video files with a few taps on hold on the screen.

DownloadMate is one of the leading video downloaders for iPhone users. Its extensive and very comprehensive feature is a much suitable tool for iOS users as a video downloader. It has a Download manager wherein you can access and manage the download progress of your file. It also supported a bunch of file formats such as MP4, MOV, MPV, etc. It also can do multi-tasking due to its background downloading option. For further understanding of this app, try to look at its pros and cons below.

downloadmate download ustream


  • It supports resuming interrupted downloads.
  • HTTP basic authentication.

  • Available only for iOS.

Download Video from Ustream on Mac

Distinctive Features: Smart Download then Convert mode.

iTube is one of the leading video downloaders that MacOs users can utilize. It has different features to offer for its users, such as recording videos, downloads, player plug-ins, etc. For its Recording videos feature, many video sites don’t allow users to download their videos directly; thus, this tool provided a recording tool to acquire the video. It can also download a video from different sites up to 4K quality possible. It also has an option for batch download for multiple downloads.

itube interface


  • Private mode to download the video without compromising your security.
  • Within three methods, you can download your Ustream videos.

  • Subscription is needed to access its full features for $19/1year/1 PC.

Comparison Chart

AceThinker Video Keeper Cococut Video DownHelper DownloadMate iTube
Price $35.95 lifetime 2 devices Free Free $2.99 $34.95 lifetime for 1 Mac
Device Supported Windows: Windows 7/8/10
Mac: Mac OS X 10.8 or later
Browser Browser iPhone device MacOS
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