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10 Most Visited Sites to Download Movies in HD

download hd movie feature imageWatching movies has always been the best form of entertainment for people of all ages. For some people, it can be a sudden escape from reality. It is not unusual for movie lovers to spend money to watch movies in the cinema. However, people nowadays can now watch movies from their computer, mobile, and other devices, thanks to the internet. Although there are times that Google directs you to risky movie downloading sites. You must be familiar with websites that enable you to download a free movie without harming your security or privacy. Good thing, we have done our research, and we found the ten best downloading HD movie sites. Continue to scroll down below to know more about it.

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Top 10 Movie Sites to Download Movies in HD

1. FMovies

Distinctive feature: It has a variety of servers where you can choose to watch HD movies.
User-friendliness: FMovies will present the latest and top-rated movies on their homepage, so you don't have to search anymore.
OS Support: Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile Devices.

This site has an extensive database, allowing them to host many videos at the same time. This site's collections are also updated regularly. This website allows you to watch new releases and download movies in HD. It includes a wide range of genres, from drama to animation. People may occasionally be unable to access this website due to regional limitations. If you ever run into this problem, you can utilize a VPN. FMovies has incredible content, making it one of the most popular free movie streaming sites without registration in 2021. Their website is well-designed, making browsing through its extensive selection pleasant.

download hd movie FMovies interface


Distinctive feature: It has a portal that allows you to search for movies by language, year, genre, and country, with over 20 countries to choose from.
User-friendliness: It has a preview feature.
OS Support: Windows, Mac, and iOS.

AFDAH is one of the most popular movie streaming sites on the internet. It has a user-friendly layout that is clean and structured for all visitors. This site has streaming is unquestionably fast, and the majority of the movies and TV episodes available on their platforms are in HD. Surprisingly, AFDAH's website has information on the films. These details include the movie's release date, language, and IMDB rating. Before you watch a movie, you can watch a trailer and read reviews on each of the films they have.

download hd movie AFDAH interface

3. Vumoo

Distinctive feature: The site does not store any files on its server. Non-affiliated third parties provide all contents.
User-friendliness: Vumoo allows you to switch to other servers in case that one server is taking too long to load the movie.
OS Support: Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS.

Vumoo is one of the sites that allows you to download movies for free online. It features an appealing design and a diverse selection of engaging films. Vumoo is your next destination if you're looking for a unique site with intriguing movies without having to join up. Vumoo is an incredibly well-organized and appealing website with a vast database of over 60,000 movies and TV episodes. The site's administrators are constantly adding new movies and TV series to the database. Because of its appearance, layout, and movie collections, Vumoo draws millions of visits each month. This distinguishes it as a premium site. Vumoo's platform, like most of the websites included in this article, is primarily involved in movie indexing and hosting third-party movies on dedicated servers.

download hd movie Vumoo interface

4. VexMovies

Distinctive feature: This website provides all relevant data about a film, including the plot, the country of origin, and the IMDB rating.
User-friendliness: Users do not need to sign up before they use the platform.
OS Support: Android, Mac, Windows, Vista, iOS.

The website VexMovies is the newest kid on the block for streaming movies and TV episodes. It immediately become famous because its interface is free of adverts and other popups, regardless of its originality. Nothing is keeping you from watching VexMovies contents in the greatest possible quality. With VexMovies, you can stream the best movies for free in high-definition. The VexMovies platform is well-organized, allowing you to find any movie you want in minutes utilizing their advanced search option. It also displays 123movies' movie collections.

download hd movie VexMovies interface

5. YesMovies

Distinctive feature: This website provides you with several request movie choices and allows you to stream TV series, too.
User-friendliness: It has a feature where you can schedule your download options.
OS Support: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10, and Mac.

YesMovies provides a large selection of high-quality movies and TV shows to watch without having to register. Their film collection is well-organized and distinctive. Using Genre, Country, and Top IMDB options, you may select a movie of your choice in seconds. Like other free movie streaming sites on the internet, they feature a few adverts and pop ups. YesMovies allows you to watch movie trailers while also providing you with more information about the films, such as the IMDB rating, film quality, genre, and actor.

download hd movie YesMovies interface

6. 5Movies

Distinctive feature: It offers you the latest movies and TV series that can be streamed offline.
User-friendliness: This website’s streaming speed is consistent and effective.
OS Support: Windows, Linux, Mac, Mobile Devices.

5Movies is our next recommendation for free HD movie streaming. It is the forerunner of websites that allow viewers to watch free HD movies online. Users can watch and download free cartoon movies for children, television programs, and animations on their websites. In addition, their site offers a diverse selection of Asian dramas and films. 5Movies is a well-designed website that provides various streaming links for any video you want to watch. They have a tidy and distinct design. You can then watch as many movies as you like without being interrupted.

download hd movie 5movies interface

7. Bmovies

Distinctive feature: This site provides not only HD movies but also TV shows, and it comes with various genres such as Comedy, romance, horror, science fiction, and more.
User-friendliness: Users can switch off the light to increase contrast and make the display look more vibrant.
OS Support: Windows, Mobile Devices, Mac, and Linux.

