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How to Download Twitch Videos for Windows and Mac

featured image download twitch videos for windows and mac Globally on the world wide web, Twitch is the premier platform delineated for gamers to stream live videos. Its primary aim is to stream a number of the most famous eSports contests of the popular PVP games, which include: PUBG, League of Legends, Dota 2, and others. As a result of the unbelievable growth of the eSports setting, a teeming population of gamers views prominent streamers to get requisite information of ways to play a smart game. Nevertheless, many of such streams are inaccessible on Twitch's server 14 days after that. But a piece of ecstatic information is that one can save Twitch Videos offline using an appropriate tool. Below are ABC ways to download Twitch Videos effortlessly.

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How to Download Twitch Streams from My Broadcast

Despite that the Twitch website does not permit downloads in its original state, one has the choice of saving viewed broadcasts for pals to view offline. Previously viewed broadcasts can be downloaded without the use of third force applications. On Twitch, you can be able to save earlier telecast as you progress in following through the guidelines underneath.

Step 1 Launch Twitch

Basically, the first step is to tap on the "Profile" icon up on the right corner of the engine to spread out the pop-down menu. Afterward, tap on "settings" to have a forelook at the settings display of Twitch.

download twitch streams step 1

Step 2 Enter Settings Panel

The "Settings" display ushers you to the "Channel and Videos" tab located at the top of the web page. Subsequently, activate the "Store past broadcast" option for your broadcast to be saved automatically for 14 days

download twitch streams step 2

Step 3 Produce the Video

Next, navigate to the "Video Producer" tab, where you click on the pop-down menu and choose "Past Broadcast" to see earlier streams viewed by you. To save a previous broadcast to your computer, tap on the ". . ." attached to the name of the broadcast and select "Download."

download twitch streams step 3

Best Way to Download Twitch Videos Published by Others

It is well known for the high-definition resolution with which Twitch displays its videos. To efficiently utilize and take advantage of this, using AceThinker Video Keeper is highly recommended to give you the best feel. Its edge over others is that with it, you can save very high-resolution videos, even up to 4k. In addition, it lets you download manifold Twitch Videos concurrently. And as a result of its multiple-thread capacity, all the frequency range of the download progression is converged. Furthermore, in case of a textual version inserted in a Twitch video, it allows for a download of the same. Comply with the guidelines underneath to get enlightened on such an outstanding downloader for Twitch videos.

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Step 1 Download and Install Video Keeper

Most importantly, tap "Download" to get the software's installer. Afterward, kindly unclose it, then comply with the procedures for it to be saved on your Mac or Windows computer. As soon as this is done, project the Video Keeper to gain entry to the leading interface.

download twitch video vk step 1

Step 2 Download Twitch Video

After installing the Video Keeper, navigate to your chosen browser to gain entry to Twitch. On the pages, seek out any video or clips saved. Copy out the web address of the video of your choice, then return to Video Keeper and tap the "+" sign at the top of the page to attach the link automatically in the search bar. Now, click "MP4".

download twitch video vk step 2

Step 3 Play Twitch Video

The engine will examine and interpret the link pasted on the interface and begin downloading it. As soon as the task is completed, navigate to "Downloaded" to see the video. To watch it straight away, right-click the Twitch video and tap on "Play Video."

download twitch video vk step 3

Alternative Twitch Video Downloader (Online and Desktop)

Other than Video Keeper, manifold trustworthy and efficient Twitch video downloaders also exist. Two have been highlighted below.

1. 4K Video Downloader (Windows and Mac)

4K Video Downloader is different software for downloading Twitch videos. It is well suited to download from various video sites high-quality resolution videos, which include 1080p. Apart from the fact that this software downloads videos, the audio can as well be outdrawn from videos. More so, it is convenient for clipping videos posted on the internet with 3D configuration. In addition, this software has a Smart Mode attribute that downloads videos with just a click. There is a need to choose format, output directory, and quality settings, which would be applied by 4k Video Downloader to the entire downloads.

downlaod twitch video on windows and mac 4k video downloaer

2. Twitch Video Downloader (Online)

Twitch Video Downloader is one of the most direct online means that can be used to download Twitch videos. Apart from Twitch, this downloader allows various sites such as Facebook, Youku, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. The videos can be downloaded with ease by pasting the web address of the choice Twitch video in the address box of this tool. Besides being used to download videos, it also allows one to alter several audio formats such as AVI, MP3, MP4, AAC, etc., so that they can be played on different devices. Moreover, one can route this tool with any web browser such as Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. The bottom line of everything is that this application has no need to register an account, and using it is totally free.

downlaod twitch video on windows and mac twitch video downloader

3. UnTwitch

UnTwitchis also an internet tool being considered here. Certainly, the term UnTwitch is being used as a cant to download Twitch videos. Similar to the tools above, videos can be saved when the URL of the Twitch video is pasted in the download receptacle. A singular advantage of this site is that it rarely has any advertisement, which is unlikely for a costless website. In addition, one gains the pleasure of watching Twitch videos that have been downloaded at 1080p, if obtainable. What's more is that, even with a mobile device, the site can be accessed and videos saved. It also allows for the conversion of Twitch videos to MP3, if preferred.

downlaod twitch video on windows and mac untwitch

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