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The Best Websites to Download Raw Anime Version

feature download raw animeAnime, in its most basic form, refers to animation. Surprisingly, the term "Anime" is not an acronym for the English word animation. Instead, it's how you say "animated cartoon" in Japanese (written アニメ). Nowadays, most Anime episodes and films that we can stream and download on the internet are dubbed or subbed. However, for particular purposes, some individuals prefer raw video that has not been altered. Raw Anime, in general, refers to originals that have aired on Japanese television. A raw version always has a higher quality and bigger file size, with more detail maintained and no addition or deletion, advantageous for editing. All prominent Anime streaming services now allow users to watch dubbed Anime or subtitled Anime to accommodate viewers in various nations and regions. Although services such as Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Hulu allow you to toggle subtitles on and off for some Anime, it is still challenging to get a raw version from them. That being said, we will introduce you here to free streaming sites where you can download Anime raw version. Feel free to scroll below to get started!

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Best 6 Websites to Download Raw Anime

1. Nyaa

Best Features: It has a clean and straightforward user interface. The majority of torrents within the site are verified.
Types of Content: Anime shows, Books, Lossless Audio, and Live-Action.
Supported Language: English and Japanese.

Nyaa is an excellent place for Anime fans to download raw Anime episodes free. You can find various genres here, ranging from major names to niche titles, classic series, to the most recent releases in 2021. Nyaa is one of the world's most extensive Anime torrent indexes, with over one million visitors each day. Also, new torrents are updated regularly. More significantly, Nyaa employs a user-friendly torrent classification system, featuring a specific Anime–Raw category in which all accessible torrents are presented by default depending on the updated date.

download raw anime nyaa interface

2. Anime-raws

Best Features: Users can submit or request their favorite Anime shows on the site upon approval of the administrator.
Types of Content: Purely Anime shows and movies.
Supported Language: English only.

If you've ever searched on your browser for Anime raw episodes download, you might have encountered anime-raws.tumblr site. Anime-raws is a dedicated Anime source Tumblr site with a vast number of direct raw Anime downloads. Although this site appears less well-known among Anime lovers because of its desolate interface, it includes valuable raw Anime content and receives frequent updates. To find an Anime from the given list on the site, use the keyboard keys Ctrl+F or ⌘+F and type the title you're searching for in the search box. If you cannot find an Anime using the Japanese Romaji, you can try searching with the English name.

download raw anime animeraw interface

3. AniRena

Best Features: It has an interactive UI that enables users to toggle on and off the site’s background design.
Types of Content: Anime, Games, Manga, Music, and AMV.
Supported Language: English and Japanese.

AniRena (formerly, renamed AniRena in 2006) is a BitTorrent website dedicated to East Asian (Japanese, Chinese, or Korean) media. It is one of the earliest public Anime torrent indexes that offer users free download raw Anime episodes. According to our analysis, AniRena has a domain score of 19 and a trust score of 33, which is higher than most websites out there. Given that results, we can say that AniRena is 100% secure and accessible in terms of torrent downloads. Additionally, the website has approximately 4k regular users and 6k uploaders who strive to keep updated with the newest free torrents to download Anime online.

download raw anime anirena interface

4. AnimeTosho

Best Features: The site has an active community, provides subtitles, plenty of healthy P2P files, and most importantly, provides up-to-date content.
Types of Content: Anime TV shows, movies, and books, including Manga.
Supported Language: English only.

Compared to the other options in this post, AnimeTosho perhaps has the most active online Anime community and has a lot of followers. Within this site, you'll not only discover a lot of raw Anime. But, you will also be able to download raw Anime content quickly due to a high number of seeders. Apart from that, AnimeTosho assures you with plenty of healthy P2P files, allowing you to make the most of your Internet connection speed. AnimeToshno has a primitive and basic UI. It signifies that you can expect a constant supply of Anime torrents, encompassing various media types such as movies, TV episodes, books, and pretty much anything else.

download raw anime animetosho interface

5. Tokyo Toshokan

Best Features: This site is great for advanced users. It has a considerable volume of content, RSS feeds and allows download customization.
Types of Content: Anime movies, TV shows, Manga, and more.
Supported Language: English only.

Tokyo Toshokan is a torrent website dedicated to Japanese media. As you would expect, Anime has a particular position on this website, as many users support it. That is why there is a steady supply of P2P Anime files available every minute. Besides, many users claimed that Tokyo Toshokan is a dream-come-true place for more advanced P2P. For instance, you can subscribe to its RSS feed to stay updated on the latest Anime. This lets you incorporate the feed from this website into your RSS reader, which is a convenient way to check for newly published Anime torrents and download Anime raw version. As you can see, Anime is the driving force behind the success of this website, so make sure to check it out.

download raw anime tokyotoshokan interface

6. AniDex

Best Features: The website has plenty of content categories with regular updates. It also features a lively community (forums and chat channels).
Types of Content: Anime, Live action, Light Novel, Manga, Music, Games, and more.
Supported Language: English only.

In terms of look, AniDex is a very typical P2P service. This means that when you visit this website, you will see an extensive list of torrent files, each with the necessary information about its contents. Besides that, AniDex is an Anime P2P service with a good range of content, including raw Anime movies, TV episodes, and more. All of the categories are accessible via the main navigation bar of the website. Although AniDex is a freshly released website, it’s still worth mentioning that you can depend on its high number of seeders and leechers when it comes to popular torrent repositories.

download raw anime anidex interface

Top 10 Raw Anime Series of All Time

Check out this top 10 raw Anime series that we have listed just for you!

  1. Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World - Genres: Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Isekai.
  2. Death Note - Genres: Mystery, Psychological, Thriller, Supernatural, Suspense.
  3. Naruto - Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Martial Arts.
  4. Rurouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai - Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, History, Thriller.
  5. Ghost in the Shell - Genres: Cyberpunk, Action, Animation, Adventure, Drama. SciFi, Fantasy.
  6. One Piece - Genres: Adventure, Fantasy.
  7. Fullmetal Alchemist - Genres: Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Steampunk.
  8. Dragon Ball Z - Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Animation.
  9. Darker Than Black - Genres: Animation, Thriller, Mystery, Serial, SciFi, Action.
  10. Attack on Titan - Genres: Action, Dark Fantasy, Apocalyptic and Post-apocalyptic Fiction.

Comparison Chart of Raw Anime Sites

Anime Websites Monthly Visitors Access Restrictions Mirror URLs
Nyaa 36,000,000+ visits. Accessible with most of the regions. and
Anime-raws Not specified. Forbidden in several countries and regions. None available.
AniRena 420,000+ visits. Available worldwide. None available.
AnimeTosho 960,000+ visits It could be blocked by certain organizations, universities, or ISPs.
Tokyo Toshokan 3,440,000+ visits. It could be blocked by certain organizations, universities, or ISPs.
AniDex 750,000+ visits. It could be blocked by certain organizations, universities, or ISPs. None available.
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