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5 Methods to Download Embedded Video Online

featured image download embedded videos online While browsing through online websites, you often come across video content that you think of downloading. But a common issue that many internet users face is the inability to download videos directly from the website that displays the video. The most obvious reason is that these videos are embedded; hence they rarely have a built-in feature to initiate their download. However, there are still ways by using which almost any video on any website can easily be downloaded to your device.

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What is an embedded video?

Using embedded video content is the most common practice used by many websites today. What really happens in embedding is that by using the embedded HTML code, you place a video on your own website that is actually hosted at a different place or location. While many video websites do not allow downloading of their content directly and then uploading it to your own hosting service for sharing it with your viewers, embedding is technically allowed due to its nature as it involves no content copyright breach. In simple words, the content stays where it is while also being shared on multiple websites simultaneously.

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Why download embedded videos?

Well, the simplest answer to this question is that because you like a video you just watched, and now you want to share it on other social media platforms as well. But the problem that arises at this point is that the platform on which the video was originally posted does not allow this option. So what do you do? You use a third-party service that enables the downloading or saving of the online video onto your device.

The most common example of this is when scrolling through your Facebook posts. You watch a bunch of videos that you would want to share Facebook video to Instagram or set them as your WhatsApp story, etc. This same example applies to videos that randomly appear on your Facebook wall as well. To watch them again, and especially when offline, you will need to download these videos, which again isn't possible on Facebook. And the possibility of seeing the same post is nearly impossible as random posts usually disappear upon refresh, so it is better to download them the first time they appear.

Top 5 different ways to download embedded video online

In this article, we tend to solve the issue of downloading embedded videos online so the next time you like a video that you just watched, you are able to download it on your device as well. So, let's begin.

3.1 Use the ‘Save Video As’ option

Perhaps the most reliable option to download an embedded video is to right-click on it and check whether the option of 'Save Video As' appears in the right-click drop-down menu or not.
Many times if the embedded video is of .MP4 format, this option will usually be available. But because different video streaming websites prefer using different video file formats to upload video content on their portal, there are very few chances of this option being available. Generally, a video streaming website won't prefer using a video file format that is easy to download because of copyright issues.

save as option download embedded videos online

However, there might be other reasons as well for the selection of a different video file format such as video quality, streaming or buffering time, hosting space, etc. But don't worry, even if this option doesn't appear in the first place. Try using the other methods described in this article for downloading online embedded videos.

3.2 Use screen recording software

Whether you use a laptop or a smartphone, you can always use a screen recording software or an app to record any currently playing video or screen activity session. When recording on a laptop or desktop computer, you will need to install third-party software such as AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro to record your ongoing screen session.

sgp download embedded videos online sgp interface

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is a highly professional and powerful software to record your screen sessions for video and audio content simultaneously. AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro also offers the option of recording multiple modes, simultaneous audio recording from on-screen videos, and using microphones either individually or combined, and various video output formats. For recording on your smartphone, you may or may not need any external app to be installed for this purpose. This is because most smartphone manufacturers offer the built-in option of screen recording. But keep in mind that this built-in screen recording capability of smartphones only supports a limited screen recording session per video, which means that you will need to save multiple parts for longer videos. Or you can also download a third-party app for recording longer videos as a single file on your smartphone.

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3.3 Use a browser extension

You can also download embedded videos from your Chrome or Firefox browser by using extensions in their add-on stores to download embedded videos from numerous video-sharing platforms. You just need to download and install the browser extension and then visit the website where the video is. In most cases, the extension will itself detect the embedded video on the website, and you just need to click and select the video quality and file format to begin downloading the video. But a major drawback of downloading videos through browser extensions is that many browser extensions aren't safe and come as spyware or malware. So before downloading any browser extension, make sure first to check its ratings, the number of downloads, and then user reviews as well, both on the browser add-on store and on other forums on the internet. You can also look on the internet for reliable extensions for your browser by using keywords such as 'download embedded video Chrome' or download embedded video Firefox.'

video downloaderhelp download embedded videos online

3.4 Use a video downloading software

This is perhaps the most frequently used method of downloading embedded videos from online websites in terms of ease and preference for security and reliability. Video downloading software such as AceThinker Video Keeper can be an excellent choice to download embedded video online from different video streaming websites. All you need to have is the video URL copied from the video streaming website and get it pasted in the software. Then with just one click, your video will start to download. In addition to being a one-click embedded video downloading software from several famous video streaming platforms, AceThinker Video Keeper is loaded with tons of other cool options as well.

vk interface ultimate download embedded videos online

With AceThinker Video Keeper, you can –

  • download high definition (HD) videos,
  • convert downloaded videos into audio files,
  • directly download the audio of video without downloading both as a single file first and then separating or converting them,
  • convert downloaded video format into other video formats that are supported by different devices,
  • edit and trim videos and audio,
  • record screen sessions,
  • download YouTube playlist and audio simultaneously, and much more.

3.5 Use any online website to download embedded video

Much similar to using embedded video downloading software such as AceThinker Video Keeper, you can directly use certain online websites for downloading the embedded video. Simply copy and paste the video URL on such a website and click the download button. But a drawback of using online embedded content to download videos from websites is that they don't work for most of the video streaming sites, and the ones which work offer very limited options, bad video quality, and slower download speeds.


While we have listed all the top 5 different methods to download embedded videos online from multiple video streaming websites, it is upon you to decide the best one to suit your needs better. However, in our opinion, using software like AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro and AceThinker Video Keeper are the best and the most reliable options based on fulfilling many criteria.

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