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Funny Video Sites to Watch and Download Funny Clips

feature image download funny videosDid you know that laughter therapy is one of the best ways to relieve mental stress and push down all worries? People who suffer from extreme depression are prescribed laughter therapy. Many psychologists find ways to include the essence of laughter in their treatment. The best way to add the factor of laughter is to watch funny videos. Funny videos play an essential role in lifting your mood. Suppose you are having a bad day, then suddenly you receive funny clips from your friend. You laughed so hard that you completely forgot what you were worrying about before. All in all, watching funny videos is beneficial for your physical and mental health. So, to keep you more healthy and share more laughter. This article shares the top five funny video sites from where you can easily download funny videos and make your time more cherished. Downloading clips from funny video websites will help people of all ages to get relaxed and stress-free.

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Best Funny Video Sites to Watch Funny Clips


First, we have This website is very popular worldwide for providing the best funny clips. The best part is that you can download all of these videos for free and enjoy them again later. Here you find high-quality videos with a dose of humor, what more do you need? You also have the option to download the videos of your favorite Hollywood celebrities. Moreover, this website also produces funny videos from funny memes or trending tweets to keep the viewers' attraction. You can easily reach out for your funny videos download as the videos are placed in a well-organized manner under the website. You can also find funny political and trending videos in the category of most popular searches.

funny video funnyordie


This website is famous for producing funny videos about different situations. Here you will get original content from real life. The videos are so hilarious that you won't be able to stop yourself from laughing and will eventually burst out of it. If you are having a bad day, just open this website and let your mind relax, and become stress-free. Besides funny videos, you will also find funny pictures, memes, GIFs on this website that you can share with your friends, depending on the situation. You can also find jokes in both text and image format. You have access to download all these videos, images, and GIFs instantly with just a single click. As its name suggests, this website offers you a daily dose of laughter to overcome your unwanted stress.

funny video dailyhaha

3. YouTube

YouTube is one of the best media for sharing funny video clips. However, this web is not only for funny videos as it is a versatile platform. But, yes, you have a variety of funny videos from all over the world. All you need is to type "funny videos" in the search bar, and you will see an endless list of funny clips. You'll also see a variety of similar suggestions on your home screen the next time you log in, so you won't have to search again. Also, besides downloading to watch YouTube offline, here you have the option to share your talent by creating and uploading your funny videos to make other people laugh.

funny video youtube

4. College Humor

This is an award-winning funny website with millions of users worldwide. Here the content is updated daily, and you can find jokes, humor, funny videos, memes, and whatnot. If you are bored and don't know how to overcome your boredom, go to this website, and there you will find a vast collection of funny videos. These videos are so funny that you won't be able to resist watching one after another. Moreover, if you think that you can create any humorous content, then make it and submit it to their website for other people to enjoy. College Humor is a sister website of Dorkly that contains a lot of funny content in animations, cartoons, and much more. So far, we have reviewed the best five funny video websites. Let's see how we can download these videos from their websites.

funny video collegehumor

How to Download Funny Video to MP4 on Windows/Mac

Sometimes downloading online videos is difficult or impossible. Thanks to AceThinker Video Keeper, now you can download any video from anywhere in just 3 simple steps to MP4 on Windows/MAC. You don't have to worry about the video quality because this tool can download 4K video from YouTube. So, are you ready for some funny video downloads MP4? Let’s dig in and see how it works.

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Step 1 Copying URL

In the first step, you need to copy the URL of the video you want to download and paste it into the bar. You also have the opportunity to search for your desired video in the search bar.

vk get link step1

Step 2 Preview your search

Once you are done with searching or pasting the URL of your required video, you can now preview it to ensure you have made the right choice before the downloading starts.

vk preview step2

Step 3 Select video quality

This is the final step; in this step, you will select the quality/resolution of the video which you want to download according to your gadget. Once all the steps are adequately followed, just push the start button to begin your download.

vk download step3

So you see how simple it is to download videos from websites in just three simple steps. Besides, AceThinker is not limited to video download only, but this software is the best option for all your multimedia or digital problems. So, what are you waiting for? Create your account with AceThinker today and wipe away all your digital problems!

Try Not to Laugh With These Top 5 Funny Videos

Here we compiled the top 5 funniest videos from YouTube. Make sure to grab a tissue beside you because these videos can make you laugh hard!


Uploader: Tiger Productions
Views: 69 million.

video link

2. 10 BEST PRANKS AND FUNNY TRICKS || Tik Tok Memes Compilation by 123 GO!

Uploader: 123 GO!
Views: 57 million.

video link

3. Clean vines you can show your grandparents

Uploader: Mairead D.
Views: 39 million.

video link

4. 11 Funny DIY Couple Pranks || Tik Tok Memes and More

Uploader: Crafty Panda
Views: 26 million.

video link

5. TRY NOT TO LAUGH - BACK TO SCHOOL Fails Compilation | Funny Vines August 2018

Uploader: Funny Vines
Views: 14 million.

video link

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