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How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Keeps Freezing on Your Device

feature amazon prime video bufferingAmazon Prime has approximately 200 million visitors worldwide. And 175 million of those people have used Amazon Prime Video. An Amazon Prime subscription entitles you to Prime Video benefits. Users can stream hundreds of TV shows and films on nearly any device with your membership. Besides, you can access Prime Video via or download the Prime Video app on your mobile device. All of the perks that Prime Video provides are reason enough to call it one of the best streaming platforms. However, user reports show that video on Amazon Prime keeps buffering or stuttering when watching movies. We know that it is a total downer for your viewing experience. Thus, in this article, we curated troubleshooting solutions that you can do to fix your Amazon Prime video problem on PC. Make sure to read on each solution carefully to get back on streaming Prime videos smoothly again.

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Reasons Why Amazon Prime Video Keeps Freezing

Now that we are about to suppress your Amazon Prime Video lagging or freezing problem. We must first understand why it is happening and what is causing it. Some of the causes you'd most likely look into are:

1. Slow Internet Connection: One of the most prevalent causes of Amazon Prime video stuttering is a slow internet connection. Suppose you're having problems with other websites, particularly video platforms like YouTube. In that case, you'll most likely have problems with Prime Video as well.

2. Outdated Amazon Prime Video App: Not all that is ancient is gold. One of the numerous reasons your Amazon Prime Video is sluggish could be because you're running an old version of the app.

3. Unwanted Internet Cache Data: A temporary web data or Amazon Prime cache degrades the speed of video streams and the device over time. So keep an eye out for such undesirable, damaged cache or Internet files and delete them.

4. Amazon Problem: Some users have reported experiencing a freeze when watching films on Amazon Prime Video. However, this was only limited to Amazon. Streaming works successfully on sites like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, and other sites. If that's the case, the issue isn't with your device or internet connection; instead, Amazon itself.

amazon prime video buffering

Solutions to Fix Amazon Prime Video Buffering Issues

Solution 1. Check Your Network Connection Speed

Run a speed test from your computer to discover how fast or sluggish your connection is. Slow bandwidth will probably result in why the Amazon Prime video freezing problem occurs. So, if you are watching Prime more often, you either connect to a better access point or improve your internet plan entirely.

speed test by ookla

The recommended internet speed for SD quality streaming when renting movies on Amazon Prime or streaming new TV series is 3Mbps. For streaming HD video, 5 Mbps internet rates are recommended. Then, 25 Mb/s internet speeds are required for streaming 4K ultra HD quality on Prime Video.

Solution 2. Clear Browsing Cache and Data

Temporary online data in your browser and the Amazon Prime cache could have an effect on your steaming capabilities over time. To optimize speed, delete any unnecessary or damaged internet files from your browser and try streaming on Amazon Prime again. To do so, press "Ctrl+Shift+Del" on your keyboard. This shortcut will bring you to your browser's Clear browsing data window. From here, navigate to the "Advanced" tab and tick all the boxes beside the internet files you want to delete. Once done, hit "Clear data." After clearing the internet cache, you'll notice that it eliminated Amazon Prime video buffering issues.

clearing browsing data window on chrome

Solution 3. Make Use of an Ethernet Cable

Suppose you are streaming Prime video on Smart TV. In that case, connect an Ethernet cable straight from your TV to your router. This will enable a faster bandwidth for Amazon Prime to download all of the essential data for the film you want to watch. Besides, an Ethernet cable is far more reliable than a wireless Wi-Fi connection.

connect an ethernet cable to smart tv

Also, relocating your Wi-Fi router closer to your device and positioning your router at a higher height can improve the connection. You can do this as an alternative solution if you don't have access to an Ethernet cable.

Solution 4: Verify if Amazon Prime Video Is Down

Consider that everything appears to be okay on your end. At that point, you may want to use a service monitor such as Down Detector to check for difficulties. These service monitors continually check to see if services like Amazon Prime Video are operational. This service makes it simple to identify a broad issue on the platform. While this will not help you resolve your Prime video buffering issues, it will indicate whether or not the issue is on Amazon's end. If there is an outage, you must wait for the site to resolve it before using the service. As a temporary alternative, you can try other providers, such as Netflix or Hulu, which also offer free trials.

check prime video via down detector

Solution 5: Update the Amazon Video App

If Amazon Prime Video is not working well on the app, it is possibly because the software is outdated. Amazon upgrades its applications and technologies promptly. They want to provide the optimal user experience possible, so keep an eye out for available updates.

update amazon video app on the app store or play store

When you notice your Amazon Prime keeps buffering or freezing, make sure the app is up to date. If it isn't, download the most recent version to the App Store or Play Store on your mobile device to experience smoother streaming.

Solution 6: Download Video Using the Amazon App

Consider downloading the video you want to watch ahead of time. Doing so will eliminate buffering the video since you've saved all of its data onto your device. To download Amazon Prime videos:

  • Log in to your Amazon Prime Video app.
  • Select the video you wish to save for offline viewing.
  • Beneath the "Details" section, click the 'Download' button.
  • Choose where you want to download the video.
  • Select your preferred quality of the video.
  • Tap on "Start Download" to complete the action.

download a video using amazon video app

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much for the Amazon Prime membership?

Amazon Prime membership costs are:

  • $12.99 per month + taxes.
  • $119 per year + taxes.
  • $8.99 per month + taxes for the Prime Video membership.

2. How does an Amazon Prime video works?

An Amazon Prime video runs as smoothly as a regular video. It is similar to Netflix, from which you can stream, download movies, and watch live your favorite TV shows. You can either use a computer web browser or download the Amazon Prime app to watch videos on your phone.

3. Can I download Prime videos on my desktop browser?

Only the Prime Video app for smartphones offers video download choices. If you use the Premier video on a desktop browser, there is no download option for the titles.

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