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How to Fix Prime Video Black Screen on Various Devices

feature amazon prime video black screenAmazon Prime Video is Amazon's high-end, subscription-based video streaming service. It offers users content ranging from the newest international blockbusters to exclusive programs. This content can only be legally seen on Amazon Prime Video via monthly or yearly subscriptions. Now, imagine you're watching your favorite movie when suddenly the screen goes black. Isn't it quite inconvenient? Well, this problem usually happens to a regular user of the service. So, suppose you experience an Amazon video black screen with sound issues on your device. In that case, you should have a solid workaround. Thus, we made this post possible to help you troubleshoot the problem. Let's scroll down below to learn what solutions you should take to fix the issue on your respective device.

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What Causing the Amazon Prime Blank Screen?

There could be several causes why you're experiencing a black screen on Amazon Prime. A blank screen might indicate various issues on your device and Amazon's end. Typical black screens happen when you are sitting at home watching a show on Amazon Prime Video when the video screen suddenly turns black. Then, there's a message that says, "Call customer services at us." In other cases, the screen is simply black with no message and not responding to your Amazon Fire Stick TV remote commands. This issue can arise on any device that supports Amazon Prime Video. These devices include computers, mobile devices, and standard television.

Here are some of the potential causes of Amazon Prime video black screen:

  • Problem with Internet Access.
  • Inappropriate Resolution.
  • Your device has a bug.
  • Error in the Browser.
  • Using an old version of Amazon Prime Video.
  • Problem with the Graphics Driver.

Solutions to Fix Amazon Prime Black Screen on PC

1. Reset Network Connection

Make sure that your computer has access to the internet. The network status can be seen under the network connection settings tab of the computer. If it appears that you aren't, connect right away and check if it works. If you have a sluggish internet speed, this could have contributed to the black screen. Sometimes it could also result in Amazon Prime video buffering and other issues. To resolve this, restart your Wi-Fi device. If the sluggish connection continues, contact your ISP for assistance.

check network connection

2. Perform a System Update

Streaming services, such as Amazon Prime Video, constantly alter their user interface. If your system's software is outdated, you could have "Black Screen" problems. Check for system updates on your computer. Go to the Start menu icon and search for "check for updates." If there are any updates available, install them. Then, go to the Amazon Prime Video site and stream a video again.

check for available system updates

3. Switch to Other Browser

A blank screen can occur if you access Amazon Prime Video using the browser rather than the app. Web browsers, such as Chrome and Opera allow you to access the internet and websites on your computer. A browser is required to access Amazon Prime Video without the app. However, all browsers differ somewhat, and your default browser may not be compatible with Amazon Prime Video at times. So, try switching browsers and see where Amazon Prime video works compatible.

using other web browsers

How to Fix Prime Video Black Screen on Smartphones

1. Restart Your Mobile Device

When you're using your phone for an extended time, it may cause issues with your Prime Video app. Thus, it could result in experiencing a black screen on Amazon Prime. So, to solve this issue, restart your phone.

rebooting ios and android mobile devices

If you are an iPhone user, press the power and home buttons simultaneously for around 3 seconds. After that, wait until the screen goes black and the white Apple logo emerges. It's important to remember that this method may vary based on the iPhone version you're using. Meanwhile, for Android users, press and hold the power button until you get the option to reboot. Then, tap on it to restart your phone. This technique also differs depending on your Android phone's manufacturer and model.

2. Uninstall and Reinstall Amazon Video App

If you've reset your phone but still see the Prime video black screen, you should focus on the app itself. Reinstalling the Amazon Prime video app on your mobile device is another solution. Reinstalling the software can restore the lost data, causing a black screen to appear. To do so, press and hold the Prime Video icon on your home screen until it begins to wiggle. Then, select "Remove App" on iOS devices and "Uninstall" on Android smartphones.

uninstall prime video app on ios and android

After successfully uninstalling the app from your device, go to the corresponding Play Store or App Store to reinstall Amazon Prime Video on your phone.

Solutions to Fix Amazon Prime Black Screen on Smart TVs

For Amazon Prime Video Black Screen on Apple TV:

  1. Restart Apple TV - When you overuse the Apple TV, it frequently causes playback issues. To resolve the black screen and other issues, restart your Apple TV by going into "Settings" using the remote and selecting the "Restart" option.
  2. Reattach All Cables - Loose cable connections might lead to a black screen. Check if all of the wires are correctly attached to your Apple TV. You can detach and plug the cables back in to ensure they are suitably connected to your Apple TV.
  3. Examine Your Connection - A slow internet connection might also cause Amazon video black screen with sound. So, make sure to check that your network connection is stable. Also, do a restart on your Wi-Fi if necessary.
  4. Reset the Apple TV - If none of the preceding alternatives work, perform a factory reset on your Apple TV. You can do this by moving to "Settings" and picking the "System" option. See the "Reset" option in the "System" menu. Then, select on it to begin resetting your Apple TV.

    factory reset on apple tv

For Amazon Prime Video Black Screen on Fire TV Stick:

  1. Check Your Internet Connection - Check that the Internet connection on which your Fire TV Stick is running is steady. This is the most prevalent cause of the black screen on Amazon Prime Video.
  2. Remove the App Cache - The issue could be caused by the app's accumulation of unnecessary cache data. So, navigate to "Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications." Then, click on "Amazon Prime Videos" and then "Clear cache data."
  3. Examine the Source's Cable Connections and Power Rating - Check that all wires are correctly connected. Check the power rating of your USB supply as well. For the Fire TV Stick ot run properly, the device requires at least 1 Ampere of power.
  4. Update the Operating System - Regularly check for software updates for your Fire TV Stick. Go to "Settings," then "My Fire TV." In that section, there is an option "About." Move further down and select "Check for updates" to check for available updates for your Fire TV stick.
  5. check for system updates on fire tv stick

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