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How to Download Instagram Private Videos [2021]

feature download private instagram videosInstagram, which is now a subsidiary of Facebook, is the largest video and photo sharing platform globally. Instagram is a major social media player that has substantially contributed to the culture of the influencer as a source of revenue. That's why it's not surprising that Instagram is regarded as the top social platform for brands and company owners to commercialize their services and products. Within the platform, you can find a variety of user-generated media content, which is utterly exceptional. It even allows users to share their stunning photos and videos from other platforms, especially Facebook. Surely, there are times that you discover an interesting video that you badly want to save so you can show them to your friends. Needless to say, Instagram doesn't allow us to download Instagram videos on PC or to our mobile devices. And it is even harder to think that the videos we wish to download are in private. Gladly, we found possible ways to download private video from Instagram, and we provided them here exclusively for you. See below for more details.

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Download Video From Private Instagram Account on Your Computer

One of the best ways to download private Instagram videos on your computer is by using desktop software. In this part, we will introduce to you a user-friendly and one of the reliable tools that you can use to grab private Instagram videos.

Distinctive Feature: The tool has its own built-in media player. A handy feature, so you don’t have to open or download other media players anymore.
OS Compatibility: Windows and Mac.

AceThinker Video Keeper is a private Instagram video downloader that you can use to save any videos from the Instagram site. This tool has a user-friendly interface and is equipped with great features. One of its exceptional features is the capability to acquire Instagram videos to the utmost possible quality format, such as 720P, 1080P, and even 4K video resolution for higher, distinct, and better screen display. Other than that, Video Keeper will never let you down in terms of its download performance. This tool supports an advanced multi-threading technology that boosts the download process 3x faster than other tools. With this feature, it guarantees that you will be able to download Instagram videos in no time. In addition, this tool also serves as the best option that you can rely on when your video was blocked on Instagram. So, since you already have a background about this tool, you can now refer to the guide below to learn how to download Instagram private videos using this tool.

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Step 1 Install the Private Instagram Video Downloader

To fully utilize the tool, you have to download the set-up file first. To do that, you have to click on the download button provided above. Make sure you know what OS your computer is so you can save the correct installer. Once you have downloaded the set-up file, kindly install it on your computer and launch the program once finished.

download mr bean video

Step 2 Copy URL of The Private IG Video

On your computer, open a browser and visit Instagram's official site. Make sure to log in to your account and look for the private Instagram video you want to download. Click on the Meatballs menu icon of the video to copy its link.

download private instagram videos copy link step2

You have to note that you can only download videos from a private Instagram account if you are an approved follower of that particular Instagram user.

Step 3 Copy URL of The Private IG Video

Once the link has been copied, navigate back to the Private Instagram Video Downloader. Here, click on the “Paste URL” button to let the tool analyze the link and automatically download the private Instagram video.

download private instagram videos paste link step3

Step 4 Play The Downloaded Private Instagram Video

After the video has been completely downloaded, head on to the “Completed” panel to see the video. To watch the video, simply right-click on it and select “Play.” Once clicked, the video will automatically play from the tool’s built-in media player.

download private instagram videos play video step4

Download Private Instagram Videos Online With a Web-based Tool

Another way to download private Instagram videos online is by the use of an online tool. There are numerous web-based tools that you can use when you search on the internet. But, to make things easier for you, we’ve already looked for the best online tool that you can use.

Distinctive Feature: This tool is not limited only in downloading private Instagram videos. It also allows you to save photos from your Instagram feeds.
OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

One of the reliable tools that you can use in downloading private Instagram videos is This tool is an online web-based Instagram private post downloader with many necessary features for your download needs. These features include fast and direct download and a splendid yet straightforward interface. Apart from that, it is also equipped with a powerful video fetching processor allowing you to download private videos from Instagram in the quickest time possible. Assuring the Instagram content that you have downloaded retains its original quality. Besides, Save Insta will not only let you download videos from the Instagram platform. It will also let you save Instagram Stories, Highlights, IGTV, and photos from your feed and other users. Moreover, you don't have to worry about the device you're using because this online tool also allows you to download private Instagram videos on iPhone, Android, and PC. Below are the simple steps on how to use this tool.

User Guide:

  • Using your browser, search for the private video you wish to download on Instagram. Then, copy the link to the video from the address bar.
  • download private instagram videos saveinsta step1

  • Next, paste the copied URL into the first input box of the online Instagram private post downloader.
  • Once done, click on the "Copy" button to get the link generated by the tool. After that, open a new tab and paste the text on the browser's address bar.
  • download private instagram videos saveinsta step2&3

  • Here, select all the source code and copy it. Return to the web-based tool and paste the text into the third input box.
  • download private instagram videos saveinsta step4

  • Finally, click "View." The tool will automatically make the private Instagram video available to download. To save the video, simply click the "Download Video" button, and there you have it.
  • download private instagram videos saveinsta step5

Save Private Instagram Videos By Using a Browser Extension

Last but not the least, another way on how you can save private Instagram videos is by using a web-browser extension. Using an extension tool will save your time from downloading and installing programs on your computer. However, they provide only limited features unlike with the first two Instagram private video downloaders we have provided above.

Distinctive Feature: This tool allows users to directly access the link of the Instagram video displayed on a private Instagram account.
OS Compatibility: Windows only.

If talking about reliable Instagram private post downloaders, Instagram Private Video Downloader is one of them. This web browser extension is offered by lmutter140 that has over 770 users. Although it is available only on Google Chrome browsers, it has gained a lot of positive reviews from many users. Instagram Private Video Downloader equipped with a basic yet straightforward function. With this extension, you can download not only Instagram private videos but also those in public. In terms of the output quality, it has the ability to obtain the original resolution of the video. Besides, you can download private Instagram videos as many as you want, all for free. To use this web extension, you have to install it first on your Chrome browser. To do that, simply click the embedded link we have provided here in the description. Once done, you can now refer to the guide below.

User Guide:

  • First, log in to your Instagram account on your Google Chrome browser. From the Instagram platform, look for the private Instagram video you want to download and play it.
  • While playing, click on the Instagram Private Video Downloader icon, which is located at the upper-right hand of the browser.
  • Here, copy the entire text within the box and right-click on it using your mouse, then select "Go to https://scontent...". Once clicked, it will direct you to a new tab where the private Instagram video will automatically begin to download.
  • download private instagram videos ipvd download process

    You must refresh the Instagram page to generate a new link on every private video you want to download.

Comparison Chart for the Private Instagram Video Downloaders

Tools Acethinker Video Keeper Instagram Private Video Downloader
Available Output Format MP4, AVI, FLV, 3GP, MOV, WEBM, MP3, AAC. JFIF and MP4. MP4 only.
Supported Websites 1000+ online video sharing websites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Tumblr, Instagram, Lynda, Break, LiveLeak, and many more. Instagram only. Instagram only.
Can it only download private Instagram videos? No, it can also download public Instagram videos. Yes, but it can also download pictures from your Instagram feed. No, it can also download public Instagram videos.
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