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10 Most Visited Torrent Movie Download Site This 2022

feature best torrent sitesGiven that streaming appears to be on trend these days, torrenting remains a popular choice for those who wish to download their favorite movies, TV series, or music. Torrents are a type of file distribution mechanism that utilizes the internet. They use the BitTorrent protocol to enable peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing. They essentially serve as an alternative to DVDs, Blu-Rays, and CDs. Besides that, torrents serve as a savior when every service takes advantage of consumers' expectations by providing premium services. So, whether you want to get an e-Books torrent or have premium software, you do not have to spend anything when you use torrents. Sadly, numerous torrent sites have come and gone throughout the years, with several being forced to close their doors. However, others have managed to survive and remain popular. With that being said, this article has covered you as we will go over the top 10 torrent movie download sites that are safe and regularly tested.

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Top 10 Torrent Movie Download Websites Online

1. The Pirate Bay

Content Available: Video, Audio, Books, Applications, and more.
Mirror Sites:,,,, and six other mirror sites.
Supported Languages: English, Swedish, and 35 other languages.

With almost 60 million monthly visitors, The Pirate Bay is one of the most well-known free torrent movie download sites worldwide. It has held the title of most excellent torrent site globally since 2018. Despite being temporarily shut down in early 2020, it is still prospering and has evaded multiple takedown efforts over the years. The site's torrenting file count is reported to be in the millions. What you will admire best about The Pirate Bay is its emphasis on security. It validates uploaders and determines if torrents are reliable or not. You will particularly enjoy its filtering mechanism, which will allow users to narrow down torrents by file format, quality, and console.

best torrent site piratebay interface

2. YTS

Content Available: Movies and TV shows.
Mirror Sites:,,,, and four other mirror sites.
Supported Languages: English only.

YTS, also known as YIFY, is perhaps the best movie torrent service for high-quality movies and TV shows. The site has over 75 million users worldwide. Besides that, YTS has more than 30,000 titles, many of which have subtitles and are accessible in 720p, 1080p, and even in 4K UHD quality. Its files are tiny and high-quality, making them suitable for all bandwidth levels. YTS also boasts an easy-to-use interface that will resemble you with Netflix vibes. When a user searches for a specific movie, YTS will supply the film's technical specifications, summary, IMBD ratings, and a list of comparable films and cinematic images. Considering YTS focuses on movies, it lacks other forms of content. So, you will have to look at other sites on the list for music, games, or software.

best torrent site yts interface

3. Torrentz2

Content Available: TV Shows, Games, E-books, PC Games, and more.
Mirror Sites:,,,, and four other mirror sites.
Supported Languages: English only.

Torrentz2, formerly known as Torrentz, is a BitTorrent search engine that indexes torrents from over 85+ torrent download sites based on your search query. By clicking on the magnet link in your search results, you can download your torrent from one of the sites. If your preferred torrent site does not contain the file you want, Torrentz2 is an excellent substitute. Although Torrentz2 is mainly used for music downloads, it allows you to download various torrents. It provides access to an extensive music collection with a diverse range of genres. The only deficiency of the site is that it lacks filtering features. Some users have stated that they have spent a few minutes seeking the file they need. You can—however, filter torrents to check if they are verified or not, which is helpful for users.

best torrent site torrentz2 interface

4. 1337x

Content Available: Anime, Documentaries, Music, Movies, and more.
Mirror Sites:,,,, and two other mirror sites.
Supported Languages: English only.

Another torrent site listed on this post is 1337x. It is a popular torrent website with over 53 million monthly visits and a massive collection of high-quality torrents. 1337x has been operating for a long time and has a highly active community, which means its torrents are constantly updated every few hours. Its user interface is concise and informative since it offers specific data about each torrent and other relevant information. For example, it will reveal whether or not a program or movie has been nominated for an award. Other than that, it also displays the number of times it has been downloaded. The number of downloads also indicates whether the file is a high-quality torrent or not. Overall, 1337x had significantly improved over a few years ago, from a sluggish and clunky interface to an attractive and engaging interface now.

best torrent site 1337x interface

5. LimeTorrents

Content Available: Games, Anime, Movies, Apps, and more.
Mirror Sites:,,,, and four other mirror sites.
Supported Languages: English and Deutsch.

LimeTorrents is one of the major sites for streaming uTorrent movies with a vast torrent database. It has more than 10 million torrents of all media categories and over 20 million monthly users. Another remarkable thing about this site is that you can download HD movies of various quality up to 1080p resolutions. The site displays the top 100 torrents in each category. This top 100 list concentrates on recent releases, which means that most are copyrighted and illegal to download. Therefore, take precautions when using this list to avoid breaking any laws. You will also find the UI slick and visually appealing and appreciate the ability to filter torrents by their health or verification status.

best torrent site limetorrents interface


Content Available: Literatures, Anime Music Video, Movie, Audios, and more.
Mirror Sites: and
Supported Languages: English only.

Nyaa is a Japanese site that offers Anime and free movie torrents. As a result, it makes sense that it is a popular Anime torrent site. The website is a revival of the anime torrent site NYAA. Searches on the site always provide a significant number of results, so you will not be disappointed. This torrent site specializes in Asian content, primarily Japan, China, and South Korea. It allows users, especially Anime geeks, to download raw Anime shows in a high-quality format. However, if you are not into Anime, you can discover other torrent files on the platform. In addition, you will love as it provides a simple interface, which makes it simple to find the files you are looking for.

best torrent site nyaa interface

7. IPTorrents

Content Available: Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, and more.
Mirror Sites:,,, and
Supported Languages: English, Spanish, and more.

