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Top 6 Outstanding Video Downloader for MacOS

feature image video downloader macThe best video downloader for Mac is a beneficial tool that allows users to have videos from various video sharing sites. Using this tool, the users can download the videos and save them in formats compatible with Mac. The downloader can also offer the convenience of making DVD to MP4 and have hundreds of video formats converted into Mac-compatible formats. If you have all permissions in place, you can have the videos from other people to enrich your content or to develop a video library saved in your Mac device to post further. Or, you may use the downloaded videos for accessing offline environments too.

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Top 6 Best Video Downloader for Mac

1. Acethinker Video Keeper

AceThinker Video Keeper is an easily usable interface that can download videos of any format with no sweat. It is compatible with Mac devices. This video downloader works on multi-thread technology that utilizes internet connectivity at the highest capacity. Moreover, it let you download YouTube playlist and batch video download in other video streaming sites. Thus, you can enjoy faster downloads.

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  • It works on multi-thread technology to enable faster download
  • Supports 1000+ websites
  • Supports both MP4 and MP3 formats
  • One-click download
  • Support for video search available
  • Built-in screen recorder provided

  • A little longer code generation process

vk interface

2. iFunia YouTube Downloader

It is freeware for Mac and supports multiple video formats. It also offers the convenience of batch downloading. The tool is compatible with numerous other sites apart from YouTube. It is the best Mac video downloader that requires you only to drag and drop the videos' thumbnails if you want to do bulk downloading.


  • Very fast in action
  • Supports downloading YouTube playlist
  • Quite intuitive, and reduces the job to pick and click.

  • Gives free service only for the first three video downloads

video downloader mac ifunia

3. Get Tube

It is a very space-efficient and the best video downloader app for Mac that allows playback of media directly from the computer. It works well with all browsers. On installation, the user will find a 'download' button right on YouTube.


  • The videos downloaded are quite excellent in quality

  • Allows downloading videos only from YouTube
  • Format choices are limited – only MP3 and MP4 formats available

video downloader mac get tube

4. Videoder

Videoder is a free tool that offers support for downloading YouTube and 50 other video streaming websites. This downloader allows you to select a target location to save the videos on your device.


  • Works great with all playlists on YouTube
  • Supports multiple formats like avi, mov, WMV, mp3, mp4 and others

  • Lots of ads and popups dilute user experience
  • Number of supported websites very less

video downloader mac videoder

5. Ummy Video Downloader

Compatible with Mac OS X 10.9, this video downloader works perfectly for YouTube downloads. It allows saving the video in multiple formats. The process of downloading the videos is super quick. All that one requires is to copy the URL of the video on the action bar and click 'Download.' The tool is also used for converting videos.


  • Clean and simple user interface

  • Usable only for YouTube videos
  • A free account offers only one download

video downloader mac ummy

5. iTube Studio

This video downloader is a power-packed performer that offers a plethora of activities to do. Users can convert videos into multiple formats, extract audio from videos, download 4K video from YouTube, etc. It is pre-set for all iPhone 4 onwards and iPad 1 and 2 onwards devices.


  • Supports thousands of websites from Google Video, Vevo, Hulu.
  • Batch downloading
  • All HD formats and 4K resolution supported

  • Only two downloads offered for free in a trial period

video downloader mac itube

Top Parameters for the Best Mac Video Downloader

Video downloader comes as an easy-peasy solution when the users want the best way to download movies on Mac. Though several video downloaders have entered the market, all may not be suiting your use. To quicken the process of selecting some good quality video downloaders, we recommend you to consider these points for zeroing in on the correct option:

  • Simple and straightforward interface: It should not take a coding genius to utilize a video downloader interface. The interface should be straightforward, self-explanatory, and free from setup and installation requirements.
  • Multi-utility convenience: Agreed that you are looking for a video downloader, but its capacity to download MP3 videos will undoubtedly be a thing of delight. If you can download the music files, too, you can extract the best benefits of these downloaders.
  • Choice of quality settings and video formats provided: Devices come with support for 4K and 8K resolution. The video downloader offering the flexibility of choice in resolution makes it a time-relevant solution. Further, the flexibility to choose from HD, UHD, and other video formats also adds to the user experience.
  • Compatibility with the latest macOS: macOS is upgraded with new features and functionalities quite often. A video downloader having compatibility with the latest macOS can be useful for wider audiences.
  • Effortless browser integration: Video downloader should be equipped with an effortless browser integration option. Compatibility with all browser types and quick download support makes the tool readily usable.
  • Multiple sites supported: Many of the Downloaders are named as YouTube Downloader, but the fact is, these can support way many video-streaming sites. So, find out the number of sites supported by the video downloader.
  • Offers ease of bulk downloading: When you need to create a massive library of videos for any specific purpose, you will need every possible feature to help save time. Batch downloading or bulk downloading becomes an essential feature to look for in such cases.
  • Subtitling support: It can work amazingly for the people who want to break language barriers to enjoy videos in any language and save time. Integrated subtitles' support can save the effort of downloading the subtitling tool separately.


While selecting the free video downloader for Mac, do in-depth research on the features available. The tools like AceThinker Video Downloader fit the requirement most appreciably because of the abundance of features it offers, at no extra penny.

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