The nicest thing about this website is that it is updated regularly. You may expect to see the most recent film releases on this website. Several features will help you get the most out of your streaming experience. It's very simple to change the resolution and maximize the screen. When you click on the screen, a pop-up commercial appears. Hence, this will not be an issue if you do not mind it. You may view full-length movies and television series on Bmovies.

download hd movie Bmovies interface

8. Movies Found Online

Distinctive feature: It features documentaries, animations, short films, series, and TV shows.
User-friendliness: This site is perfect for all ages as it offers cartoons and movies for adults.
OS Support: Mobile Devices, Mac, and Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10.

On their website, Movies Found Online does not have any content. Instead, they provide links to other legal and free streaming Internet content. The majority of the movies have been uploaded to YouTube. As a result, watching them is completely legal. On their webpage, you'll find the most popular movies. They feature a highly user-friendly interface. They often add new films to their library. You may become irritated by the abundance of advertisements on their website. They should, however, pay their server fees.

download hd movie Movies Found Online

9. SonyLiv

Distinctive feature: There is a significant quantity of sports content on this website. Users can watch all of the matches online as a result of this.
User-friendliness: You can also share a movie from SonyLiv with your friends.
OS Support: An Intel-based Mac with OS 10.4.8, Android, and iOS.

Another HD movie sites that you can access online is SonyLiv. Though this website is primarily utilized for free full movie downloads and online viewing. It does offer a premium account that includes additional services such as unique drama channels, free MP4 movie downloads, and other benefits. Users must first register and sign in before they can access the portal. If you appreciate Bollywood movies and other popular TV shows like Indian idol, Big Boss, and others, this is undoubtedly the ideal location for you. Hollywood and other films, on the other hand, are plenty.

download hd movie SonyLiv interface

10. YouTube

Distinctive feature: It has a feature where you can upload your videos once you created a personal channel.
User-friendliness: It has a designated app for mobile devices and allows users to purchase YouTube premium for more features.
OS Support: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Mobile Devices.

YouTube is a video-sharing website where users may watch videos uploaded by others and upload their own. On YouTube, you can find a wide variety of videos. Amateur films, homemade music videos, sports bloopers, and other fun events caught on video are just a few examples. YouTube is known as one of the most popular video hosting sites and the world's third most popular website due to its simplicity of use. You can download YouTube videos for free. However, its functioning is limited. Using various methods, you can only preserve a modest number of films and audio files. The next part of this article is a method that you can use to download YouTube videos.

download hd movie YouTube interface

How to Download Movies for Free Online

Distinctive feature: This tool has a built-in browser and media player, saving your time from using other apps.
User-friendliness: This desktop program is easy to use as it only requires a few taps to download MP4 files.
OS Support: Windows and Mac.

Acethinker Video Keeper is the most outstanding program that you can use to download movies for free online. You can store videos or download YouTube playlist or queue numerous videos with the tool. As a result, you can download multiple movies at once. In addition, Video Keeper uses advanced multi-thread technology to speed up the download process by three times. It's one of the tool's best features, allowing you to download a movie in 360p, 480p up to 4K HD quality without any problems or loss of quality. Begin downloading a movie now by following the instructions below. To properly download movies and enjoy them later for offline viewing on your device, make sure to follow each step thoroughly.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Download and Install the HD Movie Downloader

To begin, click the download button above to save the utility to your computer. Please verify your operating system to find the appropriate installation for your computer. Install the file after saving it and attentively follow the installation prompts. Then, open the program and get acquainted with the user interface.

download hd movie vk step1

Step 2 Configure the Output

To download a higher-quality version of the movie, go to the "Settings" by clicking the menu icon in the upper-right corner of the tool's interface. After that, go to the "Format" panel. You can choose "Full HD video" clarity for a better screen viewing experience on your device. When you're finished, click "OK".

download hd movie vk step2

Step 3 Search for the Movie to Download

Then, go to YouTube and look for the movie you'd like to download. From the YouTube address bar, copy the movie's URL. Return to Video Keeper and click the "Paste URL" box to begin downloading the movie.

download hd movie vk step3

Step 4 Play the Movie

Finally, go to the "Completed" panel once the movie has finished downloading. From here, right-click the video to bring up a menu of options. To see the video right immediately, simply press the "Play" button and enjoy it with your friends or family.

download hd movie vk step4

Comparison Chart of HD Movie Sites

Sites Dark Mode Option Available Movie Genres Unwanted Ads
Fmovies Available Action, SciFi, TV Movie, War, Wester, Crime, and 13 other genres. No
AFDAH Not Available Adventure, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Family, Reality-TV, and 20 other genres. No
Vumoo Not Available Music, Action & Adventure, Mystery, Soap, Kids, Thriller, and 19 other genres. Yes
VexMovies Not Available Action, Adventure, Animation, Classic, Comedy, Documentary, and 15 other genres. No
YesMovies Available Kungfu, Mythological, War, Sitcom, Sci-Fi, Biography, and 19 other genres. No
Sites Dark Mode Option Available Movie Genres Unwanted Ads
5movies Not Available Action, Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Mystery, and 20 other genres. Yes
Bmovies Not Available Action, Adventure, Thriller, Horror, Family, Comedy, Animation, Fantasy, and 18 other genres. Yes
Movies Found Online Available Comedy, Crime, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Sitcom, Adventure, Mystery, Horror, Classic, Erotic, and 24 other genres. Yes
SonyLiv Available Comedy, Crime, Drama, Horror, and Action, and 16 other genres. Yes
YouTube Available Conspiracy, DIY, Learning, Tech, Travel, Vlogs, Gaming, Fashion, Comedy, and 22 other genres. Yes
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