IPTorrents, unlike the other torrent sites listed here, is a private torrent download site with over 7 million monthly active visitors. This indicates that you can only use it if you are invited and donate. However, once you are in, you will get access to an enormous library and an active community – all without any annoying pop-up advertising. It is also safer since private torrenting services like IPTorrents make it far more difficult for anyone to transmit spyware or malware because it is not available to everyone. Another advantage of IPTorrents is that they offer substantially faster streaming rates than public ones since members must adhere to seeding limitations. The only concern about the site is that you have to complete a $20 payment to get entry, which is quite hefty. You will not be approved unless you make this contribution. Despite that, it is still an excellent option if you can afford the payment to get in.

best torrent site iptorrents interface

8. Zooqle

Content Available: Audio Books, Movies, Music, Applications, and more.
Mirror Sites:,,, and three other mirror sites.
Supported Languages: English and Russian.

Zooqle is a newbie to the peer-to-peer torrent site list, and it sticks out with an excellent and straightforward user interface. It is undoubtedly one of the finest torrent sites for downloading movies of various qualities. Zooqle is a relatively new brand in the BitTorrent ecosystem, but it is swiftly climbing to the top. This increase can be attributed to the constantly rising quantity of torrents. Bitsnoop, a popular torrent search engine with a database of over 20 million files, has been shut down. To carry on the legacy, the creators shared the data with Zooqle. To broaden its torrent collection, it also uses links from other torrent sites such as Torrenthound and Katcr. Furthermore, there is no requirement to create an account to download torrent files on Zooqle.

best torrent site zooqle interface

9. TorrentGalaxy

Content Available: Music, E-books, Movies, Adult Videos, Magazines, and more.
Mirror Sites:,, and, and more.
Supported Languages: English only.

Another brand new BitTorrent search engine available online is Torrent Galaxy. The website's setup is simple, easy to use, and fascinating. Its olive green-themed interface cleanly displays all torrent entries and all the necessary information for the user. A fast search for your chosen material delivers torrent links in search results, along with the uploader's name and status, file size, upload date and time, and seeder/leecher ratio. These specifications simplify the use of the service so that even the most beginner user can locate the appropriate link quickly without any troubles. The website also offers the ability to create an account to save your favorite torrents. There is also a comments area where users can discuss the torrents.

best torrent site torrentgalaxy interface

10. YourBittorent

Content Available: Photos, TV Shows, Anime, games, and more.
Mirror Sites:,, and
Supported Languages: English only.

YourBittorrent has followed the lead of free movie torrenting sites. It is an ideal platform for movie buffs since it has a library of films spanning from classics to the most recent releases. It is pretty simple to navigate from this site. The overall setup is clean and uncluttered, with clear torrents listings appearing under numerous categories. The list also includes essential information for users, such as file size, upload date, seeders, and leechers. For non - technical users, the site also allows them to sift the results to obtain just verified torrent links. Furthermore, magnet links are not supported on this domain. This website is excellent for reading torrent-related news in addition to torrents. The news is sourced from various sources, the majority of which are from the Torrent Freak torrent-exclusive news website.

best torrent site yourbittorrent interface

Comparison Chart of the Torrent Movie Sites

Movie Torrent Sites Alexa Ranking Banned Regions Ads and Pop-ups
The Pirate Bay 341 worldwide Malaysia, Kuwait, Germany, Russia, and 24 other countries. Tolerable
YTS 412 worldwide Ireland. Intrusive
Torrentz2 64, 004 worldwide None Intrusive
1337x 1, 766 worldwide UK, Australia, Austria, and Ireland. Tolerable
LimeTorrents 4, 418 worldwide France, UK, and Australia. None
Movie Torrent Sites Alexa Ranking Banned Regions Ads and Pop-ups 1, 068 worldwide Japan, South Korea, Australia, the UK, and the US. None
IPTorrents 5, 879 worldwide Not specified. None
Zooqle 11, 025 worldwide None None
TorrentGalaxy 6, 294 worldwide None Intrusive
YourBittorent 270, 410 worldwide Switzerland, USA, India, and Portugal. Tolerable

Tips for Choosing the Best Torrent Sites

Torrent websites could be a dangerous place because many of them are unregulated. Some sites might contain fraudulent links containing viruses, tracking software, or malware. That is why selecting a reputable torrent site is crucial for reducing the hazards associated. With that being said, we collated the features that a torrent site should possess to have a safe and free from virus torrent download experience.

  • Privacy and Security - Seek for a site that has been operational for at least five years, has few adverts, and validates its torrent files. However, bear in mind that no torrent site is entirely secure because they can disclose your data and behavior to third parties. So, we recommend utilizing a VPN to guarantee your safety when torrenting.
  • Few Ads as Possible - Intruding pop-up advertisements are unavoidable on many pirate sites. Avoid sites that flood you with advertisements, or use a VPN with an ad filter.
  • High Alexa Rating -The Alexa ranking indicates how popular the site is for internet users worldwide, and a high ranking suggests that the community is active.
  • Availability in Your Location - Because certain regions restrict torrent sites more than others, be sure you can access the site in your area.
  • The Versatility of Content - Make sure that the site's library contains various content categories. Consider specialized sites if you are looking for a specific type of content, such as movies.
  • Well-established - The torrent site's year of establishment reflects its dependability. One positive indicator is if the site has been up and running for at least 5-10 years and has never been taken down.
  • High Reputation - Select a website with a large number of active users. Look for a site with numerous comments, in particular. Comments from previous users on torrent files are necessary because they can help you determine if a file is genuine or not.
  • High Seeder/Leecher Ratio – A high seeder/leecher ratio suggests a high sharing and leads to speedier downloads.
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